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Naustahvilft Troll Seat Rejseguide

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Bjerge, Dale, Kløfter, Ridge
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Naustahvilft - The Troll Seat, 61, 400 Ísafjörður, Iceland
Mandag: åben 24 timer, tirsdag: åben 24 timer, onsdag: åben 24 timer, torsdag: åben 24 timer, fredag: åben 24 timer, lørdag: åben 24 timer, søndag: åben 24 timer
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1.5 km

The Troll Seat is a dramatic mountain feature in the Icelandic Westfjords.Naustahvilft, or the Troll Seat, is an unusual depression in the Kirkjubolsfjall mountain overlooking the town and fjord of Isafjordur. The hiking trail that leads to Naustahvilft is short, steep, and very rewarding.

Naustahvilft is a beautiful and dramatic geological feature in the Kirkjubolsfjall mountain, that's surrounded by a fascinating folklore regarding a troll. It's a fantastic area for hiking in Iceland.

The Naustahvilft seat and the Kirkjubolsfjall mountain can be admired from Isafjordur, the largest town of the Westfjords, which can be reached in various ways. The most convenient way to reach Isafjordur is with self-drive tours, such as this epic 14-day road trip around the whole country, where you'll be able to enjoy freedom and flexibility with a rental car.

You can also reach Isafjordur by taking domestic flights from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Isafjordur Domestic Airport. To complete the trip, there's plenty of great Isafjordur accommodation available.

Photo above from Flickr, by 35mmMan. No edits made.

What is the Naustahvilft Troll Seat?

Naustahvilft is beautiful feature when covered in snow.

Photo from Flickr, by Fernando Vega. No edits made.

Naustahvilft is a notable, half-bowl-shaped depression in the cliffs of a large, flat-topped mountain that curves around the town of Isafjordur. Because of its smooth walls and its distinct shape, Naustahvilft resembles a chair or throne overlooking the town nestled in the bay.

Though legends state differently, the Troll Seat was created at the end of the last ice age. The fjords and flat-topped mountains that define the Westfjords formed when glaciers that once covered Iceland retreated. They smoothed the volcanic peaks and opened waterways into the land.

The melting of the glacier at this point in the fjord left behind a hanging valley.

The Legend of the Naustahvilft Troll Seat

The Naustahvilft seat is a natural landmark of IsafjordurLike many of the features in Iceland, early settlers explained the formation of Naustahvilft with folk tales. In this case, the tale involves a troll.

According to Icelandic legends, trolls will turn to stone when exposed to sunlight. In this story, a troll had stayed too long into the night and was sprinting across the flat-topped mountains to find a sheltered spot to hide before sunrise.

She stumbled upon the cliffs looking out over Isafjordur and used their shadows to protect herself. Needing rest after her panicked journey, she rested in a depression on the cliff face and healed her worn feet in the waters of the bay.

The weight of this enormous troll shaped the depression into a smooth seat. The troll's dragging feet created the Isafjordur's natural harbor.

Where is the Naustahvilft Troll Seat?

The Troll's Seat overlooks a harbor.

Photo from, Creative Commons, by Jason Wong. No edits made.

Naustahvik sits directly over Isafjordur Airport, looking across the fjord to the main town. It faces out to the northwest.

Though it's the largest town in the region, Isafjordur is one of the most remote settlements of Iceland, sitting in the north of the Westfjords. Because of its dramatic terrain and distance from settlements such as Reykjavik and Akureyri, the Westfjords attract fewer visitors than other regions, meaning you can admire sites like Naustahvik without crowds.

Why is Naustahvilft Special?

Naustahvilft is a remarkable attraction due to its beautiful positioning over Isafjordur, intriguing folklore, and hiking opportunities.

After reaching the parking lot at the base of Naustahvilft, you can ascend the route to its breathtaking viewing and photography point. Though the trail is short, the path is very steep and has an overall ascent of 558 feet (170 meters).

Once you stand upon the Troll Seat, you'll have incredible views of the fjord and the town.

How to Get to the Naustahvilft Troll Seat

The town of Isafjordur is very charming

You must visit the charming Isafjordur to hike to the Naustahvilft troll seat.0

To begin with, you must first head to Isafjordur for your Naustahvilft hike. To reach Isafjordur from Reykjavik and the South Coast, take Route 1 northward and turn left onto Route 60. Turn right onto Route 61, and follow this road to the car park by the airport. From Akureyri and North Iceland, turn right on Route 68 and continue onto Route 61.

To reach the troll seat from Isafjordur, take Djupvegur road towards the corner of the fjord and follow the road behind the airport to the parking area. This journey is 3.7 miles (6 kilometers), and you can bike or drive there.

Few travelers will head straight to Isafjordur in the Westfjords from Reykjavik or Akureyri due to the distance between the destinations. Naustahvilft is 279 miles (449 kilometers) and 241 miles (388 kilometers) away, respectively.

Furthermore, roads in the Westfjords are often closed during winter due to the weather, so flying is frequently the only way to get there during this season. It's highly recommended to only visit the Westfjords in summer, as you'll be able to explore nature as you please.

Is There Anything Else Near Naustahvilft, the Troll Seat?

Dynjandi is an incredible waterfall in the Westfjords.Naustahvilft is far from the only attraction in Isafjordur. You can visit cultural sites like the Westfjords Heritage Museum and Isafjordur Maritime Museum. Discover the charming boutiques for local handicrafts, enjoy the local catch at one of the town's restaurants, or enjoy a beer at the local Dokkan brewery.

For those who love the outdoors, Naustahvilft is just one of many hiking routes around Isafjordur. This region's untouched, remote nature makes trekking a pleasure, and you may see various birds and even arctic foxes on the way.

For a guaranteed Arctic fox viewing, you can travel 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) to the Arctic Fox Center, dedicated to educating people about these animals and their protection.

Those renting a car can also travel 11.9 miles (19 kilometers) to Bolungarvik, a nearby town with folklore as fascinating as the Troll Seat.

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