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Hi there, I'm Lyonel, a Northern Lights Hunter and a Ma Student in Folkloristic. I have the pleasure of being a professional Northern Lights hunter with experience both in Iceland and in North Norway where I am now based. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you want to have some tips on the matter or discuss anything Icelandic/Nordic related
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The Norwegian Way

  Hey guys ! It's been some time, I know, but I have been very busy working on my Master Thesis. To do so, I need to collect an absurd amount of data which in practice, lead me to enter the absurd quest to check every single Icelandic Saga ever written. I'm about two/third done but it took quite a lot of time just to get there you can guess. Also, I relocated in my beloved Tromsö, in Arctic Norway, where I am again, spending my evenings freezing in desolate fjords in search for the Northern Lights. Last night we actually had quite a great night: Despite a very low level of Aurora a

Miraculous Aurora!

  On the 28th I had what was probably my last tour of the season. It ended up quite well as you are going to read right now! It was just Friday night. Unexpectedly enough, my boss drafts me for a tour. Apparently, the tour of the previous night had ended up with no Lights whatsoever so a second mini-bus was called in to guide those who tried again this night. The weather did not look that good and our driver Heimir expressed some concerns we would not be able to see much. An outcome I feared greatly too. After picking up our guests, we started driving out of the city when our boss called

The Season's First Northern Lights!

Last week-end the weather around Reykjavík was just marvelous. There was not a single cloud in the sky and the evenings were definitely getting quite dark. Living now quite out of Reykjavik city center and higher up than ever before I have been hopefull seing Northern Lights since about mid-August, but each night proved to be unsucessful; either the weather was too bad or I went to bed too early to see anything. At least until now! Last Thursday I stayed up longer than usual because Rúv (Iceland's national Tv Channel) was showing an episode of the awesome British series "Accussed" (

The Cute Animals of Iceland

Hello everyone! Since I came back to Iceland I have been taking lots of pictures. Considering it still is way to early to hope for Northern Lights, I mainly focused my attention on cute fluffy animals. Don't ask me, I just always end up finding them somewhere. I feel almost like an animal paparazzi at times! But well I guess it's not that bad because it means that I have collected lots of pictures of cute Icelandic animals! If you, like my fiancée, arethe kind of person to have a nervous breakdown when faced with too much cute, don't continue further or you might end up like puddle on the f

A Photographic Walk in Árbær Folk Museum

Hello folks! As you might know, I recently moved a bit farther out of the city center of Reykjavík. The situation has its pros and its cons. One con is that I have to bike for 45 minutes to get to the city center, one pro is that I’m getting quite ripped in the process.  Another, maybe even more substantial pro is that I now live mere minutes from Árbær Folk Museum. Never heard of the place? I guess it might be a bit less popular  than other destinations that are right in the center but this is by no means a good enough reason to avoid the place altogether. The Museum is situated just out

All time popular

It’s all Fluff and Games at Reykjavík Park

There‘s one place I particularly like in Reykjavík, it´s 'Fjölskyldu- og Húsdýragarðurinn', or the Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park. It’s actually the only attraction (bar the National Museum) that I've visited more than once. The reason: It’s awesome! Let me explain. The place is basically a mixture of an amusement park and a zoo so it’s just a heaven for kids and people who like either: I) having fun or II) animals - and I think just about everyone can identify to at least two of those categories. The amusement park was quite full the last time I visited it. Sadly being overage and having

An Afternoon in Keflavik

My guess is that all of you guys know where Keflavik is right? I mean. Except a couple crazies (like me) no-one takes the boat to get to Iceland so you probably have been, or will come to Keflavik at some point. The problem is that most of the time, the only thing people do in Keflavik is entering or leaving Iceland and that’s a bloody shame! Seriously, there is much to do in Keflavik; there even are things you cannot see anywhere else in Iceland. I recently had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in the city and I had such a blast actually that I knew I had to promote the place a little

Rabbits in Iceland

Okay guys, I talked about horses the other day so to be fair I’ll talk about bunnies today. It’s not completely random though. I have recently moved a bit out of town and I started biking to get to places (I might write a post about biking one of these days). After a couple days where I tried to figure out the best possible route, I ended up biking through a field of bunnies. Literally, a field full of bunnies! The place is situated just ten minutes away from my current place, in the outskirts of Reykjavík by Reykjanesbraut. The place consists of a concrete house and the surrounding empt

Horseties !

Hello Everyone! Let us go back to blogging shall we? Because I have lots of neat things to tell, today I will tell about horse riding! So because I know you guys really like your horsies, just saddle up and let’s start the ride! Last Spring my Fiancée came to visit for two weeks. She had been in Iceland before but not that long so she was determined to make the most of her stay that time. My Fiancée also happens to be a horse person and she is particularly fond of the tiny, fluffy and friendly Icelandic horses. Because of that and because I’m a good guy, I ended up arranging an afternoon r

The Return...

Hey guys ! I am back ! I basically spent three months in Norway and America. I had a real blast but obviously I could not blog much about Icelandic thingies you can guess. This is about to change! I indeed just came back to Iceland. I will be back for two months and I already have some nice stuff I want to promote, so stay tuned, I will be coming back very soon with my legendary wits and a couple half-decent photos for your enjoyment! In the meanwhile, you can check some of the pics I took while away. You can even test yourself trying to guess which ones are from Norway and which ones are

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