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The interior of Uppi is beautiful

Uppi is a wine bar, lounge, and test kitchen that offers a sophisticated and inviting dining atmosphere. It's a fantastic place to try new flavors inspired by Japanese cuisine. To go with the food, Uppi has a fantastic drink selection, with an extensive wine list and delicious cocktails.

It's part of the renowned Fish Market, one of the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik, and is located in the same building in the city center.

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The food, drinks, and atmosphere at Uppi will be memorable

Photo from Tilraunaeldhús Uppi.

The name Uppi means "upp" or "upstairs" in Icelandic, a reference to the bar's location above the Fish Market restaurant. It's in the center of Reykjavik, at Austurstraeti 12, and you go in through the left side of the building and one floor up!

What awaits is an incredibly stylish atmosphere, with deep blue tones and rich woods decorating the space. The menu centers around interesting flavor combinations that are inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Enjoy experimental dishes from the test kitchen, and try delicious tartar, sushi, nigiri, and sashimi. There area also select dishes available from the Fish Market menu, so you can enjoy some of the best both establishments have to offer.

Indulge in delightful meals and fantastic drinks at Uppi

Photo from Uppi.

For a true treat, you can enjoy real caviar. Ask your waiter for the current selection on offer, which is typically served with brioche buns, sour cream, and chives.

It pairs perfectly with a fresh glass of champagne, especially as Uppi has over 40 different champagne options to choose from!

Uppi Bar

Photo from Uppi bar.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the Uppi wine list. Known for quite possibly the largest wine selection in Iceland, Uppi's collection is curated by passionate experts who can introduce you to both classic favorites and exciting new discoveries.

Beyond the grape, Uppi has an exciting selection for craft cocktail enthusiasts. Their mixologists create innovative and delightful drinks, sure to satisfy those seeking something beyond the usual. They also nail the classics for those craving a familiar favorite drink.

For those looking to unwind with a beer, Uppi boasts a respectable selection of local and international brews. And don't forget the non-alcoholic options! Uppi caters to all preferences, ensuring a refreshing drink for everyone, regardless of their preference.

The wine selection of Uppi is very extensive

Uppi strikes a delightful balance between sophisticated and inviting. It has a smart casual dress code, and it's a great place for nice conversation and lingering over a glass of wine throughout the evening. Secluded booths and cozy nooks offer a feeling of privacy, ideal for a romantic evening or having fun with friends.

As Uppi is in the city center, you can easily continue the night at the nearby bars and clubs to experience the Reykjavik nightlife. It's also easy to return to your Reykjavik accommodation for a restful night.

Enjoy a unique and upscale dining experience at Uppi and pair your delicious meal with the best drink selection in Iceland. The great food, drinks, and atmosphere are sure to be a highlight of your time in Reykjavik, so remember to book your table at Uppi ahead of time to ensure availability.

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