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Geitafoss Waterfall Reseguide

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Rif, Iceland
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The Geitafoss waterfall in North Iceland.

The Geitafoss waterfall is a small cascade close to the Godafoss waterfall in North Iceland.

Nestled in the rugged landscapes of Iceland, the Geitafoss waterfall remains one of the country's hidden natural treasures. Unlike its more famous nearby counterparts, the Geitafoss cascade offers a tranquil and unspoiled experience, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a serene escape.

You can visit the Geitafoss waterfall as part of a guided trip to the Godafoss waterfall. Alternatively, if you're visiting North Iceland on a self-drive summer tour, you can drive there yourself. It's a worthwhile addition to your itinerary while visiting the better-known Godafoss cascade.

Photo by Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by David Stanley. No edits made.

What Is the Geitafoss Waterfall?

The Geitafoss waterfall in North Iceland, seen on a sunny day with a rainbow above it.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by H. Raab. No edits made.

The Geitafoss waterfall is a lesser-known waterfall in Iceland, characterized by its natural beauty and serene environment. It's in Northeast Iceland and forms part of the Skjalfandafljot River, a significant and historic waterway.

Geitafoss is notable for its picturesque setting and the tranquility it offers compared with more popular tourist destinations in North Iceland. The waterfall isn't very tall or wide, but travelers and locals alike admire its dramatic flow and the stunning scenery surrounding it. 

The Geitafoss waterfall on the Skjalfandafljot River in North Iceland.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Amaury Laporte. No edits made.

The Geitafoss waterfall is small, about 16 feet (roughly five meters) in height. Although it's not one of the tallest North Iceland waterfalls, it's still relatively powerful — it can produce an impressive amount of spray for its size. Rugged cliffs surround the waterfall, and the area around it is typically lush and green in summer, adding to its charm.

This waterfall especially appeals to those seeking a more intimate and peaceful experience with nature, away from the crowds that frequent Iceland's more famous waterfalls. Its location in a less-visited part of Iceland makes it a hidden gem for travelers exploring the country's natural beauty.

Where Is the Geitafoss Waterfall?

A wooden sign saying "Hansensgatid" and "Geitafoss."

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Zaldun Urdina. No edits made.

The Geitafoss waterfall is in Northeast Iceland, just a few steps from the Ring Road and just a couple of minutes from the Godafoss waterfall. Most visitors to the Geitafoss fall come as part of a trip to the Godafoss cascade. To reach Geitafoss from Akureyri, follow the Ring Road east for about 21 miles (roughly 34 kilometers). Stop at the Godafoss waterfall sign and follow pedestrian signs to Geitafoss.

If you're visiting on a self-drive tour, you can park your rental car in the Godafoss East Bank parking lot. From here, you can cross the pedestrian bridge on foot to get a good view of the Geitafoss waterfall before you reach Godafoss. Alternatively, park in the Godafoss West Bank parking lot, see the larger waterfall first, then cross over to see Geitafoss.

Since the Geitafoss and Godafoss falls are so close to the Ring Road, you can visit them all year, even in snowy or icy conditions. However, road conditions in North Iceland can be reasonably challenging in winter, even if you're staying on the Ring Road. Drive carefully if you're not used to driving in snow or ice.

What Else Is Near the Geitafoss Waterfall?

The Geitafoss waterfall.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Zaldun Ordina. No edits made.

The area around Geitafoss is rich in attractions. In addition to the Godafoss waterfall, you'll find a variety of attractions that are well worth visiting.

Lake Myvatn

Mývatn is a beautiful series of lakes in north Iceland pictured here in summer.

Lake Myvatn is a geologically unique and visually captivating natural wonder approximately 24 miles (roughly 40 kilometers) from the Geitafoss waterfall. The lake is part of the Diamond Circle sightseeing route, a northern counterpart to South Iceland's Golden Circle.

Its volcanic origins have shaped a landscape dotted with pseudocraters, geothermal wonders like bubbling mud pots, and a serene lake surrounded by lush vegetation. The region is a haven for birdlife, offering abundant breeding grounds for various species. 

Don't miss a visit to the Namaskard Pass geothermal area and the striking Dimmuborgir lava fortress. After exploring, you can relax in the nearby Myvatn Nature Baths.



Akureyri, often called the "Capital of North Iceland," is the country's second-largest settlement and a vibrant cultural hub. It's the closest major settlement to the Geitafoss waterfall, making it an excellent place to stay while exploring the beautiful natural attractions.

Akureyri is nestled along the stunning Eyjafjordur fjord and offers a unique blend of urban life and natural beauty. Visitors can explore museums, stroll through botanical gardens, and enjoy local cuisine. It's also an excellent starting point for whale-watching tours.

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

Aldeyarfoss is surrounded by basalt columns, and can be found in north Iceland. Pictured here in winter.

If you want to see another waterfall in the area, the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is an excellent choice. It's about 25 miles (roughly 40 kilometers) from the Geitafoss waterfall — after leaving the parking lot at Godafoss, you can follow Route 842 further down the Skjalfandafljot River until you reach the falls. 

Aldeyjarfoss is a striking waterfall in the Highlands region. It stands out for its unique and symmetrical basalt column formations that frame the cascade. The contrast between the dark basalt columns and the flowing white water creates a mesmerizing sight, making Aldeyjarfoss a popular stop for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

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