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Guía de Viaje a las Aguas Termales Nauteyrarlaug

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Aguas Termales
WJFW+8W Nanteyri, Iceland
Horario de apertura
Lunes: abierto 24 horas; martes: abierto 24 horas; miércoles: abierto 24 horas; jueves: abierto 24 horas; viernes: abierto 24 horas; sábado: abierto 24 horas; domingo: abierto 24 horas
Distancia desde el centro
38.6 km
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The Westfjords of Iceland is rich in geothermal pools, including Nauteyrarlaug and its nearby Hellulaug hot spring seen on this photo.Nauteyrarlaug hot spring is a hidden attraction in the Westfjords of Iceland, sheltered from the busy mainstream tourist areas.

No guided tour can take you to the attraction because of its remoteness. Instead, travelers can visit the hot spring through tours with flexible itineraries, such as this 8-day Off-the-Beaten-Path Vacation Package with Westfjords or this 10-Day Summer Self-Drive Tour.

Among the hundreds of hot springs in Iceland, Nauteyrarlaug is the perfect bathing haven for visitors who enjoy nature’s peace and untouched beauty.

Photo from Regina Hronn Ragnarsdottir|Hot Pools in the Westfjords of Iceland 

What is the Nauteyrarlaug Hot Spring? 

The Westfjords is best known for its incredible views and deep fjords, among the oldest in Iceland. Unknown to most tourists, the region is also rich in natural geothermal pools, primarily untouched by crowds.

One of the region’s least-known yet fantastic geothermal pools is the Nauteyrarlug hot spring, located on the off-the-beaten-path of Nauteyri farm. It is near the villages of Holmavik and Drangsnes in the Strandir area, the former being 31 miles (51 kilometers) away. 

The Nauteyrarlaug hot spring is a relaxing geothermal pool with natural rocks and stones. This natural appearance of the Icelandic hot spring is arguably one of its best features, as lush vegetation and landscape also surround it.

The source of heat for this mineral-rich hot pool is a nearby borehole that keeps the spring around 107.6 F (42 C) year-round on average. The water in the spring pools is consistently sourced directly from the spring, caused by geothermal activity at the earth’s crust.

While in the area, tourists may use the tiny house structure beside the pool designed as a changing room. The spring also features a hot tub, which is just close by the salmon farm on your way to the hot spring. 

Since tourist crowds don’t frequent the Westfjords attraction, it is possible to enjoy the facilities all by yourself. The hot spring is the perfect place for remote getaways for families, groups of friends, and solo travelers. 

How to Get to Nauteyrarlaug Hot Spring

The Nauteyrarlaug hot spring is nearby Nauteyrarkirkja, a now-closed catholic church in Westfjords built in 1885 that sits beneath mossy tundra mountains. The church is close to a lava cliff with a waterfall falling into the ocean. 

If you’re coming from Reykjavik, some 175 miles (282 kilometers) away, or any other location in Iceland, you have to go over Route 61 (Djupvegur). Then take Road 635 (Snaefjallastrandarvegur), which guides you to Baer farm in Nauteyri.

After passing through Nauteyrarkirkja church and the salmon farm, you will finally reach your destination to experience a relaxing geothermal bath at Nauteyrarlaug hot spring or tub.

Meanwhile, less than an hour’s drive from Nauteyrarlaug hot spring is a town called Holmavik, with a population of around 400. Holmavik is the main village of the Strandir coast on the eastern side of the Westfjords.

Apart from its stunning sceneries, the village is known for its Musem of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, which details the region’s rich history in folklore and rituals.

Discovering Hot Springs Near Nauteyrarlaug Hot Spring

Touring just one hot spring in Iceland may not be enough to absorb Iceland’s beauty. If you have the luxury of time, dip into these nearby remote hot springs to fully experience Westfjords attractions and the famous Icelandic geothermal bathing.

Overlook the Atlantic at Horgshlidarlaug Hot Spring 

Unwind at the Horgshlidarlaug hot springs overlooking the fjords leading into the Atlantic Ocean. The pool has three water sources just 40 miles (64 kilometers) from Nauteyrarlaug for natural hot spring bathing. You can access the geothermal pool from Mjoifjordur fjord, following signs toward Horgshlidarlaug. 

Unlike some hot springs sprinkled throughout Iceland, Horgshlidarlaug is well-maintained. The private pool is free to use, but you need permission from the owner at the nearby Heydalur farm.

Excellent Views at Hellulaug

A little further to the South of the Nauteyrarlaug geothermal spring are the hot pools of Hellulaug. The attraction is near the Vatnsfjordur beach on the south coast of the Westfjords. Vatnsfjordur nature reserve’s rocky and barren lowlands are home to some seabirds like arctic terns and eider ducks.

The pool is open year-round without an entry fee, but you can leave a donation on the canister at the attraction’s parking lot for maintenance.


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