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Przewodnik turystyczny — Budareyrarfoss Waterfall

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Hafnargata 12-26, 711 Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
Godziny otwarcia
Poniedziałek: otwarte całą dobę; Wtorek: otwarte całą dobę; Środa: otwarte całą dobę; Czwartek: otwarte całą dobę; Piątek: otwarte całą dobę; Sobota: otwarte całą dobę; Niedziela: otwarte całą dobę
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Strandartindur’s meltwater feeds the Budara River, which cascades down the hillside and into the Seydisfjordur fjord below.Budareyrarfoss, or "Búðareyrarfoss" in Icelandic, is a picturesque waterfall above the town of Seydisfjordur in East Iceland.

The Seydisfjordur area is well-known as the home to numerous waterfalls. However, none are more accessible than Budareyrarfoss on the town’s east side. Travelers can enjoy a short, scenic walk to marvel at the waterfall cascading down the rugged cliffside, an excellent introduction to the region’s natural treasures.

Travelers can visit Seydisfjordur and see Budareyrarfoss waterfall independently. Self-drive tours offer the ultimate freedom and flexibility to travel at your own pace with a rental car and visit attractions like Budareyrarfoss. This 14-day self-drive around Iceland includes plenty of time in East Iceland.

Those traveling the Ring Road will find Seydisfjordur a short and pleasant detour, just 16.6 miles (26.7 kilometers) from Egilsstadir.

There are plenty of places to stay in Seydisfjordur, plus options for day and multi-day tours. Although tours may not visit Budareyrarfoss waterfall, it’s easy to reach from the town without a guide and provides a small taste of the region’s breathtaking natural features.

This seven-hour nature and culture tour from Seydisfjordur is a fantastic option for those seeking to immerse themselves further in the wild beauty of the East fjords.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Regan Vercruysse. No edits made

Location and How to Get There

The Budeyrarfoss waterfall is a lovely landmark of Seydisfjordur in Iceland's East fjords.Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Andrea Kirkby No edits made.

You will see Budareyrarfoss on the hill, on the town’s east side. It’s just above the cruise ship pier and the Technical Museum of East Iceland. Fossgata street offers a decent vantage point looking up to the waterfall, but a short walk up a trail on the hill will ensure a close-up view.

From Egilsstadir, Road 93 (Vesturvegur) leads to Seydisfjordur town. Turn right onto Austurvegur Road when you reach Fjardara lake. Then turn right onto Fossgata, not far past Media Luna Guesthouse.

Budareyrarfoss Waterfall Features and Information

Budareyrarfoss is around 197 feet (60 meters) tall and cascades down the hillside above the Seydisfjordur fjord.Striking peaks surround Seydisfjordur, one of which is the Strandartindur mountain, standing 3313 feet (1010 meters) above sea level. Strandartindur’s meltwater feeds the Budara river, which cascades down the hillside and into the Seydisfjordur fjord below.

Budareyrarfoss is the lower cascade on the hillside. There’s another one of similar height further up. 

Budareyrarfoss is around 197 feet (60 meters) tall. From the road, it’s an easy 328-yard (300-meter) hike to the waterfall, which should take 5-10 minutes. The trail becomes snowy and icy in winter but is still accessible.

Ensure you have your camera ready to capture photos of your idyllic surroundings. As you meander along the trail, enjoy the charming countryside, from the quaint buildings to the small forest pockets and rugged mountainside. Its brown rocky sections contrast beautifully against lush green vegetation.

When you reach the waterfall, you’ll also have stunning fjord views. This short walk offers a pretty spot to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a glimpse of the area’s gorgeous natural wonders.

Attractions Near Budareyrarfoss Waterfall

The Seydisfjardarkirkja church is one of Seydisfjordur's most well-known sites.

Travelers will find several things to do in Seydisfjordur, a place of spectacular natural and cultural attractions. 

Stroll around the town and appreciate the colorful buildings amid a dramatic setting of mountains and water. The Seydisfjardarkirkja church is one of the town’s most well-known sites. It has a pretty blue exterior and a rainbow street leading to it, a picture-perfect photo opportunity.

To dive deeper into the town’s artistic heart, visit the Skaftfell Art Center. It has a friendly atmosphere and exhibits rotating modern art exhibitions with local and international artwork. Home to the Skaftfell Bistro, it’s also a nice place to grab a bite.

Nature and hiking enthusiasts seeking more than a short walk can explore a series of waterfalls on the north side of the fjord. The Vestdalsfossar waterfalls and hiking trail is about 2.2 miles (3.6 kilometers) from Seydisfjordur town and offers out-and-back trail options of various lengths, passing several beautiful cascades.

Another hiking option starts and finishes at Fjardara lake, winding up the Fjardara river towards Egilsstadir. It’s 5.2 miles (8.4 kilometers) long and features many pristine waterfalls.

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