Off-the-Beaten-Path 8-Day Summer Vacation Package | Iceland’s South Coast, Westfjords & Highlands

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Tour starts
Keflavík Airport
Starting time
8 days
Ending place
Keflavík Airport
Apr. - Sept.
Minimum age
5 years old


Take this fantastic off-the-beaten track eight-day summer package that offers the best of Iceland. Adventurous travelers keen to see the picturesque South Coast, go glacier hiking, and explore some of the country's lesser-known regions, including the majestic Westfjords and the stunning Central Highlands, should book this tour now.

This package is particularly suited to returning visitors to Iceland, hence focusing on Iceland's wild and isolated areas. It's also infused with adventure, as you'll go on a two-day Westfjords super jeep tour and can add other thrilling activities to your itinerary. Those routinely awe-inspired by nature will also find this package more than satisfying, as will amateur and professional photographers.

You'll arrive in Iceland on day one with an optional soak at the Blue Lagoon spa before you head to Reykjavik for the night. Days two and three take you on a classic South Coast journey, including breathtaking attractions like Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls and the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

On days four and five, you'll enjoy a super jeep tour through the remote Westfjords. Discover the region's best sites, like the Latrabjarg birdwatching cliffs, Raudasandur red sand beach, and Dynjandi waterfall.

Day six presents an unforgettable journey into the Icelandic Highlands or an equivalent day trip to match your preferences if you're traveling outside the summer season.

On day seven, you can spend the day in Reykjavik or choose a nature-based day trip. If you have a late flight, you'll fly out on day eight with further options to explore Reykjavik or soak in the Blue Lagoon.

Opting for a multi-day tour package such as this opens up a realm of benefits otherwise unavailable to the average traveler in Iceland. For one thing, you'll have the opportunity to follow the default schedule or purchase added activities over your eight days.

Optional extras include horse riding, a Snaefellsnes Peninsula day tour, a Highlands super jeep tour, hot spring bathing in the Blue Lagoon spa, or going inside a volcano to cement your holiday in your memory.

Another benefit is that packages do away with the stress associated with holiday planning, as the organization is left to qualified travel professionals. Before arriving, we'll send you an itinerary based on your preferences with prearranged accommodation, tour activities, and transfers. Furthermore, if you wish to change the itinerary or add tours, you'll have 24/7 contact with an agent to help create your perfect holiday.

You don't need to worry about driving on Iceland's rugged, bumpy roads when booking this package. Relax and leave the driving and navigation to the professionals so you can focus on a completely relaxing vacation. If your plans change, the package is fully refundable up to 24 hours before departure, so there's no risk when booking.

Travelers love this vacation package and rate it highly, so don't miss out. Summer is Iceland's most popular season, so book early to guarantee your place.

Hurry now, and you too can experience the delights of Iceland's most beautiful natural regions, revisiting some of the most classic attractions and discovering entirely new realms with this eight-day off-the-beaten-track summer vacation package.

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5 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik (different levels available; breakfast not included for Super Budget or Budget levels; breakfast included for Comfort and Quality levels; more detailed info below)
Keflavik airport transfer on arrival/departure days
South Coast 2-day small group minibus tour (with optional glacier hiking and Jokulsarlon boat tour)
1 night of accommodation in a country hotel in Vatnajokull National Park during the 2-day South Coast tour (breakfast included, private bathroom)
Westfjords 2-day small-group super jeep tour with dinner
1 night of accommodation in a country hotel in the Westfjords during the 2-day Westfjords tour (breakfast included, private bathroom)
Return flights between Reykjavik Domestic Airport and the Westfjords
Detailed Itinerary
Personal travel agent
Free cancellation up to 24 hours before your trip


Glacier Hiking
Super Jeep
Horse Riding
Boat Trip
Hot Spring Bathing
Cultural Activity
Bird watching

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Hallgrimskirkja is the iconic church of Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik.

Day 1 - Arrival in Iceland with Reykjavik Free Time and Optional Blue Lagoon Spa

Welcome to Iceland! It's your first day back in the country, the first day of your new adventure, and as you land at Keflavik International Airport, don't be surprised to feel a rush of adrenaline and anticipation.

Thanks to your itinerary, you'll already have your open bus ticket readily available, making your transfer to Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, easy. This ticket covers transfers to and from the city at the beginning and end of your time here.

You could stop at the Blue Lagoon on your way to Iceland's capital city. This world-renowned spa is known for its healing waters, vivid azure colors, and luxurious treatments. It's in the middle of a moss-covered lava field, giving it an otherworldly atmosphere.

If you add the Blue Lagoon, it will be arranged according to your flights. If there's no time to visit the lagoon today, it can be added to another day. Your travel consultant will be able to arrange this for you. There's plenty to see and do in Reykjavik if you have extra free time.

Sit back and relax as you are driven the short ride to your accommodation in the capital. As you watch from the coach window, you'll be staggered by the sheer wealth of natural beauty on the Reykjanes peninsula, a region of cragged volcanic fields and ancient mountainscapes.

When you finally arrive at your accommodation, the rest of the day is free, so spend it as you see fit. Now that you're back in one of the most charming cities in Europe, why not spend some time sightseeing the cultural landmarks, such as the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center, Hallgrimskirkja church, or the Perlan observation deck?

Or, if you're looking to meet the Icelanders, head out to taste the city's vibrant nightlife, check out a local gallery opening, or even take in a show. The choice is entirely up to you.

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Day 2
Seljalandsfoss waterfall is considered to be one of the star attractions of the Icelandic South Coast.

Day 2 - South Coast Waterfalls, Beaches, and Glaciers

Today, you'll step into Iceland's most beloved region, the sublime South Coast. With its postcard-perfect scenery, charming towns, and many attractions, it's no surprise the south is Iceland's most visited region, boasting glistening glaciers, roaring waterfalls, and domineering mountain peaks.

Your day will begin in the city, where a minibus driver will pick you up from your accommodation. With a small group size and comfortable seating arrangements, you'll find your journey along the coast filled with interest and awe.

The day's first sight is the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall. There, you'll quickly rediscover the glittering cave found behind the cascade. This makes Seljalandsfoss a rare sight and is one of the major reasons it's a favorite among nature photographers.

Skogafoss waterfall, only a short distance away, is much broader than Seljalandsfoss and can be viewed from both the bottom—visitors can get right up to where the water hits the rocks—and from an observation deck above. The large amount of spray ejected by Skogafoss causes rainbows to form.

Next up on the day's itinerary is the possibility of glacier hiking, one of the most authentically Icelandic experiences open to travelers.

If you opt for the activity, you'll first meet your friendly and experienced guide, who will give a safety briefing and lesson on hiking the glaciers and provide you with all the equipment necessary to keep you safe. This includes a helmet, crampons, and ice poles if required.

As you ascend one of these ancient forces of nature, you'll be privy to some truly spectacular views over the landscapes of the South Coast. This is one location where you won't want to forget your camera.

From there, you'll move to the black sand beach, Reynisfjara, an area known for its stunning volcanic pebbles, peculiar basalt cliff faces, and the "rock needles," Reynisdrangar, that stand protruding from the ocean just off-shore.

For your first evening, you'll stay at accommodation on the South Coast.

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Day 3
Jokulsarlon, a glacier lagoon on the South Coast of Iceland.

Day 3 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach

At the beginning of your second day on the South Coast, you'll visit what is colloquially called "the Crown Jewel of Iceland," Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, in Vatnajokull National Park.

This incredible attraction has an almost tangible, ethereal ambiance, instilling a sense of tranquility in visitors who love to sit idly watching the lagoon's enormous floating icebergs. Surrounded by sweeping mountain slopes and glassy glaciers, this is, without doubt, one of Iceland's most unforgettable regions.

If you take a boat trip to Jokulsarlon, you'll have the opportunity to see entirely new aspects of the attraction up close. Sailing among the icebergs, you can look out for the region's wildlife, including the lagoon's curious seal colony and its dive-bombing Skuas, a type of seabird.

Jokulsarlon is not just a testament to the raw power of nature but also a reminder of climate change's impact on glacial retreat. As these ancient ice masses break away, they create a dynamic landscape, ever-evolving, ensuring each visit is distinct from the last. Yet, even as the environment changes, Jokulsarlon remains an iconic symbol of Iceland's unparalleled beauty and the fragile balance of its ecosystems.

From the lagoon, you can walk a short distance to the adjacent Diamond beach, an area of black shoreline where icebergs from Jokulsarlon wash up on the coast as they enter the Atlantic. Diamond beach is justly named, attracting landscape photographers and filmmakers from across the world who are set on capturing this area's timeless beauty.

It's a surreal spectacle to witness the interplay of light as the sun illuminates the ice chunks against the jet-black sand, creating a mesmerizing contrast. The transient nature of these glacial remnants, constantly shaped by the ocean's tides, makes every visit to Diamond Beach a unique experience. 

Visitors often find themselves entranced, walking amidst these natural ice sculptures, feeling as though they've stepped into an art gallery crafted by Mother Nature herself.

After an unforgettable day, you'll return to Reykjavik, stopping at some surprise waterfalls during the journey. Tonight, you'll retire at a comfortable hotel or guesthouse in the city.

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Day 4
The Westfjords is one of Iceland's least visited regions.

Day 4 - Latrabjarg Cliffs and Raudasandur Beach in the Remote Westfjords

With the South Coast fully discovered, it's time to set your sights on one of the country's lesser-visited regions, the almighty Westfjords.

You'll first catch a flight from Reykjavik domestic airport to the charming village of Bildudalur in the Westfjords, where you'll meet your guides for the next two days. After boarding your iconic super jeep, it's time to let the adventure begin!

The day's first stop will be at the Latrabjarg birdwatching cliffs, home to a wide variety of bird species, including Skuas, Guillemots, Arctic Terns, and Atlantic puffins. Because this area is a protected reserve and lacks Arctic Foxes, birdlife has thrived here, making it a must for bird lovers visiting the country.

Latrabjarg stands as Europe's westernmost point, extending 8.75 miles (14 kilometers) and dropping dramatically into the sea with heights up to 1,447 feet (440 meters). The sheer scale and magnitude of these cliffs are nothing short of awe-inspiring, and they offer not just unparalleled birdwatching opportunities but also breathtaking panoramas of the vast Atlantic.

Given the sheer number of volcanic, black sand beaches in Iceland, Raudasandur ("Red Sands") is one of the few exceptions to the rule, offering up a tiny slice of the Mediterranean here with its golden sands and pretty scenery.

The beach stretches for miles, painting a stark contrast against the azure waters of the Atlantic and the green, rugged cliffs that border it. Raudasandur's uniqueness doesn't end with its color; it's also a haven of tranquility, often less crowded than many of Iceland's other attractions. As the tide recedes, it reveals a vast expanse perfect for strolls, where every step reveals delicate seashells and traces of marine life.

The day concludes with bathing in a natural hot spring, relaxing your muscles and mind for your next day in the gorgeous Westfjords. You'll stay in Westfjords accommodation in a private room with an en suite bathroom tonight.


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Day 5
The Westfjords is known for its stunning landscapes and history of magic.

Day 5 - Arnafjordur Fjord and Dynjandi Waterfall in the Remote Westfjords


Your day begins at the stunning Arnarfjordur fjord. Its deep history of sorcery and magic adds a strange, almost haunting ambiance to the setting. Your guide will tell you about the area's fascinating and imaginative stories, adding an element of intrigue to today's exploration.

According to folklore, this fjord has long been the home of monsters and dangerous spirits, and there's little surprise as to why. Nature here is fantastical, as though it were taken directly from the pages of an adventure novel, sporting glorious waterfalls and dramatic mountain ranges. 

From your vantage point at Arnarfjordur, you'll have incredible views of Kaldbakur, the tallest peak in the Westfjords.

The fjord's pristine waters also reflect tales of hidden treasures beneath, waiting to be discovered. As you gaze out, the shimmering reflections of the surrounding landscape on the fjord's surface seem to tell stories of their own. It's easy to get lost in the captivating beauty and mystery of Arnarfjordur, making it a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Next, you'll visit Dynjandi, a 328-foot (100-meter) high series of waterfalls that tumble down the cliffside in a pyramid formation. Dynjandi is widely regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in the Westfjords and the whole of Iceland.

Dynjandi's grandeur is not just in its impressive height but also in how each tier of cascading water fans out, resembling an elegant bridal veil. As you approach, the thundering sound of water crashing down amplifies, creating a rhythmic backdrop to this serene location.

The base of the falls offers a perfect vantage point to capture photographs. Still, many visitors also opt for the short hike up, providing panoramic views of the fjord and a closer look at the smaller waterfalls leading up to Dynjandi's main drop.

When your tour ends, your driver will take you back to Bildudalur, where you'll catch your return flight to the Reykjavik domestic airport.


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Day 6
An aerial perspective over the stunning central highlands of Iceland.

Day 6 - A Taste of the Central Highlands

Today, you'll experience the many joys in the Icelandic Central Highlands, an area of colorful rhyolite mountain slopes, trickling glacial rivers, and cragged canyons. The Central Highlands are only accessible during the summer, making this a must for visitors who have only traveled to Iceland during winter.

Landmannalaugar ("The Pools of the People") is widely considered to be the best location for hiking trails in the whole of Iceland. Not only does it boast the incredible Laugavegur trail, but also countless other smaller hikes and scenic attractions. Thankfully, you'll tackle this region in a monster 4-wheel-drive, a well-equipped vehicle for handling the Highlands' rough gravel roads.

As its name suggests, Landmannalaugar is known for its abundant geothermal hot pools, perfect for hot spring bathing after a long day's hike. Remember your swimsuit and towel, because you can't get more Icelandic than this!

The landscape here is truly otherworldly, marked by rhyolite mountains that shift from pink to brown, green, and yellow. The contrasting vibrant hues, often enhanced by snow patches, create a surreal palette, making it a dream destination for photographers. Besides its colorful mountains, the area's vast lava fields and steaming vents offer a glimpse into the raw geothermal power of Iceland.

Alternatively to Landmannalaugar, you could opt for a day tour to Thorsmork valley, equally famed for its incredible natural landscapes. You can choose between an affordable 4WD bus trip or a more intimate super jeep version of either route. 

Thorsmork, named after the Norse god Thor, is a lush oasis surrounded by glaciers and rugged terrain. This sanctuary, with its intertwined rivers, lush meadows, and jagged canyons, offers a contrasting beauty to the icy realms of Iceland. The valley is a favorite among hikers, providing numerous trails that lead to panoramic viewpoints and hidden natural gems.

Due to the accessibility of mountain roads, tours to the highlands are available from June. If the highland options are not available during your travel dates, your travel agent will find something else to your liking.

After an unforgettable day trip traversing Iceland's wild landscapes, your driver will take you back to Reykjavik, where you'll spend the night.

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Day 7
Spend a day discovering the beautiful city of Reykjavik on your 8-day summer package.

Day 7 - Nature or City

Today, there's a variety of memorable experiences available to you. If you opt for the most famous spa in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon, it will be arranged on this day for you to relax after many days of outdoor adventure.

The Blue Lagoon is the perfect location to start wrapping up your holiday, allowing you to sit back, soak, relax, and reflect on your incredible vacation. The spa boasts serene, aquamarine, and geothermally heated water. It's also abundant in healing silica mud, known for its excellent medicinal properties on the skin.

The Blue Lagoon also has a restaurant, bistro, and bar, with massages, face masks, and local products available. When your time at the spa is over, you can spend the rest of your day exploring Reykjavik.

Those not yet ready to abandon the physical adventure can move their Blue Lagoon visit to their arrival or departure day and opt for one of several exciting tours.

One option is a riding trip on the back of the renowned Icelandic horse, a breed known for its reliability, pony-like stature, and five unique gaits.

Horseback riding in Iceland offers the opportunity to see the countryside in an entirely new way, a fact that is just as true for your second possible tour option—a geothermal helicopter tour! Flying high over Iceland's eclectic landscapes, you'll quickly realize that “flightseeing” is, perhaps, the most luxurious and breathtaking means of taking in the country's features.

Other options for this day include a trip inside the dormant caldera of Thrihnukagigur volcano. To experience the array of startling colors and intricate rock formations here, you'll first take a scenic hike in the surrounding area before descending into the volcano's underbelly by the elevator shaft. Where else but Iceland could such a thing be possible?

Your final option is to take a whole day to the gorgeous, mystical, and distinctive Snaefellsnes peninsula, an area known for its rugged coastlines, volcanic craters, and fascinating history. Traveling here, you'll experience such features as the Snaefellsjokull glacier (as made famous in Jules Verne's "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"), the Londrangar bird cliffs, and Djupalonssandur black pebble beach.

You'll spend your final evening at accommodation in Reykjavik.

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Day 8
Visit some of Reykjavik's beautiful sights on your summer package.

Day 8 - Departure Day With Free Time in Reykjavik or the Blue Lagoon Spa

It's your last day in Iceland. For those who have a later flight and choose to visit the Blue Lagoon today, you'll finish your stay unwinding before heading to the airport. This is the perfect place to relax as you bathe in the warm, mineral-rich waters and reflect on the incredible adventure you've just taken in the land of fire and ice.

If your flight is later, there are plenty of things to do in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik offers an array of activities catering to diverse interests. Stroll through the colorful streets of the old town, dotted with boutiques selling Icelandic handicrafts, artisanal products, and innovative designs.

For nature lovers, the Reykjavik Botanical Garden is a serene spot featuring a range of plant species. Those keen on exploring the coastal beauty can head to the old harbor, not just a departure point for whale-watching tours but also a bustling area with seafood restaurants and cozy coffeehouses. Whatever your inclination, Reykjavik's vibrant urban landscape promises delightful discoveries at every corner.

Reykjavik is also a hub for art and culture enthusiasts. The city boasts a rich assortment of museums and galleries, each echoing the tales and artistic spirit of Iceland.

The Reykjavik Art Museum, spread across three venues, showcases contemporary art and offers a deep dive into the world of visual creativity. Meanwhile, the Saga Museum brings history to life with realistic figures depicting significant moments in Icelandic history. The Culture House, another must-visit, beautifully intertwines the past and present through its eclectic exhibits.

You could also contact your travel agent and arrange a tour, such as a whale-watching excursion, a buggy ride, or a caving expedition. When your time in the city is over, you'll board a bus to the Keflavik International Airport to catch your return flight home.

We wish you a pleasant journey and hope to see you again soon.


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What to bring

Warm and waterproof outdoor clothes
Hiking shoes

Good to know

Wearing cotton or jeans as the outer layer during your trip to the Thrihnjukagigur volcano tour is not allowed. Please wear suitable waterproof clothes and sturdy hiking shoes for this trip. It's always the same temperature inside the crater – about 42–43 F (5-6 C).

The Thrihnjukagigur volcano tour involves a hike of approximately 3 km (2 miles) each way. The walk usually takes around 45–50 minutes (depending on the condition of people in the group). A guide will be with you at all times during the walk.

Although it is summertime, the Icelandic weather can be very unpredictable. Please bring appropriate clothing. Please be aware that your itinerary may be rearranged to fit your arrival date and time better.

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Accommodation in Reykjavik

See our accommodation levels below and our preferred accommodation partners under each day in the daily itinerary. Super budget level accommodations will be arranged in hostel dorm beds. For budget and comfort levels, bookings for one person will be arranged in single rooms, and bookings for two or more people will share a twin/double or triple room(s). For quality level, odd number groups will always be allocated a single room. If you are travelling in a group, but prefer a single room, please make separate bookings. Teenagers and children will be arranged in the same room with parents. If additional room(s) is needed, additional costs will incur.

For multi-day guided tours, accommodation cannot be upgraded and the levels below do not apply. Guide to Iceland will provide you with the best available accommodation at the time of your booking from our preferred partners. If our preferred partners are fully booked at the time of your booking, we will find another suitable accommodation for you of similar level.

We always do our best to accommodate special requests, which may incur additional costs. Press choose a date to find availability.

Super Budget

Dormitory beds with shared bathrooms in guesthouses or hostels, such as HI Hostels. Located in the capital region. Breakfast is not included.


Private rooms with shared bathroom in guesthouses or hostels such as Capital Inn Guesthouse. Located in the capital region. Breakfast is not included.


Rooms with a private bathroom at three-star hotels such as Hótel Klettur, or quality guesthouses. Located in the city center or in close vicinity. Breakfast is included.


Rooms at four-star design hotels in the city center with a private bathroom at the absolute best locations downtown such as Hotel Alda. Breakfast is included.

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