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I am a Filipina living in Iceland in the capital area. I am a travel consultant, licensed booking office and tour operator. I can book for you anything from Blue Lagoon, Northern lights, Around the Island, or etc. we currently have two walking tours in the Reykjavik city center, in German and English.  Thank you for your visit!

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Kjarvalsstaðir - Art Museum of Iceland's Painter

Jóhannes Kjarval lived from 1885 - 1972 and is Iceland's best loved painter.  A museum for him stands in Reykjavik, easily accessible by bus such as bus 13 (and perhaps other buses too) which has a stop exactly at Kjarvalsstaðir.    Here are some of the paintings that I enjoyed. Kjarval's theme is nature, particularly the nature of Iceland as he traveled around his homeland for his paintings. He wanted to share his vision of nature through his works. I would say that his works have an element of fantasy. The last painting is called Birthday Flowers. There is

Nesstofa The Medical History Museum

Nesstofa Museum in Seltjarnarnes is the home of Bjarni Pálsson, Iceland’s first Director of Public Health.  It was built in 1760 by the Danish king for the Icelandic people, who were under Denmark at that time.  It is made up of a combination of Icelandic basalt and Danish lime, and under the architect Jacob Fortling, a German Danish. All the medical people used to live in Nesstofa, including the pharmacists, midwives, their staff and family.   An apotek (pharmacy) based on written descriptions was rebuilt inside the museum.     This summer of 2016, there is an art exhibit in Nesstof

Design March in Iceland

Every March in Iceland, there is a design exhibit in the public spaces.  It is called HönnunarMars in Icelandic.  Locals and tourists alike can take a look of the different works of designers (not limited to Icelandic designers) for free.  Clothing, furniture, tableware, musical instruments and all sorts of things.  Here are the works exhibited in Galleri Grotta in the Seltjarnarnes library. Hilary Grant knitwear, UK based designer. Baugar (halo) by Gudny Hafsteindóttir. Yellow broom from Emergents ( Agustav, an Icelandic furniture design and production compan

Golden Circle Tour sa Winter, Pebrero 2015

Ito ang paglalahad ng karanasan ng Golden Circle tour sa Iceland mula sa isang Filipina.  Noong huling winter last year, nag Golden Circle tour kami ng aking asawa na si Egill.  Sabi niya sa akin ang tour na ito ay isa sa mga pinakadinarayo ng mga turista sa Iceland. Sa tour na ito nakikita ang meeting point ng Europa at America.  Dahil winter noong nagpunta kami, malamig at natakpan lahat ng yelo, pero patuloy na dumadaloy ang waterfalls.  Ang mga paligid ay natakpan ng puting yelo.  Ang buong drive ay puro puti lang ang nakikita para sa maraming kilometro.  Eto ang mga litratong nakuhanan ko

Northern Lights last weekend.

Last weekend (Nov 13-14) was a great time to see the northern lights and here are some photos my husband Egill took on his tour. :) Winter is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, from late September to March. I read in the news that it is predicted that the winter this year will be a mild one. Magandang tanawin ang northern lights nitong nakaraang Nob 13-14 at heto ang mga litratong kinuha ng aking asawang si Egill sa kanyang tour. Panahon ng taglamig ang best time na makita ang northern lights, mula katapusan ng Setyembre hanggang Marso.  Nabasa ko sa dyaryo na itong taglam

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