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Informazioni su Reykir Regional Museum (Hrútafjörður)

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Rif, Iceland
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The Reykir Regional Museum is located in Hrutafjordur Bay.

The local culture museum at Reykir in Hrutafjordur bay in North Iceland gives a good impression of the shark hunts from the bay and the farm community in Iceland in former times.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason. No edits made.

The museum was partly built to house the shark ship Ofeigur, the largest of its kind that has been preserved from former times in Iceland, built in 1875. The ship is 11.9 m long and 2.2. m wide and built solely from driftwood. The ship was used for shark hunting until 1915 and then onto 1933 for carrying wood.