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Hi, my name is Regína and I was born and raised here in Iceland. Since 2013 I have written 300 travel blogs about various interesting places to visit in Iceland. I hope you enjoy reading my travel-blog :)

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A Winter Visit to Akureyri - the Capital of North Iceland - my 300th Travel Blog

This is my 300th travel-blog on Guide to Iceland and I wanted to dedicate it to something special. I have been writing for more than 10 years now and was pondering on what to write about. In the meantime, I decided to join my husband on a work trip up north to Akureyri, the capital city of North Iceland. It was mid-March and I don't usually travel in the wintertime, I use the winter months for reading and writing. But I don't regret accompanying him as during our 5 days up north I felt like I had entered a fairytale world - Winter Wonderland. And now I was in no doubt of what I wanted to wri

Sænautasel Turf House in the Highland of Iceland

In my search for turf houses around Iceland, I visited Sænautasel, which is a rebuilt turf house on Jökuldalsheiði heath in the highland of Iceland.  It is, in my opinion, an extremely cute turf house, built from scratch from the remains of an earlier turf house. Sænautasel turf house Sænautasel dates back to 1843 and for 95-100 years people lived in this beautiful turf house - until 1943 when the last people moved out.  From 1841 until 1862 sixteen turf houses were built on the heath and at some point, 120 people lived in this area, which is approximately 500 meters above sea level. Now

The historic Steinahellir Cave in South Iceland

There are many caves in South Iceland, one of which is right by the ring road. It is called Steinahellir - Stone Cave and has had many functions over the centuries. There are supernatural stories connected to Steinahellir cave, some of which tell us about ghosts and the hidden people of Iceland. One of them tells us about the wrath of the hidden people if we dare do one forbidden thing in the cave! In this travel-blog I am going to tell you these stories and other interesting happenings in the Steinahellir cave, including a rebellion against the authorities. Top photo: the entrance to Stei

A Visit to Hellnahellir Cave - the longest man-made Cave in Iceland

In Iceland you will find many beautiful caves, some of which are colourful lava caves and others that are manmade. In many of my travel-blogs I have written about various types of caves in Iceland. A couple of years ago we visited Hellnahellir cave at Hellar in Landsveit upcountry in South Iceland. Hellnahellir is the longest manmade cave in Iceland and one of the most remarkable antiquities in my country. Top photo: Inside Hellnahellir cave Inside Hellnahellir cave The farm Hellar is built on Hellnahóll (Cave Hill) beneath Mt. Skarðsfjall, and the Hellar farm is first mentioned in the m

A lovely Visit to Mt. Vestrahorn and Stokksnes in Southeast Iceland

On my 10-day trip around Iceland, I visited one of the most breathtaking locations in southeast Iceland, Mt. Vestrahorn and the Stokksnes peninsula, and stayed overnight at the Viking café. This is one of the must-stop locations when visiting this part of Iceland. Mt. Vestrahorn is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland and I have seen some amazing photos of this beautiful mountain.  Top photo: Mt. Vestrahorn Mt. Vestrahorn Iurie Belegurschi's photos of Mt. Vestrahorn are ever so beautiful, as is his whole collection of photos of Iceland. He has allowed me to use his photos for

All time popular

A Visit to Herjólfstown - Herjólfur's Viking House in the Westman Islands

In Herjólfsdalur valley in the Westman Islands in South Iceland, you will find a turf and lava rock house that blends in perfectly with the landscape. It is a replica of Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur's old farmstead; a hypothetical farmstead of what might have been one of the oldest human habitation signs in my country Iceland. It is believed to be the first rock house in Iceland. Top photo: By Herjólfsbærinn town With the son of Ragnar Loðbrók, Ubbe, and King Haraldur hárfagri - the fairhair In spring 2023 a Viking exhibition opened in Herjólfsbærinn, which is a great addition to Herjólfs

The Westman Islands - the Settler, the Stave Church, and more interesting Things to see

In this travel-blog I want to tell you about a really interesting place to visit - Vestmannaeyjar - the volcanic Westman Islands in South Iceland. In a previous travel-blog, I told you about Kötlutangi pit, the southernmost point of the mainland of Iceland. The Westman Islands are even more south than Kötlutangi; the volcanic island is the southernmost point of Iceland. Top photo: Heimaklettur and the Westman Islands harbour The electric ferry Herjólfur sails to the Westman Islands Remember why these islands got the name Vestmannaeyjar - the Westman Islands?  I told you that story in my

The beautiful Brúarfoss Waterfall - is this the bluest River in Iceland

In my last travel blog I showed you the massive waterfalls in the glacial river Jökulsá á Fjöllum. In this travel blog, I want to show you one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, the powdery blue Brúarfoss waterfall which runs in the spring-fed river Brúará, which I like to call the bluest river in Iceland. Top photo: Brúarfoss waterfall Hlauptungufoss waterfall Hlauptungufoss waterfall Now, let's start the hike to the waterfall and hike for a while in Iceland's pristine nature on the east side of Brúará river. Along the way, you will see a couple of smaller waterfalls. The hik

Jökulsá á Fjöllum Glacial River and the magnificent Waterfalls in Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon

In this travel-blog I want to show you the massive glacial river Jökulsá á Fjöllum - the Glacial River in the Mountains, which is the second longest river in Iceland (206 km).  Jökulsá á Fjöllum is a roaring, turbulent milky white/greyish glacial river coming straight from Vatnajökull, Iceland's largest glacier, or its glacier tongue Dyngjujökull to be exact.  Opening photo: Jökulsá á Fjöllum and Dettifoss Jökulsá á Fjöllum glacial river in the highland and Gljúfrasmiður waterfall I am going to show you what the glacial river looks like in the highland and all the way down to its estuary i

Summer Solstice and Midsummer Eve in Reykjavík

Summer solstice and Midsummer Eve are quite magical here in Iceland when the midnight sun barely sets and then rises again. In June this far up north the summer nights are bright and the day is endless. And on the longest day of the year, the 21st of June, the sun sets at midnight and then almost immediately rises again. Top photo: Summer Solstice at Viðey island Photographing the sunset from Laugarnestangi at 23:54 We Icelanders stay up late on this day and try to watch the midnight sunset. In 2023 we who live in Reykjavík were in luck as after a very long period of rain and gloomy weath

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