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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular attractions along the South Coast of Iceland?

The South of Iceland is best known for the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss; the glaciers Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull, and Vatnajokull; the quaint village of Vik; the famous black sand beach Reynisfjara; the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon; the Skaftafell Nature Reserve; and numerous ice caves.

When can I see the ice caves on the South Coast of Iceland?

Because of the vulnerability of the ice caves during the summer months, most ice cave tours in Iceland are only available for visitors between November and March.

How far do day tours along the South Coast of Iceland take you?

Some tours will take you all the way to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, whereas others will turn back at the village of Vik or the black sand beach Reynisfjara. Private tours may have more flexibility. However, most small group tours operate on a stricter schedule.

How long does it take to travel Iceland's South Coast?

Reaching the black sand beaches near Vik from Reykjavik takes about three hours. A return journey would thus require six hours of driving. Although it is possible to make this journey in a day, breaking the trip up over two days is advisable, allowing you to take your time enjoying the sights. Many people will start their trip by spending a day exploring the Golden Circle and then continuing their journey along the South Coast of Iceland. Multi-day tours starting in Reykjavik may also follow this format.

Where can I stay along Iceland's South Coast?

There are many options available, particularly around the small towns of Hella and Hvolsvollur, the village of Vik, and the town of Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

Is Iceland's South Coast crowded?

In summer, the most popular sites on the South Coast of Iceland—including Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the village of Vik, and Reynisfjara black sand beach—will undoubtedly have crowds. Crowds can be avoided by traveling outside of the peak season or taking advantage of the summer's longer daylight hours to visit these sites in the evening.

Are there any active volcanoes on the South Coast of Iceland?

Yes, there are. The most notable of these are Katla, which last erupted in 1918, and the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which last erupted in 2010 and caused air travel disruptions worldwide. These volcanoes are well monitored by geologists and currently pose little to no risk to travelers.

Is Reynisfjara black sand beach at Vik dangerous?

The most dangerous part of Iceland's South Coast is Reynisfjara black sand beach, due to unpredictable sneaker waves. When visiting the beach, be sure to take note of all posted warnings and maintain a safe and responsible distance from the waves. Don't put yourself and others at risk for the sake of a photograph. Otherwise, the South Coast of Iceland is a very safe region.

Do I need a 4WD to drive along the South Coast of Iceland?

The famous Route 1, the Ring Road, goes along the South Coast and is paved and well-maintained. However during the winter season, it is highly recommended that you rent a four-wheel drive vehicle as the roads can be snowy or icy, and the winds tend to be stronger. The 4x4 will grant you better stability on the roads and allow you greater freedom.

What is South Iceland known for?

It is known for its beautiful waterfalls, the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, and its extensive black sand beaches. It's also known for its geothermal activity, making it popular for growing vegetables in greenhouses, and it's also the center of Iceland's dairy production.

What should I wear on a tour to the South Coast?

It is important to dress appropriately for the weather, which can be unpredictable in Iceland. Wear warm layers and waterproof clothing, as well as sturdy shoes for walking on uneven terrain. Some tours may provide specialized gear such as crampons or helmets for glacier hikes.

How long does a typical South Coast tour last?

A typical South Coast tour from Reykjavik lasts approximately 10-12 hours, depending on the itinerary and stops along the way.

Are South Coast tours in Iceland suitable for children?

Many South Coast tours are family-friendly and suitable for children. Still, it is important to check the age restrictions and physical requirements of the specific tour you are interested in. Some tours may have age or height restrictions, and certain activities, such as glacier hikes, may not be suitable for younger children.

What is the best time of year to visit the South Coast?

The South Coast can be visited year-round, but the summer months of June to August offer the best weather and longer daylight hours. However, winter also offers the chance to see the northern lights and snow-capped landscapes.

Are there any hiking trails on the South Coast?

Yes, the Skaftafell nature reserve offers a variety of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging climbs. The Fimmvorduhals hike is a popular two-day trek that takes you through some of Iceland's most breathtaking landscapes.

Can I go ice climbing on a South Coast tour?

Yes, there are guided tours that offer ice climbing opportunities on some of the glaciers along the South Coast, such as this Skaftafell ice climbing tour.

Are there any restaurants or cafes on the South Coast?

Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes in the towns and villages along the South Coast, such as Vik and Hofn. However, it's also a good idea to bring snacks and drinks with you, especially if you're going on a longer tour.

Are there any cultural attractions on the South Coast?

Yes, the Skogar Museum offers a glimpse into Iceland's history and culture, with displays of traditional artifacts and exhibits on the country's folklore and way of life. The museum's location is walkable from the magnificent Skogafoss waterfall.

Can I book a private South Coast tour?

Yes, private South Coast tours are available for groups or individuals who prefer a more personalized experience. This 10-hour customizable Super Jeep tour of the South Coast allows you to explore this beautiful region at your own pace with an expert guide.
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