Kim Ha-seong, Led his San Diego Colleagues on Korean Soil

Kim Ha-seong, Led his San Diego Colleagues on Korean Soil

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Kim Ha-seong, Who Led his San Diego Colleagues on Korean Soil, says, “I Can Feel it Now”



Fans such as Ha-seong Kim, Machado, and Tatis Jr. signed autographs for fans, and fans who waited for the Dodgers team to arrive 'at the hotel' in 12 hours also occupied their seats in advance.


A large crowd of people waited for the Major League Baseball (MLB) San Diego Padres team that arrived at Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 15th.


On this day, many reporters and baseball fans gathered at the airport, even though it was late past midnight. 파워볼사이트


Korean reporters, the Associated Press, Japan's NHK, and TBS cameras captured footage of the San Diego player entering the country.


Fans waited, each holding a uniform, a baseball, and a pen.


Kim Jung-hee, who came from Busan with two acquaintances to watch the arrival of San Diego players, was wearing a Lotte Giants jumper.


Mr. Kim said, “I thought the San Diego players would stop for a moment if I wore the (Korean) team’s jumper, so I came dressed together with my acquaintances.”


He only reserved tickets for the second game on the 21st and said, "I will also come to the airport to see the Dodgers players coming in 12 hours later."


There were also quite a few fans holding the uniform of San Diego pitcher Yu Darubish (Japan).


Lee Sang-mi, who brought Darubish's Nippon Ham Fighters uniform from when he was a Japanese professional baseball player, said, "I cheered for Ryu Hyun-jin and watched the Dodgers game, and then I got to know Darubish and became a fan.


I really want to get his autograph."


The San Diego team landed on the runway at Incheon International Airport around 1:30 a.m. and passed the arrival hall about 15 minutes later.


Most of the players walked quickly, perhaps due to fatigue from the long journey, but Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. kindly responded to fans' requests for autographs.


Even while signing autographs, Tatis Jr. showed his composure and said, "I slept for 11 hours (on the plane).


I feel good."


Go Woo-seok, wearing a San Diego uniform ahead of this season, responded to fans' autographs and briefly expressed his thoughts, saying, "I'm tired (from the long flight), but (I'm in good condition)."


Kim Ha-seong appeared surrounded by bodyguards and entered Korean soil with a smile.


Kim Ha-seong said, "I feel good. I can feel it now," and added, "I slept well (on the plane), so my condition is good."


He went on to promise, "I know the fans will have high expectations, but I will do my best to have a good game."


The San Diego team quickly left the airport, boarded five large buses that were waiting in advance, and headed to the Yeouido luxury hotel where they had been assigned to stay.


San Diego will play the opening two-game MLB regular season against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 20th and 21st.


Even after all of the San Diego players left, quite a few baseball fans remained in front of Entrance A of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1.


They are willing to go through the trouble of waiting 12 hours to see the Dodgers team, which is scheduled to arrive around 2 PM that day.


Heo Jeong-gu, wearing a Dodgers jumper and a hat with Shohei Ohtani's name on his head, said, "I'm 54 years old, and anyone would say it's harsh to do something like this.


However, I don't know when the Dodgers and Ohtani will come back to Korea.


“Waiting for 12 hours is not a task,” he said with a bright smile.

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