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Natural Feature
Reykjahlid Airport, Iceland
Unnamed Road, Iceland
Sidste udbrud
2500 BP
420 m
Gennemsnitlig vurdering
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Hverfjall is a perfectly formed crater.

Hverfjall is a tuff ring volcano with an incredibly impressive crater, approximately one kilometre in diameter.

Explore this region on a self drive tour in Iceland.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Tong. No edits made.

Created about 2,500 years ago, Hverfjall is connected to the very active Krafla volcanic system, which has been the cause of 29 eruptions since settlement. The Krafla system is near the Lake Mývatn area, one of the most popular and diverse sites in Iceland.

Two walking paths head up to the crater, where you can admire its scale and perfect formation; for the protection of the area, it is strictly forbidden to approach it in any other way.

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