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I believe life is meant to be lived pushing yourself to new limits, and exploring all you can of this magnificent world. Whatever your budget, there's always a way to get started on your journey! And I'm here to help you on your journey with advice, helpful information, and inspiration.
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What to Do in Iceland: 8 Recommendations You Won't Read Elsewhere

Looking for what to do in Iceland? I'll tell you some tips the other guys may have left out! If you do a search for what to do in Iceland, you’ll likely see the same things listed on every blog post and article you find. And truly, the places that people recommend for what to do in Iceland really are some of the best! However, as someone who likes to get away from the crowds and find the hidden beauties of every country I visit, I’m going to share some of my favourite things to do in Iceland in addition to those well-known spots. 1. Consider the Blue Lagoon, but more importantly, if you l

When is the Best Time to See the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Are you looking for some information on the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will give you 100% chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland. I always tell people that seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland should be an added benefit to your trip rather than the main purpose unless you have a few weeks to hang out. There are many factors to consider when deciding the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. For instance, weather conditions, solar flare activity, whether to find them yourself or go with a guided Northern L

How Expensive is it to Travel to Iceland: Tips & Sample Iceland Itineraries

How Expensive is Iceland? Well, let’s face it. Iceland is an island, which inherently makes it expensive with all their import taxes. Add in the long, cold winters which affect the availability of fresh produce, and yes, Iceland can be an expensive place to visit. That being said, how expensive it is to travel to Iceland really depends on what you want to do, how big your group is, and how lavish you’re looking to go. If you’re traveling alone, that will make your trip to Iceland a bit more expensive because you won’t be able to split expenses, but it can still be a very reasonably priced

When is the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

By now, like most, you’ve seen all sorts of magical photos of Iceland. Waterfalls galore, black sand beaches, glacier hikes and rainbows in every direction. It truly is a special place to visit. You’ve done some research, you have a general sense of what you’d like to see, but now the big question. When is the best time for you to visit Iceland? Generally speaking, summertime is a great time to visit Iceland. However, depending on the experience you’re looking for there may be a different season better suited for what you want to do! Read on for what to consider as you determine the best tim

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