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Guide de Voyage : Cascades de Klifbrekkufossar

5WH9+QF Fjordhur, Iceland
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Lundi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Mardi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Mercredi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Jeudi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Vendredi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Samedi : Ouvert 24 heures ; Dimanche : Ouvert 24 heures
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9.8 km
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Klifbrekkufossar Waterfalls during summer.

The Klifbrekkufossar waterfalls are a series of seven waterfalls in the Eastfjords and a hidden wonder of East Iceland.

Travelers who want to visit this hidden gem of the Eastfjords can join a Small Group Tour of East Iceland from the town of Egilsstadir, which will visit it if conditions allow. Another tour, a Photography Workshop in East Iceland, allows enthusiasts to take amazing pictures while enjoying the sites.

Travelers can also visit Klifbrekkufossar along with other Ring Road attractions with this Self Drive Tour

These Icelandic waterfalls are located in Eastford and at the depths of the Mjoifjordur river. It remains pristine due to its off-the-beaten-path location and distance from large populations. Moreover, its surroundings, which consist of lush-green greeneries, make its water crystal clear.

Location of the Klifbrekkufossar Waterfalls 

Travelers will find the waterfalls deep in the valleys of the village of Mjoifjordur. The East Iceland town has a population of 11 people and is near a fjord of the same name. This small population allows its surrounding natural sites to remain untouched over time.

This settlement is a classic example of an Eastfjords village due to its remote, traditional beauty.

Features of the Klifbrekkufossar Waterfalls

During warm summers, dense greenery surrounds the Klifbrekkufossar from all sides. Its cascading waters spill out from a spring-fed river. Klifbrekkufossar's spring river feature differs from other Icelandic waterfalls, most of which are glacier-fed. 

The waterfall is remarkably tall with each drop combined, at 295 feet (90 meters). It's also one of the least accessible in Iceland.

Natural elements prevent visitors from using the road to the falls most of the year. In fact, Klifbrekkufossar is only accessible during summer. 

In winter, even Mjoifjordur cannot often be reached by road, with locals getting in and out by boat.

What Makes the Klifbrekkufossar Waterfalls Special?

Klifbrekkufossar stands out in East Iceland's landscape because of its unique seven-tiered structure. Its waterfalls spill across many layers of cliffs, creating a gorgeous view. 

The waterfalls are far from major Icelandic cities, and the place is almost at the edge of East Iceland. Thus, compared with other famous Eastfjords waterfalls like Hengifoss, Klifbrekkufossar is much less crowded. 

How Can You Get to the Klifbrekkufossar Waterfalls?

There are no designated parking or official hiking trails associated with Klifbrekkufossar waterfall but they're visible and accessible from the gravel road.

Travelers coming from Reykjavik can ride a plane and land at Egilsstadir airport. From Egillsstadir, they can rent a car and drive 16.1 miles (25.9 kilometers) east to the waterfalls.

For those who don't want to ride the plane, the driving distance from Reykavik is around 410 miles (660 kilometers).

Due to the narrow gravel road going to the falls, the best vehicle for visiting Klifbrekkufossar is a 4x4 vehicle.

What Else is Nearby?

This area is a remote, natural attraction on the Eastfjords. The Eastfjords is home to various East Iceland sites.

The pyramid-shaped mountain, Bulandstindur, is 62.7 miles (101 kilometers) south of Klifbrekkufossar. The mountain has inspired artists, poets, and even mystics for centuries due to its beauty and mystery.

North of the waterfalls, there's Storurd, which in English means "Huge Boulders." Amidst meadows and large stones are beautiful turquoise pools. 

There are two towns near the waterfalls, Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur. Just north of Egilsstadir, weary travelers can relax, enjoy nature, and take a dip at the Vok Baths. The Vok Baths are one of the few hot springs available in this area.

Aside from its natural sites, East Iceland is the place to witness a wide range of unique wildlife, like reindeer and puffins. This region is also home to a special agrarian culture you won't easily find elsewhere. 

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