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Informazioni sul museo marittimo di Osvor

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5Q2M+2J Bolungarvik, Iceland
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10:00 - 17:00
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9.6 km
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Opened in 1988, the Osvor Maritime Museum, spelled Ósvör in Icelandic, is an impressive replica of a 19th-century Icelandic fishing station in the Westfjords region. The museum attempts to recreate what life was like for Icelandic fishermen in Iceland's past.

Like other unique Westfjords destinations like HornstrandirStrandir, and the Bolafjall Mountain, the Osvor Maritime Museum offers enriching experiences locals and visitors from other countries will appreciate.

To mimic an old Icelandic fishing station, the Osvor Maritime Museum was built on the ruins of old fishing huts. The structures were made of timber and stone, much like what the fishermen had a few centuries ago. The builders took a lot of time and effort rebuilding the station to make it look as close to its original form.

Osvor Maritime Museum

Things You’ll See in the Osvor Museum

Here, you’ll see some of the essential fishing elements and boat-building traditions in Bolungarvik. You’ll see different tools and other artifacts used by fishermen. There is also a salt house, fish sheds, and an area for drying fish to make traditional Icelandic hardfiskur.

These are found in the museum’s main building, which used to be a fish processing station. The building is made of stone and turf to provide insulation, especially against harsh weather conditions. Even the main building’s roof is also made of turf.

One of the exhibit’s highlights is an old wooden rowing boat with a rock anchor. You can ride this boat and visualize how the fishermen used to catch cod and other fish in the past.

Where Is It Located?

The Osvor Maritime Museum is located on the east side of Bolungarvik, a small fishing village in Iceland’s Westfjords regionTo make the experience more special, a resident fisherman dressed in full sheepskin gear will welcome and guide you around the museum.

What Makes It Special?

What makes the Osvor Maritime Museum special is it gives a deeper perspective on Icelandic fishing traditions. By presenting fishing tools, boats, and other elements, the museum effectively offers a clear picture of the daily lives of fishermen centuries ago.

It’s a unique destination that presents traditional Icelandic architecture. By seeing the materials they used to build fish huts and fishing boats, you can better appreciate their effort and how far the building techniques have gone throughout the centuries.

Lastly, the Osvor Maritime Museum is built in a stunning location. You’ll get an overlooking view of the Westfjords region’s mesmerizing beauty.

How Can I Get There?

If you choose to drive, you’ll take Route 1 to Route 60 before continuing to Route 61 until you reach Bolungarvik. The museum is about 267 miles (430 kilometers) from Reykjavik.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

After exploring the Osvor Maritime Museum, you can visit nearby attractions. For starters, the Westfjords Heritage Museum is 7.8 miles (12.6 kilometers) from Osvor. This museum also showcases exhibits dedicated to preserving and restoring old fishing boats.

Another possible stop is Isafjordur, the largest town in the region. Located approximately 6.8 miles (11.7 kilometers) from the museum, Isafjordur is home to different art galleries, museums, and restaurants. It’s also a spot for people who love hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

Also, don’t miss Bolafjall, a mountain peak located around 7 miles (11.3 kilometers) from Osvor. Bolafjall offers majestic views of Isafjardardjup fjord and neighboring mountain ranges.



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