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Przewodnik turystyczny — Mjodd Service Center

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Reykjavík, Iceland

A top view of Mjodd in Reykjavik.Mjodd Service Center, also known as Mjóddin, is a shopping center and bus interchange located in Reykjavik. With its combined shopping and transportation facilities, Mjodd plays an essential role in the daily lives of Reykjavik residents and visitors alike.

Mjodd is both a shopping mall and an important transportation hub for the Straeto city buses.

As a shopping mall, Mjoddin features a variety of stores, including supermarkets, clothing retailers, electronics shops, and more. It’s a great destination for residents and visitors to pick up essentials or shop for various goods.

As a transportation center in the Icelandic capital, the Mjodd service center serves as the largest bus interchange in Reykjavik. It connects different parts of the capital and neighboring towns within and outside the Capital Region and is also the starting point of many bus lines to the countryside.

To reach Mjodd, you can take a Reykjavik bus or rent a car in Iceland. You'll also find convenient bus stops close to many Reykjavik hotels, providing easy access.

Photo above from Mjodd website. No edits made.

About the Mjodd Service Center

The Mjodd service center is one of the busiest areas in Reykjavik. Its constant foot traffic is thanks to its essential services that remain open daily throughout the year.

The purpose of Mjodd is to provide a convenient and efficient environment where people can shop, access essential services, and connect to various destinations through public transportation. Its existence contributes to the overall convenience and mobility of residents and visitors in Reykjavik.

Besides shopping, Mjodd hosts various events and activities throughout the year, including cultural performances and seasonal festivals. Its spacious interior offers a comfortable setting for simple events or for families to spend time together while shopping.

The buildings of Mjodd are spacious and cozy.

Photo above from Mjodd website. No edits made.

Location of Mjoddin in Reykjavik

Mjodd is located in the Breidholt neighborhood of Reykjavik, which is situated in the southeastern part of the city. Its central location within Breidholt, four miles (seven kilometers) from downtown Reykjavik, ensures a convenient shopping and transportation hub for those in the neighborhood.

Additionally, the shopping center and bus interchange are situated along a main road, making them easily reachable by car or public transit. They are near other towns in the Capital Region, particularly Kopavogur and Gardabaer.

How to Travel to Mjodd Center

Reaching Mjodd in Reykjavik is convenient and easy due to its proximity to major routes in the city. It’s accessible by various modes of transportation via public buses or with a Reykjavik rental car

As a major bus interchange in Reykjavik, numerous bus routes converge at this location. Travelers can use Iceland's public transit system, known as Straeto, to reach Mjodd from different parts of the city. Bus services operated by Straeto connect Mjodd to neighborhoods, attractions, and destinations throughout Reykjavik and its surrounding areas. You can easily plan your travel route on the Straeto website.

Alternatively, you can drive to the service center independently as it has ample parking facilities. You can take Route 40 or Route 49 towards the southeast from downtown Reykjavik to reach Mjodd. Both the shopping mall and bus interchange are along Alfabakki street in Breidholt.

Services and Shops at Mjodd

Mjodd offers diverse services and stores, from everyday items to dental and eyesight protection. Although these establishments are open throughout the year, they have varying daily opening times.

Within the shopping center, you can find supermarkets like Netto, offering groceries and household essentials. If you happen to be staying in a Reykjavik rental apartment and have access to a kitchen, you can also stop by the Fiskbud Holmgeirs Fishmonger and try your hand at preparing fresh Icelandic seafood dishes.

Alternatively, there are also popular fast-food chains in Mjodd, like Subway or Domino’s Pizza.

Mjodd houses multiple stores selling clothing, books, and more. In addition to shopping and dining, the Mjodd shopping mall provides other services such as ATMs, and visitors can access health and beauty services, including pharmacies, hair salons, and eye clinics.

Next to Mjodd is Alfabakki, one of the major Sambio Cinemas in Reykjavik. It's a convenient location to catch the latest film releases during your Iceland trip.

Bus Routes at Mjodd

Straeto buses are known for their yellow color.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Richard Eriksson No edits made.

Some of the key bus routes that operate to and from Mjodd include routes connecting the shopping center to downtown Reykjavik, major residential areas, educational institutions, and popular attractions.

These routes may include buses traveling to Hlemmur in downtown Reykjavik and to other neighborhoods. You can also catch a bus to Fjordur in Hafnarfjordur, where you can then take a public bus to Keflavik Airport.

Additionally, Mjodd is a transfer point for buses traveling to destinations beyond the Capital Region. Visitors can utilize bus services from Mjodd to access destinations such as Akureyri in North Iceland, Hveragerdi in South Iceland, and many more.

Attractions in Reykjavik Near Mjoddin

Visitors can explore several notable attractions near the Mjodd area, each offering unique experiences. Most can be reached by bus from Mjodd.

Arbaer Open Air Museum, 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers) from Mjodd, provides a glimpse into Iceland's cultural heritage, architecture, and traditional way of life. Here, you can wander through historic buildings, including turf houses, farms, and workshops, to learn about the country's history and rural lifestyle. It can be reached by bus 12 from Mjodd, and the museum has its own designated bus stop called Arbaejarsafn.

The Sky Lagoon, located in the nearby town of Kopavogur, is a geothermal spa with stunning ocean views and surrounding landscapes. Visitors can relax in the warm waters while enjoying panoramic views of the Reykjavik skyline. The facility also includes amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, and a sky bar, enhancing the overall relaxation experience. You can take bus 36 from Mjodd to the Hafnarbraut stop, and then you'll have a 15-minute walk to the Sky Lagoon.

Downtown Reykjavik leads to the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church.

Downtown Reykjavik, just a short bus ride or drive away from Mjodd, is the vibrant heart of Iceland's capital city. It’s home to Iceland’s most iconic cultural attractions, including the breathtaking Hallgrimskirkja church and Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center. Take either bus 3, 4, 11, or 12 from Mjodd for different routes through central Reykjavik.

With its bustling atmosphere and diverse offerings, downtown Reykjavik is a must-visit destination for travelers exploring the area. Its lively streets are lined with impressive cafes and restaurants serving local and international cuisines.

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