Dalvík, un pueblo pequeño en el norte de Islandia

Dalvík, un pueblo pequeño en el norte de Islandia

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Dalvík, un pueblo pequeño en el norte de Islandia



Long ago since I wrote anything now! But there's plenty to do at school. I can not wait until school ends in May. Well, I decided to tell you a little bit of Dalvik is a small town in northern Iceland. The largest town in Iceland (after the capital, Reykjavik) is called Akureyri. Akureyri is in the north and this is a very Dalvik about Akureyri (30 minute drive or so). Dalvik is a cute little town. People are re good and friendly. There are many beautiful homes in Dalvik and a "fishing village". 


Dalvík, un pueblo pequeño en el norte de Islandia




His family comes from Dalvik my boyfriend and many of his family still live there but also good to know a woman who is living there and Dalvik. The village is very quiet and the people too. Last December I went with my boyfriend Dalvik after finishing Christmas exams. We were there for five days. As we went in winter, we have our snowboard. It was my first time snowboarding and I liked a lot! My boyfriend taught me but it tastes great. 

Dalvik is a nice pool and really like. We went to the pool after having been on the mountain all day and I can not describe how good it was relax in a hot well after having been all day in the snow and cold. 

I also went to Dalvik last summer with my boyfriend. So I've been in Dalvik during summer and winter, so if you have some questions that I'm pretty sure I can answer! :) The last summer when I was in Dalvik, also went to Hrísey. Sooo Hrísey is a small island, and is near Dalvik. We were 10 minutes away by boat, passing from Dalvik to Hrísey. In Hrísey went to the local pool, and it was very new and good! I love to try new pools. :) We had dinner at the only restaurant in Hrísey and ate a pizza, and I was very surprised, the pizza was so good! : D

Speaking of pizza .. There is also a pizzeria called Dalvik "Tomman" but would not call it a restaurant because you can only take the pizza home. But pizza Dalvik (Tomman) is also very rich! 

I like the people Dalvik, especially in winter. In winter at Christmas, Dalvik is like a Christmas village. People decorate their houses like papanoel houses! It's very cute :) 

Well, I leave here! 

See you later! 



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