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I've traveled to Iceland several times as a photographer. I've been driving myself and tried both camping and accommodation. From 2018 I work as a photography guide in Iceland Photo Tours leading workshops at some of the most breathtaking locations in Iceland. Check more of my work in these links:
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Guide to Ice Caves and How to Photograph Them

Ice Caves are some of the most fascinating natural phenomena Iceland has to offer and they’re well worth a visit. If you want to photograph them there are a few things to know. To have the terms correct. Whereas ice caves is the broad term and doesn’t have to be made of ice these kind of ice caves are for self-explanatory reasons actually called glacier caves. In this article I will however use the broad term. Guide to Iceland offers many tours to Ice Caves Almost all the ice caves in Iceland are located at Vatnajökull and the surrounding glaciers. That’s a 5-6 hour drive from Reykjavik.

The Black Church of Budir as a Photography Location

The Black Church of Budir has in recent years become a very popular object for photographers and with good reason. The small distinct church is a beautiful and minimalistic object placed in the rough nature of Iceland, where the black color makes a beautiful contrast to the often cloudy mountains in the background. The church is located on the southern side of the Snaefellsness peninsula. The church can be seen from far away, so it’s rather easy to find. From road 54 you drive into the road 578 towards Hellnar and Arnarstarpi. After a few hundred meters there’s a road towards Budir, which

Lómagnúpur - a Well Worth Photography Location

Lómagnúpur is one of those colossal rocks in Iceland which many people find fascinating, but you usually pass simple because you’re in a hurry to photograph a lot of other amazing locations. If you however spend a little time here you can get some absolutely breathtaking photos. You pass by Lómagnúpur on almost all self-drive tours Guide to Iceland has to offer. This 8 day self-drive tour is very popular. You can literally see Lómagnúpur from miles away. Actually on clear days you can easily see it from Skaftafell national park, which is located about 30km away on the other side of the b

My new FAVORITE location in Iceland for Photography: Eystrahorn

Some locations are so massive you can’t see the wood for the trees. Eystrahorn, the unknown twin location of Vestrahorn, is just such a location and one of my favorite locations to photograph in Iceland. Eystrahorn is one of those locations that has gone underneath the radar of popular tourism and even landscape photography tourism. Probably due to its location even further east than Stokksnes most people simply don’t reach that far east. And unless you know it is there you will probably just pass it as you’re driving so close to the mountains, which are the main focal point, you won’t noti

VESTRAHORN / STOKKSNES as a Landscape Photography Destination

Stokksnes also known as Vestrahorn is one of my favorite locations in all of Iceland. There’s just something about the isolation of those mountains in combination with the black sand, which is hard to beat. It gives that rough, yet beautiful feeling of the cold north. Almost no matter the weather you’ll be able to make beautiful landscape pictures here, simply because… it’s a beautiful landscape. Stokksnes is fairly easy to find. Following the main road A1 a few kilometers from Höfn, you’ll have to make a right turn into a gravel road. There’s a board with a sign for the location, just befo

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HVERFJALL as a Photography Location

Ever since I arrived to Iceland for the first time as a photographer the iconic black volcano crater Hverfjall, next to lake Myvatn, has had a special place in my heart. The crater was formed during an eruption 2500 years ago and during the age of settlement the crater was nearly engulfed in flowing lava due to a nearby eruption at Namafjall. Hverfjall is part of the Krafla fissure swarm, which to this date is a geological very active area, with an extensive network of hiking trails. It’s possible to climb and walk the 3km path around the rim of the crater, which in my opinion is one of th

The western Westfjords as a Photography Location

Gardar BA 64 is an old whaling ship, which was rammed ashore in the Skápadalur valley in Patreksfjörður when it was deemed unfit for duty back in 1981. It’s fairly easy to find, yet as with everything in the Westfjords there’s a long way between everything. If you come from Dynjandi you have to drive 31 km back towards Reykjavik and turn right down road 62. After 48km you come to road 612. Gardar is located another 3 km down that road on your right hand. The old rusty beached ship is in itself an interesting photography object with a lot of atmosphere and mood. It can also work as a fore

Dynjandi as a Photography Location

I was a bit hesitant to visit this waterfall since it’s located very remote and deep into the Westfjords and I didn’t really feel it had the same power to it like Skogafoss or Dettifoss. That hesitation was brought to shame the second I saw Dynjandi. Dynjandi means thunderous in Icelandic and you understand the name when you’re standing next to the waterfall and getting dwarfed by the sheer size of it! It’s incredible… no other word can describe it. Dynjandi is located deep into the Westfjords and it’s a five hours drive up there if the conditions of the roads are good. But it’s well worth

Arnarstapi as a Photography Location

Arnarstapi is a little town on the southern coast of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The town is probably best known for the basalt arch Gatklettur, but Arnarstapi has a lot more to offer than that one! The town is located about two and half hour drive from Reykjavik and can serve as a great base, when you’re exploring the Snaefellsnes peninsula. To find it just follow road 1 towards north from Reykjavik. In the town of Borgarnes follow road 54 towards Snaefellsnes. After 98km or about an hour of driving you’ll have to make a left turn towards Arnarstapi. From here just follow the signs. The dri

Dettifoss and Selfoss as Photography Locations

Dettifoss and Selfoss are two of the most epic locations in all of Iceland and has a special place in my heart since this is where I experienced the sunset on my first day in Iceland as a photographer. Dettifoss is also the strongest waterfall of all of Europe. The area has also been used for the prolog scene of the movie Prometheus. The two waterfalls are located in the north-eastern part of Iceland 50km from lake Myvatn. The two waterfalls can be approached from two sides. It takes around an hour to drive to the other side so you’ll have to choose. Both sides are easy to find since ther

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