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During summer 2016 and 2019 I visited Iceland with my wife Ditta. We traveled in our own 4x4 Toyota Hilux with camper unit. Filming above and under water is my passion, sea-life while diving, nature, travel, 4x4 driving with our Toyota Hilux with camper unit. Iceland made a very big impression and we are planning to spend more time on Iceland.In 2019 we guided a group of 8 Iceland prepared 4wd throu the Highlands tacking Froads and unmarked tracks. In 2016 I stared aerial filming with a drone, I filmed the beautiful region around my home in Holland. I started to make video clips in 2013. During time I have improved my filming and editing. I film a variety of issues underwater, on land and from the air. I try to use creative common music as much as possible.

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Day 22 of 3 week Iceland Trip: Epilogue

All good things come to an end. Our 3-week stay in Iceland was over. We enjoyed it immensely. Here I'll detail the costs of travelling to Iceland with a 4WD car and driving around Iceland for 3 weeks, and give you some tips on Iceland. In the morning of our last day we bordered MS Norröna back to Holland. It had been a holiday with many new impressions; it was good to be on board for the next 2 days. We had time to rest for the final ride home to Holland. On board we met a Land Rover group we had met before in Nyidalur and we had a lot to talk about. Iceland is a fantastic place for a na

Day 20 of 3 week Iceland trip From Askja to Snæfell (319km)

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 20 in Iceland From Askja to Snæfell (319km) The weather had changed for the worse, we had forgotten that Iceland could be wet and cold. Our original plan was to continue F910 East, but our diesel situation forced us to change our plan. The nearest fuel station was Reykjahlíð so we took F88. At Drekagil was a warning for small 4x4 not to take the F88 because two river crossings were tricky due to high water. We had no trouble crossing, we saw a rented Suzuki 4x4 crossing and the driver told us the back was lifting and he had lost g

Day 21 in Iceland: Snæfell to Seydisfjordur (210 km)

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 21 in Iceland.   In the morning of day 21 we drove the track to the Glacier, it was raining and foggy. Near the glacier we saw sings marking the ice edge in a certain year.  Shocking to see how far the ice is retreating.  Global warming is showing its effect. On the trip to the glacier I had a worrying thought, what if we break down the last day and I had not left a message at the shelter.  It might take time before we would get help, time we didn’t have any more.  We decided not to stay to long at the glacier, so there would be at

Day 19 of 3 Week Iceland Trip: Driving Holuhraun

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 19 in Iceland: From Nyidalur To Askja (123km) From Nyidalur we took the F910 and the road got rough and our speed dropped. Driving 123 km took 7 hours!  However the environment was stunningly beautiful and desolate. We only met 2 cars driving the opposite direction. Mobile phone was out of network. The tracks lead us over all types of lava. On the rope lava, my wife was spotting the marker sticks, while I was trying hard to avoid the largest holes. We had to drive all day in low gear and even at some places in first or secon

Day 17 of 3 week Iceland trip to Eyjafjallajökull and a Tire problem to solve

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 17 in Iceland: From Vík í Mýrdal to Árnes (208km) We set off in the hope to see puffins at Dyrhólaey, this area of Iceland is busy with tourists. There was a wire and warning shield not to go too close to the rock edge and to give the birds some peace. A pity that some young Americans could not read English.  In Iceland, there are no guards to protect sensitive nature; it is left up to common sense. This is why some Icelandic people fear that the amount of tourists could destroy the nature. The size of Iceland compared with the numbe

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Day 18 of 3 week Iceland trip, F 26 Sprengisandur

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 18 in Iceland: From Árnes to Nýidalur (218km) A beautiful day again,  a perfect day for the F26 to Nýidalur. I decided to top up Diesel and start with a full tank. We had no spare diesel tank. At Hrauneyjalón diesel was out. I left it at that we had only driven approximately 70km since I last filled. This proved to be a risky choice, at 40 km before the next fuel station at Reykjahlið the diesel warning light came on, I just managed to reach the fuel station. From Hrauneyjalón we first drove to the Dynkur, the waterfall was dif

Day 16 of 3 Week Iceland Trip

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 16 in Iceland: From Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Vík í Mýrdal  (184km) Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Today we went to see the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon; we walked to the top and back. At present Renault and Peugeot are advertising their cars in The Netherlands with Iceland images, this was one of the sites. We continued the F206 to Lakagígar in Iceland's highlands, a long route through the old lava fields and past many craters and pseudo craters. In order to drive on Iceland's F roads you need to be driving a 4

Day 14 and 15 of 3 week Iceland trip

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland with a camper van. Day 14 in Iceland: From Landmannalaugar to Skaftafell (191km) Today the weather was much better again. We took the F208 and then F233 because we wanted more river crossings. At one of the crossings we came to a wide river with a strong current. We were lucky 3 Icelandic 4x4 had just crossed and could tell us where to drive. It was an exciting crossing with big rocks and our camper was rocked to both sides, some rocks hit the bottom, and we made it safely to the other side. From now on the road was easy, and from the F210

Day 13 of 3 week Iceland trip. River crossing in Iceland's highlands.

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 13 in Iceland: From Flúðir to Landmannalaugar (168km) Before going to Landmannalaugar, we did some shopping in Flúðir and as we went on our way I wanted to fill up diesel at Árnes. The latter was not possible, Árnes, was out of diesel. The fuel station had not taken the effort of putting a note at the gas pump, so everybody was trying to fill up and they were desperately waiting for the pump to start. We had to drive back to Flúðir to fill up. Finally we got on our way to Landmannalaugar, and our first river crossing. It was excit

Day 12 of 3 Week Iceland Road Trip: The Most Colourful Mountains

Follow my wife and me on a 3-week trip of Iceland. Day 12 in Iceland: From Geysir via Kjölur to Flúðir (254km) The weather, the last days, had become really good and even warm at times. Today we decided to go towards Kjölur road F35, we wanted to visit Hveravellir and Kerlingarfjöll and then move south. The road was gravel, and at time a bit rough gravel, but no problem.  On the way we notice a lot of garbage on the road, every kilometre we saw boxes and bottles. As I stopped to pick up a box I noticed this was someone’s stock, from now on we started picking up all we saw. There was

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