Sigrun Þormar


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Sagas and icelandic culture


English, Danish

My name is Sigrun Guttormsdóttir Þormar. I live inBorgarfjord west Iceland, where I work as a project leader at the cultural medieval center Snorrastofa in Reykholt. For those that don't know, Reykholt was the home of Snorri Sturluson, medieval writer and poet whom lived in Reykholt from 1206 to 1241. He was the author of the Edda, Heimskringla (History of the kings of Norway) and Egils Saga Skallagrimsson. For me Snorri is the most amazing employer whom I proudly serve and constantly present in my every day life! He is absolutely still going strong at 835 years of age. Please come and visit us at We are open all weekdays during the winter and all days during summer. We have an exhibition about Snorri Sturluson and offer lectures for groups. Hope to see you soon :)