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Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson Rejseguide

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6WJC+85 Seydisfjordur, Iceland
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The Þorbjörn Arnoddsson Monument is located along the descending road to SeydisfjordurThe Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson is a memorial built to honor an Icelandic driver who opened the path to winter travel for the town of Seydisfjordur. This memorial in East Iceland gives an appreciation for traveling around the country, especially during winter.

The Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson is located by the road to Seydisfjordur in the Eastfjords. It features multiple pillars of basalt rocks at varying heights. East Iceland visitors have come to include the monument as a default roadside stop when exploring the region, especially as it provides beautiful views over the Seydisfjordur fjord.

You can visit Seydisfjordur by joining a tour of East Iceland, but the best way to see the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson is with self-drive tours where you can enjoy the freedom of an Iceland rental car. The Seydisfjordur area is one of the best places to visit in East Iceland.

What to See at the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson

The Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson provides amazing views over Seydisfjordur in East Iceland

When you visit the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson, you'll see the basalt columns proudly standing and serving as the memorial's focal point. The pillars remind visitors of Iceland's rich nature and history of volcanic activity.

Another interesting feature of the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson is its inscription. Carved on one of the basalt rocks is a message saying, "The people of Seydisfjordur erected this memorial to remember the great traveler Þorbjörn Arnoddsson. He was a pioneer of winter travel over the Fjardarheidi mountain pass. Born 13.3.1897. Died 31.8.1976," in Icelandic.

Aside from the monument, you'll enjoy the surrounding majestic landscapes. You'll see the magnificent view of the Seydisfjordur fjord, with greenery complementing its rocky texture.

During summer, you'll see the passing river's waters cascading against the rocks. The water also leads to a small waterfall beneath the monument, adding character and appeal to the location.

Location of the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson

The long and winding road leading to the town of Seydisfjordur.The Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson is located in the Seydisfjordur fjord in East Iceland. As you travel Road 93, or "Vesturvegur," down into the fjord, you'll find the monument to the right as you descend, just after the Stafdalur Ski Station to the left.

What Makes the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson Special?

The Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson in Seydisfjordur holds special significance due to its unique blend of historical reverence, cultural symbolism, and stunning natural surroundings.

Firstly, the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson carries valuable historical significance. In 1952, Þorbjörn Arnoddsson helped revolutionize winter travel by providing a snow vehicle service over the Fjardarheidi mountain pass. In turn, Þorbjörn's efforts helped the people from Seydisfjordur avoid isolation during winter.

Seydisfjordur is one of Iceland's most charming townsSecondly, the monument's location in Seydisfjordur adds to its appeal. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of East Iceland, Seydisfjordur boasts majestic mountains, serene fjords, and cascading waterfalls.

Additionally, the monument serves as a cultural landmark and a point of pride for the residents of Seydisfjordur, reinforcing their connection to Iceland's identity. 

How to Get to the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson

From the Seydisfjordur town, head southwest on Vesturvegur toward Gilsbakki. After driving about 3.7 miles (5.9 kilometers), you'll reach the Nedri-Stafur car park to your right.

The car park is where the path that leads to the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson begins. The path involves a 0.24-mile (400-meter) walk to the monument between Road 93 and the Fjardara stream.

Attractions Near the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson

Must-see nearby attractions also await visitors of the Monument to Þorbjörn Arnoddsson. There's the Gufufoss waterfall about 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) from the monument. Gufufoss is known for being the largest waterfall in Seydisfjordur.

The captivating Gufufoss is a must-see attraction near the Monument to Thorbjorn Arnoddsson.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Sheikh Izham. No edits made.

Another is the Seydisfjordur church or "Seyðisfjarðarkirkja" in Icelandic. Located about 3.7 miles (six kilometers) from the monument, the church features a distinct soft blue exterior that contrasts the rugged mountain in the background.

Meanwhile, Egilsstadir, the largest town in East Iceland, is around 13 miles (21 kilometers) away. Egilsstadir is East Iceland's leading transportation, service, and administration center.

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