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Seydisfjörður is in east Iceland, and a beautiful town.Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Photo by Erik

Seydisfjörður is a town of around 668 people in east Iceland, sitting at the innermost of a fjord of the same name.


The main economy of Seydisfjörður has largely been the fishing industry throughout its history, but it has seen increased tourism in recent years. The town has a good harbour and the ferry Norræna is operated from here, sailing over to Scandinavia.

Seydisfjörður offers good services for travellers, including accommodation options, and has become increasingly popular for its annual LungA art festival.

Culture & history

Many old and charming wooden houses are notable in the town and the country's oldest power plant can be found nearby. Seydisfjörður was used for British and American army bases during WWII and the remains from this activity can still be seen.

The town has a vibrant cultural scene. Artist Dieter Roth has a residence and art studio in Seydisfjörður and the town further hosts a telecommunications museum, an arts centre, one of the two cinemas in east Iceland, and, as mentioned, the annual LungA festival.

Seydisfjörður has beautiful wooden houses, found in east Iceland.Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Photo by Stig Nygaard

The LungA art festival goes from July 14-18 and features workshops, exhibitions, a fashion show, and concerts.  Many of Iceland's top musicians have participated in the festival.

Nature & nearby surroundings

Seydisfjörður is surrounded by incredible nature, including mountains, waterfalls and beautiful sea views. About 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) from the town is the nature reserve Skalanes. This reserve features 47 different bird species and 150 plant species, along with many interesting geological formations.

Reindeers wander the area and seals and porpoises frequent the shores. Over 90 archeological sites, most from the aforementioned war, can be found here. The nature reserve also features a nice guesthouse.

The Vesturdalur area is also popular for a hike. It has several nice waterfalls, more archeological sites and the remains of former settlement. Mt. Bjólfur is also great for hiking, providing beautiful views of the area.


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