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Frequently Asked Questions

About Blue Lagoon Tours

The Blue Lagoon is a world-famous geothermal spa on Reykjanes peninsula, renowned for its healing waters and silica masks. Blue Lagoon tours include transfers, sightseeing and activity tours, or longer itineraries that include admission.

Blue Lagoon vouchers must be booked in advance, but should you book a tour package, the Guide to Iceland team will book your voucher for you. You can find the details of your Blue Lagoon experience in the "Quick Facts" section of each tour.

1. What is the difference between the Blue Lagoon's entry grades?

The Comfort Entrance includes access to the hot spring, a silica mud mask, a drink of your choice, the use of a towel and an algae mask. The Premium Entrance adds a bathrobe, a pair of slippers, and a reservation at the LAVA Restaurant with a glass of sparkling wine. The Luxury Entrance adds a private changing room, entrance to the Exclusive Lounge and samples of Blue Lagoon skin care products.

2. Do I have to book entry to the Blue Lagoon in advance?

Yes, we highly recommend booking in advance as availability can be limited.

3. When is the best time to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Anytime between 8 am and midnight is a good time to visit, with the water staying hot throughout winter and the facility being lit up during dark hours. The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions, so remember to reserve your spot early.

4. What are the opening hours of the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon has five different periods of opening hours throughout the year, ranging between 7 am and 8 am, and between 10 pm and midnight. Opening hours are shorter during specific public holidays.

5. What happens if I arrive late to the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon reserves the right to refuse entry if you arrive late. In such cases, the Blue Lagoon staff will make the final decision on when you are allowed to enter the facility, depending on availability per hour.

6. Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, there is an age limit of 2 years to enter the water.

7. I'm pregnant, can I enter the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, pregnant women can enter the Blue Lagoon without problems. The average water temperature is 38°C (100°F).

8. Can I upgrade my Blue Lagoon voucher?

Yes, simply contact your travel agent if you wish to upgrade your Blue Lagoon voucher. If you booked the entrance by yourself, however, you are responsible for any booking changes you wish to make.

9. Is it true that the water in the Blue Lagoon can help alleviate skin disease?

The water in the Blue Lagoon is rich in minerals, such as silica and sulphur, and is reputed to have helped alleviate symptoms of psoriasis.

10. How do they clean the water in the Blue Lagoon?

Technically, they don’t, but they renew it. The water comes from the nearby geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, and gets renewed every two days. Also, the hygiene code is strict, and all guests are required to shower before entering the lagoon.

11. The Blue Lagoon is too expensive. Are there any other similar options? 

Yes, besides the geothermally heated public pools that you can find all over the country, where the usual entrance fee is 950 ISK, the Secret Lagoon, in Flúðir Village, and the Mývatn Nature Baths, by Lake Mývatn, are two excellent and less expensive alternatives to the Blue Lagoon.

Customer reviews

Read reviews by travellers from across the world


I really reccomend this tour. It is not as popular as other tours but defenitely worth it! No crowds, amazing views and great guide!

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The Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon | Day Tour of the Famous Sites

4.8 average rating | 93 reviews

The Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon | Day Tour of the Famous Sites

Tour was good! Depending on what time of the year you are going, you should have warm and waterproof clothes, unless you prefer to be fashionable, freezing and look ridiculous :) Also make sure you get ticket to blue lagoon. I personally think it was not enough time. We got there at 17:00 and got picked up at 19:00; by the time you queue up, get to the locker and shower you loose quite a bit of time. Standard ticket gives you free towel, one drink and mud mask. It is very expensive and considering you can stay there as long as you want next time I would book transfer to blue lagoon separately so I can spend more time there. Would recommend bringing your own slippers and robe as well (if you have space in the bag).

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Blue Lagoon Transportation From Keflavík Airport

4.6 average rating | 34 reviews

Blue Lagoon Transportation From Keflavík Airport

Very convenient and easy transfer from Keflavík-blue Lagoon-Reykjavik.

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8 Day Winter Wonderland | National Parks & Ice Cave

4.6 average rating | 15 reviews

8 Day Winter Wonderland | National Parks & Ice Cave

This was a great trip, Francisco at Guide to Iceland was a great help and answered a whole bunch of random questions from us over the course of planning our trip. All of the tours and accommodations went nice and smoothly. We went with the mid-range hotel options and were placed in the Hotel Klettur in Reykjavik which was an awesome location. It was just a 2 or 3 block walk down to the main shopping/dining street and all of the tour buses picked us up right in front of the hotel (as opposed to meeting at a bus stop like it seemed some of the other hotels had to do). Our kids had really pushed for the high-end hotel option, but I think we picked the right one - we didn't fly to Iceland to have a fancy hotel experience after all. We went on 2 over night trips with Troll Expeditions. The buses were nice, though the "south coast tour" involved a lot more time sitting in the bus than I expected (we were driving through a nasty storm both days) but was worth it. I think the only mistake we made was opting for the northern lights by boat trip. We had figured that a boat would have more freedom to move around and find clear skies, but we basically motored out of the harbor and then made a couple of big circles in the same place for a while, all the time socked in by clouds. I think we'll try a mini-bus northern lights tour on our next visit, other travelers generally gave them more positive reviews.

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The tour was well organized from our airport pick up to departure. It was unfortunate for us that we were unable to find the Northern Light and missed the Ice Cave due to flooding. Overall, it was a good trip visiting the glaciers and beaches along the coast, excellent places to visit. I am sure we will come back aagin to explore more. No doubt you will be our first choice.

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Iceland’s #1 industry is tourism and Guide To Iceland exemplifies getting tourism right. We just did the 4 day, 3 night ice caves tour and it was amazing from start to finish. They thought of everything, meticulously planned the itinerary, booked all domestic transportation and lodging, and explained everything in detail. The booking reps made everything easy when they sent me the whole package in one pdf. The booking reps answered my emails within 30 minutes the two times I had questions. They are all so professional and friendly. Our driver, Gustav, was easily the best driver in Iceland. Our guide, Rognvaldur (Rocky) exceeded the best expectations. Rocky expertly communicated Iceland’s geologic history interspersed with humor, kindness, and a sincere passion for sharing his love of Iceland’s natural beauty with interested travelers. Rocky and Gustav made the excursion memorable and enjoyable with their delightful personalities, attention to detail, and responsible professionalism knowing we didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you, Guide To Iceland. I would definitely book with you again.

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We took five days in Iceland for a mother-daughter getaway and it was far better than we'd even hoped. In spite of some weather challenges, we were able to experience so much - Diamond Beach, black sand, glacier walking, Northern Lights! We were worried about the food, but the restaurants we chose had outstanding dishes! The guides were punctual and helpful and all proud to show off the unique features of their country. A perfect long weekend and great bonding experience. Thank you!!!!

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Everything was so easy. Our travel agent, Embla, was incredibly helpful and always very prompt in her replies. The activities on this package have us a really good overview of the Reykjavik and South coast area. I can't believe that we were able to fit so much into 4 days but still never feel rushed! I wouldn't hesitate to do another trip with guide to Iceland and definitely recommend this package if you're looking for an exciting 4 day overview of the area.

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Amazing just Amazing! I had the best time even if the weather gave me a hard time but the people of Guide to Iceland (especially Òmar) helped me so much with rearranging everything for me and replying quickly to every email I sent them! Thank you guys that helped me get Iceland off my bucket list and have the best time!

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这个5天的行程将冬季冰岛主要特色一网打尽,值得推荐。正是由于安排紧凑,天气原因会带来不确定性。我们运气不错,每段行程都有惊无险,尽兴而归,Blue Lagoon和南岸是精华。我们GTI的客服Livia反馈非常到位及时,对我们合理安排行程很有帮助。行程单涵盖了大部分细节。不过到冰岛后也要随时保持检查邮件和手机畅通,及时和供应商联系,防止行程有变。我们第二天去黄金圈,GTI的行程单定的9点出发,8点吃早餐时司机已经来接,对不上号因为不是行程单上的供应商。给供应商打电话,他们说昨天给我发了邮件通知由另一家8点来接我们。如果我们不是碰巧在大堂吃早餐,司机来时接不到我们,这个春节之旅将多堵心!同一天看极光,等了5分钟没人来接,给供应商打电话询问,原来当天取消了,但是完全没有通知。供应商说给换到另一天,并且按我的要求发了邮件确认。送机小巴从酒店接驳到一个中转站,从那里换大巴士去机场,所以基本提前4小时从酒店接,早上7点多的航班得乘3点半的车离开酒店。于是我们在雷市多留了一天。在雷市的这天彻底体会到冰岛天气的瞬息万变,阳光、雨、雪不断反复交替。另外这5天的行程不含市区,不过雷市还是值得转转的。

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My experience on the 4 day Guide To Iceland Tour was fabulous! Before my trip started, they contacted me and sent all the information I needed to know. When I got to Iceland, my luggage did not arrive, I contacted Emla - my agent and she was very nice and helpful. All tours were really good and tour guides honestly go above and beyond! There is a tour guide named Omar on the Northern Lights Tour that he even took pictures of all of us for free and sent them via email, just for us to have a good memory on Iceland. The only thing I felt it was a pity was that it mentioned that all buses had wifi connection, and for me that was really important to keep in touch with people and family, and there wasn't any wifi at all. My overall experience was GREAT and I highly recommend it!!

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We just returned from Iceland where we did the 5 day Tour. I want to say first off that it was SO nice to have someone local to organize this trip for us- we knew we had accommodations, airport transfers, and hotel transfers booked for us. The hotels we stayed in were perfect, we even had a free upgrade in our first hotel! I had two different correspondents with Guide to Iceland and both were very quick to reply and extremely helpful both leading up to our trip and while we were there. The tours are done in mini buses with 14-18 people in each. The tours are FULL days, so expect to be picked up early and dropped off between 6-8. Our guides on the tours were very knowledgeable and quite personable. We have to reschedule our 2 day South Coast tour, so we were very happy that we booked 7 full days in Iceland to allow this flexibility! Even though the high winds kept us stuck in Vik for an additional 4 hours, our guides Hause and BoBo made sure to keep us informed, took us to a sweet local cafe and eventually got us home safely! The ice cave had flooded when we arrived, to no fault of anyone’s but Mother Nature, but our guide still took us up the glacier and made the trip worth every moment! It is important to know that the bus transfer from the airport to your hotel leaves every hour on the half hour- had we known this we would not have stood outside in the rainy very strong winds for 45 minutes waiting for it to arrive. Honestly, this was our only complaint! Some more detail and clarity about where to catch the bus outside of the airport and it’s schedule would clear that all up. All in all, our trip was a once in a lifetime experience and one we are sure not to forget any time soon! And while we didn’t see the Northern Lights during our stay, we got quite the show on the plane ride home so keep those window shades down! Thanks again to all those at Guide To Iceland for this wonderful experience

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We had a great time, the whole tour was amazing. I recomend an extra day to visit the city because the tours leave early and get back late. Our tour guides were really good and we didn't have any problems

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I booked the 5-Day Winter Package with Guide to Iceland, I was traveling alone and I believe that it was the best experience in my life. Iceland is absolutely amazing, the landscapes are unbelievable. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the Northern Lights, because the weather was not good, even though I knew it was possible to happen. Anyway, even without the Northern Lights, Iceland is completely worth it, and there is A LOT to see there! People over there are really nice. My service agent was Berenika Lenard, she prepared the tour for me and when I had to reschedule my pick up to airport she booked for me. About the Northern Lights tour, Berenika was absent the 2 first days of my trip, the tour was canceled the first day and her collegues from Guide to Iceland rescheduled the tour for the next day, but when it was canceled again and I sent an email asking about the tour they didn't answered me anymore. Despite that, Guide to Iceland is very competent and professional. I loved everything in Iceland, this trip will be unforgettable for sure.

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I could enjoy the tour thanks to Guide to Iceland. In Day2, the Golden Circle tour was cancelled because of the weather, but my guide planner found and gave us the new plan of Golden Circle tour in another day. I had little time to plan before this travel, but Guide to Iceland helped us to have unforgettable time in Iceland. Thank you so much.

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What is the Blue Lagoon?

Imagine walking through a ghostly lava field which better resembles a science-fiction movie-set than anything earthly. The moss-covered, jagged lava creates a moody landscape dotted with mossy greens. Suddenly, you come across a lagoon of milky cyan blue, steaming with naturally heated water, standing defiant and beautiful in the otherwise black barren landscape. Welcome to the Blue Lagoon.

Icelanders have long utilised the geothermal nature of their island for domestic and industrial use. The Blue Lagoon spa was formed in 1976, quite accidentally around the Svartsengi geothermal power-plant. The run-off water from the power plant is sea water, rich in minerals, and as the water ran through the surrounding lava field, it started to deposit silica, forming a mud which effectively plugged the holes in the lava field, creating the lagoon. As the water began to collect, it acquired another of its unique attributes, a particular kind of algae that can sometimes give the water a greenish hue.

By 1981, the first Icelander had braved to bathe in it and not only deemed it pleasant but relieving for his psoriasis.

The lagoon's location next to the airport makes it the perfect stop after arriving or just before departing Iceland, and many airport transfers to Reykjavík, offer a stop at the Blue Lagoon as part of the journey.

If you would rather make a day of it, there are other tours which include a visit to this dream-like place in their itinerary. Why not have a dip in the Blue Lagoon after exploring the famous Golden Circle sightseeing route or after a day of sightseeing in Reykjavík?


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