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Hi, I´m Midge an Englishman living in the beautiful village of Súðavík in the Westfjords and the face behind the WestfjordsLocal(.)com blog. I am lucky to have one of the best jobs in the world, managing the Arctic Fox Centre here in the village which lets me combine some of my favourite passions in life, being close to nature and being close to people. I enjoy any activity which keeps me outside, and although my "extreme" days may be behind me I still love being up in the mountains and valleys or paddling on the water. I only moved to this region a little while ago so I hope you enjoy exploring the new and wonderful places along with me ;-)
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Westfjords Roads - A Complete Guide

It is often a matter uncertainty the condition and/or type of road we have here in the Westfjords and whether you can drive on them all the time. This confusion is completely understandable considering the variety of road types we have in the area and the fact that the road numbers don´t define a certain road type. For example the road 60 is both hard surfaced and gravel sporadically along its route. Added to this confusion is the fact that a lot of the roads in the region have been “upgraded” from gravel to hard surfaced only recently so alot of maps are out dated showing gravel roads where

9 Things to Do in the Westfjord's Ísafjarðardjúp

Djúpið (the Deep) is named after the large water body called Ísafjarðadjúp which running West to East separates the inhabited Westfjords to the South from the isolated and wild Snæfjallströnd and Hornstrandir regions to the North. (c) Wikipedia Now mention Djúpið to an Icelander and you are likely to get one of two responses (if not both). a. "Man! that's a long and boring drive in and out of all those fjords" or, b. "wow, could you get any more isolated?!" Both of these comments have their merits. Yes you have to drive in and out of 8 fjords to get from Hólmavík to Súðavík, and yes the

Westfjords Favourite Hot Pools and Swimming Pools of the Locals

Going swimming or to a hot pool has to be one of the family´s favourite things to do, so much so that it has to be spelt out rather than said when discussing what to do, ´cause if the kids hear the word “swimming” then they HAVE to go! The area around Súðavík is a “cold area” meaning that we don't have a lot if any natural hot water springs around us, but jump in the car and drive for an hour and we can get to quite a few :-) if we can't be bothered with that then each village around these parts have their own and unique swimming pool which if anything is more traditional to the Icelander,  t

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