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Informasjon om Djupivogur Lighthouse

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The Djupivogur Lighthouse is a beautiful east Iceland feature.Djupivogur lighthouse, known as Æðarsteinsviti in Icelandic, is a beautiful lighthouse west of Djupivogur harbor in Southeast Iceland. 

The Djupivogur lighthouse is known for its bright orange color, beautiful surroundings, and proximity to the quaint fishing village of Djupivogur. Established in 1922, it has since protected the fishermen and travelers who have sailed in the surrounding bay.

Any traveler to the Eastfjords can easily visit the Djupivogur lighthouse. You can rent a car and book one of the various self-drive tours that reach the area.

An unforgettable 11-day self-drive of the Ring Road allows guests to drive themselves to the Eastfjords and see the lighthouse on their own terms. A two-week guided holiday is a better option for those who don't want to drive but still want plenty of time in the East.

You can even see the lighthouse from the sea on a two-hour kayaking tour, which is a great activity when staying in Djupivogur accommodation.

Photo above from Flickr, by Charles W. Bash. No edits made.

What is Djupivogur Lighthouse?

Djupivogur lighthouse is a charming addition to the seascapes of Djupivogur, mainly due to its bright orange color. Since 1922, it has also had the essential role of protecting fishermen and sailors as they enter the town from sea.

The Djupivogur Lighthouse has a vivid orange coloration.

Photo from Flickr, by Sherry Nelson. No edits made.

The lighthouse's importance can't be understated, considering that fishing is the most significant industry in the Eastfjords.

The lighthouse, which was designed by Thorvald Krabbe and Guðmundur J. Hlíðdal, was initially white with two stripes before being recolored in 1966. It was only converted to electric power in 1987.

Since then, it has flashed warning lights for nearby vessels every five seconds.

Physical Features of Djupivogur Lighthouse

The vividly orange Djupivogur lighthouse is squat and stands around 33 feet (10 meters) tall. Rocky cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean surround it, so guests should only approach the tower when the conditions are favorable.

From the Djupivogur lighthouse, visitors will have fantastic views of the Eastfjords when the weather is clear.

Memorial by Djupivogur Lighthouse

There is a small memorial plaque by the Djupivogur lighthouse, which is dedicated to the victims of a tragic boat sinking that took place in the vicinity. On September 22nd, 1872, a boat transporting five adults, five children, and a dog from the nearby farm of Teigarhorn sunk close to the Aedarstein cliff, where the lighthouse now stands. There were no survivors, making the largest seafaring accident in Djupivogur's history.

Where is the Djupivogur Lighthouse located?

As its name suggests, the Djupivogur lighthouse is in Djupivogur, just west of the harbor. Djupivogur is a must-see destination in East Iceland due to its incredible views, hiking routes, attractions, and culture.

Djupivogur is a beautiful village in East Iceland.

Because it's on the Ring Road that encircles Iceland, anyone embarking on such a trip will pass through Djupivogur. You'll see the lighthouse if you keep an eye on the coast.

How to Get to Djupivogur Lighthouse

If traveling from Reykjavik, take the Ring Road east to Djupivogur, which covers 343 miles (552 kilometers). Most travelers break this journey up by stopping for at least one night along the South Coast or in Hofn.

Once you reach Djupivogur, turn right onto Vogaland, left onto Mulathing, and left again on Vikurland to reach the shore. 

Djupivogur lighthouse is accessible year-round, but it may not be safe to approach it in rough winds in winter.

What Makes Djupivogur Lighthouse so Special?

Djupivogur lighthouse is a charming part of the town and its surroundings, adding a quaint touch to an already picture-perfect setting. Its bright color, which stands out dramatically against the earth tones around it, makes it a particularly popular spot for photographers.

What Other Attractions Are Near Djupivogur Lighthouse?

Djupivogur lighthouse is just one of many attractions in Djupivogur, all close together. Culture lovers will enjoy the Langabud Cultural Center and the ARS LONGA contemporary art museum, along with the handicraft shops in the area.

The Eggs of Merry Bay is an art exhibition and another coastal highlight, where you can see a collection of sculptures resembling the eggs of all the bird species that nest in the area.

The Eggs of Merry Bay is a popular attraction in Djupivogur.

Photo by Regina Hronn Ragnarsdottir. No edits made.

Visitors can enjoy these birds in real life by taking a coastal walk. Those eager for more of a challenge can hike in the nearby mountains, such as the pyramid-shaped Bulandstindur.

Djupivogur Lighthouse is most often visited during an exploration of the Eastfjords, where you witness some of the country's most impressive and remote landscapes. The largest town in the region, Egilsstadir, is a two-hour drive away from Djupavogur, and there, you can enjoy attractions such as the Vok Baths, the East Iceland Heritage Museum, and the Hengifoss waterfall.

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