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Hi there. My name is Tomas Freyr Kristjansson and I live with my family in Grundarfjörður Iceland. I work as an accountant along with my father and I also work as an EMT-I with the local health care here in Grundarfjörður. Photography is a passion of mine and I never get tired of photographing my near surroundings. A lot of beautiful places and astonishing landscapes. I also travel around the country whenever I can and combine traveling and photography. Lucky for me I have a understanding and a patient wife. You can see my pictures at http://flickr.com/tomasfreyr
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Kayaking Adventure in Grundarfjörður

Kirkjufell mountain in my home town Grundarfjörður is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland. Travellers who pass through Grundarfjörður usually don't leave without snapping a photo of the mountain and they're always trying to find a different angle. If you're one of those travellers who wants to photograph the iconic mountain or if you just want a different experience then I recommend a kayak trip on Grundarfjörður where you can paddle calmly towards Kirkjufell. You can get close to an amazing wildlife where you can see seals and birds.  See Also: Kayak Under Mt Kirkjufell |

Midnight Sun Season in Kirkjufell

The best time to capture the sunset at Kirkjufell mountain would be from the beginning of july and until the end of august. The scenery can be quite amazing as the sun sets into the ocean. See this article for more information about the Midnight sun in Iceland. This is taken from the harbour in Grundarfjörður on 29. june 2013. In Grundarfjörður the sun disappears in november and the residents of Grundarfjörður can not see it again until the beginning of february. Often they celebrate this by making pancakes when they get the glimpse of the sun above the mountains that surround the town.

Whale watching in Grundarfjörður

On january 10. I was fortunate enough to get on a boat from Láki Tours for a magnificent whalewatching tour. I grabbed my drone for the trip hoping to get some good aerial footage of the whales.  Needless to say everything was perfect. The whales, the weather. It was just a wonderful experience and hopefully a wonderful video I leave with you. Like I said in an earlier post that from november until late march Grundarfjörður is the place to be if you're a whale fanatic.  Whale watching with Láki Tours from Tomas Kristjansson on Vimeo. I'll admit that during the process of this video I was

Aurora explosion

On the evening of 17th of March 2015 the most awesome northern lights show that I have ever witnessed took place. Shooting the aurora is a bit challenging but also very rewarding. On that cold night my friend and I drove just outside of my home town Grundarfjörður to shoot some aurora as the forecast was very promising to say the least. As we reached our first stop the northern lights were everywhere. It did not matter which direction we faced, the sky was filled with light in various colours. Green, red, purple, blue... It was so spectacular.  This went on as the hours passed and no mat

Volcanic eruption at Holuhraun

On August 29. the volcanic eruption started at Holuhraun on the Icelandic highland between Askja and Bárðarbunga. As almost every photographer living in Iceland was dying to get to the scene the Civil protection in Iceland restricted all access to the area with the exception of scientist and media which were allowed access at their own risk. As I was working for the newspaper Skessuhorn me and my fellow reporter planned a trip. We got permission on Tuesday 2. September. We packed our gear and drove north with haste. We were at Mývatn around midnight and it was very foggy and cloudy so we dec

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Climbing Kirkjufell mountain

Kirkjufell mountain rises 463 meters above sea level and is the landmark of the small town of Grundarfjörður, my home town.  It is possible to climb Kirkjufell mountain and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes or so to reach the top. The view from the top is quite spectacular. The hike towards the peak is not for those who suffer from vertigo because it is quite treacherous. But it is very rewarding once you get to the there. It is NOT recommended in wet conditions as it will get very slippery and hazardous. There have been three fatal accidents in the mountain and two in recent years. The

Whale watching from Grundarfjörður

If you are a whale fanatic or just like to see those massive mammals up close then Grundarfjörður is the place to be from november until march. You can go on a boat ride from Grundarfjörður harbour or sometimes even just see the whales from the harbour as they often come really close to shore. This picture was taken on 20. february 2011. As for the boat ride you can contact Láki Tours for information. There is almost a guarantee that you will not be disappointed as there is a whale sighting almost every time. If you are off season then there is always alot to see besides whales as the

Around Snæfellsnes

Two days ago I went on a little trip for photographing purpose. The weather was quite cloudy and looked like rain where I started. As I drove past Hellissandur and to the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula the weather got much better and the scenerys looked improving. My first stop was at Gufuskálar and Gufuskálavör. At Gufuskálar you can see the 412 meter high radio mast as its hard to miss. There is also an ancient landing for fishing boats at Gufuskálavör. My next stop was Öndverðarnes and Svörtuloft where you can see massive cliffs and rough waters. Alot of ships have smashed agains

Mass Death in Kolgrafafjörður

  In desember 2012 and february 2013 there was a mass death of herring in Kolgrafafjörður Iceland. Kolgrafafjörður is the next fjord to Grundarfjörður where I'm from.   As a result the fjord was filled with bird and wildlife as seals, orcas, dolphins and a lot more came to this mighty feast. But it soon started to decompose and the smell got worse. But nature was really quick to recover with the help of the locals who buried most of the rotten herring. Now a year later the herring returned to Kolgrafafjörður for its winter stay and seems to have survived the conditions in the water. A

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