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Hotels & Accommodation in Djupivogur

Hotels & Accommodation in Djupivogur

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Djupivogur from Reykjavik?

The small fishing settlement of Djupivogur is located about 550 km east of Reykjavik, in a region called Eastfjords.

Is there a domestic airport near Djupivogur that offers flights from the capital?

The nearest domestic airport from which you can get directly to Reykjavik is located in Egilsstadir, about 140 km north of Djupivogur. Air Iceland Connect operates flights. An option is also Hornafjörður Airport in Hofn, located about 100 km south from Djupivogur. These flights are less popular between travellers and provided by Eagle Air company.

Can I book a cheap hotel in Djupivogur for a budget tourist?

Djupivogur is a small town with less than 500 inhabitants. Therefore, the offer of accommodation is not as extensive as in much larger or more popular cities in the south or north of Iceland. People travelling with a smaller budget can find there some convenient options, including guesthouses and cottages offering different levels of accommodation. An alternative can also be a hostel or a hotel room in an economy option.

Do hotels in Djupivogur offer free parking, free WiFi and local breakfast?

Yes, most hotels in Djupivogur offer free parking and free WiFi. Local breakfast can be included in the price of the reservation or provide as an extra option.

What attractions are close to Djupivogur?

The most famous places in Djupivogur are the egg-shaped sculptures on the coast called Eggin í Gleðivík. Also, you'll find an unusual Auðunn's Stone & Mineral collection that attracts travellers from around the world. The location of Djupivogur is ideal for nature lovers and people who want to calm down and relax amid untouched landscapes. From there, it is very close to places where wild reindeers often appear. You can also go to the small island of Papey, which is famous for its puffins.