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Guía de Viaje a la Cascada Haenubrekkufoss

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R96C+WV Berufjörður, Iceland
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Folaldafoss waterfall, seen in this photo, is one of the waterfalls along Oxi pass, including Haenubrekkufoss.Haenubrekkufoss waterfall, spelled Hænubrekkufoss in Icelandic, is a beautiful roadside attraction in East Iceland that flows into the Berufjardara river.

Many of Iceland’s waterfalls are off-the-beaten-track, but fortunately, that’s not the case for all. Travelers can conveniently see Haenubrekkufoss near the Ring Road by joining self-drive tours like this 11-Day Ring Road Self-Drive Tour or a small-group tour like this 5-Hour East Iceland Sightseeing Tour.

The Haenubrekkufoss waterfall is the largest Icelandic waterfall along the Berufjardara river, where tourists can find several other lovely falls. However, with its towering height and multiple drop points, Haenubrekkufoss waterfall is the most fascinating.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Alexander Grebenkov. No edits made.

Features and Location of Haenubrekkufoss Waterfall

The Eastfjords of Iceland, with a coastline that stretches 75 miles (120 kilometers), is a breathtaking region rich in sceneries and wildlife. It is also home to majestic yet lesser-known tourist spots such as the Haenubrekkufoss waterfall.

The Icelandic waterfall can be a traveler’s introduction to the beauty of Iceland’s eastern region. It lies near the southernmost fjord of the area, Berufjordur, 18 miles (29 kilometers) from the scenic town of Djupivogur. For travelers traversing the Ring Road, Haenubrekkufoss is an excellent side trip you can do because of its convenient location.

Haenubrekkenfoss waterfall cascades down a high and rugged rock wall on the western side of the Oxi pass (Route 939). Although Icelanders consider it one waterfall, Haenubrekkufoss consists of three different steps or drop points. 

The impressive Icelandic waterfall flows at a collective 175 feet (53 meters) into the Berufjardara river. Its topmost body measures around 35 feet (10.5 meters), while its middle and bottom tiers are at a more extended 43 feet (13 meters) and 97 feet (29.5 meters).

The cold waters of this Icelandic attraction are fed by the snowpack of the nearby mountains, ensuring an impressive show during the melt season. For that reason, visiting in the warmer months is the best time to witness the waterfall in all its glory. 

While you can quickly see this attraction from the road, getting up close gives a more rewarding experience. You can walk freely to the base of the falls and marvel at its towering beauty. 

Getting to Haenubrekkufoss via Ring Road

Traveling to Haenubrekkufoss is quite simple since you don’t necessarily need to venture off-road to visit. In particular, you can find the falls directly off the Oxi pass, a bypass road between the towns of Egilsstadir and Hofn.

If you’re driving on Iceland’s ring road in the Eastfjords, you’ll continue until you find the junction with the Oxi pass or Route 939 along Berufjordur. The waterfall is located five miles (nine kilometers) from the conjunction of the two roads. 

The falls will be on your left side if you’re heading north on Route 939. If you’re going south from Egilsstadir, you’ll find the Haenubrekkufoss waterfall on your right. 

Tourists can easily add the waterfall to their itineraries on this 1-Week Summer Drive Tour or a more extended 11-Day Budget Self-Drive Tour of Iceland’s Best Attractions. Both these tours will also let you explore other attractions in the Eastfjords.

Icelandic Attractions Near Haenubrekkufoss Waterfall

Haenubrekkufoss waterfall is a stunning East Iceland attraction. However, there are several options if you’re looking for other tourist spots along the ring road

For travelers looking to explore more Icelandic waterfalls, you’ll have your pick within just a few miles. Specifically, you can stop and explore the nearby Folaldafoss and Litlanesfoss waterfalls.

Meanwhile, If you fancy a quick escape from the cold weather of Iceland, you can head over to the Vok Baths, 37.7 miles (60.8 kilometers) from the falls. The geothermal spa allows you to relax in heated floating pools surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

If you’re looking for a place to stay while exploring the region, you may find cozy accommodations in Djupivogur, half an hour’s drive from the waterfall. While in town, you can explore its natural coastal area or visit its various restaurants and shops.

Finally, if you want to see more of Iceland’s nature, the Hallormsstadaskogur National Forest is also located in East Iceland. As the country’s most significant forest cover, Hallormsstadaskogur provides shelter for many of the country’s bird species. 

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