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CPQJ+G9X, 900 Vestmannaeyjabær, Iceland
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10:00 - 17:00
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1.0 km

The Sagnheimar Folk Museum is a hands-on, modern museum that's a must-visit for those interested in the culture and history of Heimaey Island.The Sagnheimar Folk Museum offers a captivating journey through the complete history of the Westman Islands. 

The Sagnheimar Folk Museum, Byggðasafn Vestmannaeyja in Icelandic, is also known as the Folk Museum of Vestmannaeyjar. It's a hands-on, modern museum that's a must-visit for those interested in the culture and history of Heimaey Island.

Sagnheimar's permanent and temporary exhibits showcase the island's rich cultural heritage and significant events. They feature diverse photos, multimedia displays, and historical artifacts such as furniture, clothing, and tools. 

Beautifully organized in a well-designed building, the museum offers an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. While kids delight in dressing up in pirate costumes and embarking on treasure hunts in the pirate cave, adults can immerse themselves in intriguing exhibits covering every aspect of the island's history.

Travelers can rent a car and visit Heimaey Island and the Sagnheimar Folk Museum independently. Regular ferry services connect the island with the Landeyjahofn port on Iceland's South Coast.

Westman Islands tours may also include a visit to the Sagnheimar Folk Museum, and private tours offer the most flexible itineraries. Try this private and all-inclusive 10.5-hour tour of the Westman Islands from Reykjavik or this customizable 2-hour private tour of Heimaey with a local expert for a chance to visit Sagnheimar.

Photo from the Sagnheimar Folk Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Sagnheimar Folk Museum Location and How to Get There

The Sagnheimar Folk Museum is in Vestmannaeyjabaer town on Heimaey Island.The Sagnheimar Folk Museum is on the second floor in the same building as the Vestmannaeyjabaer library. It's at the north end of the town, close to the harbor, on Heimaey Island.

The museum is approximately 656 yards (600 meters) from the port of Vestmannaeyjar. From the port, head down Strandvegur road and turn onto Kirkjuvegur road. Turn right after Stakkagerdi park, and you'll find the Sagnheimar Folk Museum on the left-hand side next to the town council building.

Sagnheimar Folk Museum Exhibits

The Sagnheimar Folk Museum has several permanent and smaller temporary exhibits offering fascinating insights into the complete history of the Westman Islands.

The museum's key exhibits are outlined below.

The Heimaey Eruption

The 1973 Heimaey eruption was a violent event that caused widespread destruction in the Westman Islands. This museum exhibit has artifacts and firsthand accounts, offering visitors a clear insight into the community's response to the disaster.

The Annual Vestmannaeyjar Festival

Visitors to the Sagnheimar Folk Museum can sit in a sample festival tent like the ones Icelanders use at this celebration each year.Photo from the Sagnheimar Folk Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Thjodhatid is an annual music and culture festival in the Westman Islands. Visitors can sit in a sample festival tent like the ones Icelanders use at this celebration each year.

The Algerian Pirate Raid

The Algerian pirate raid exhibition vividly recounts the 1627 event when 242 islanders were captured and sold into slavery in Algeria. Through a caricature-style mural and interactive pirate cave, visitors gain insight into the harrowing experiences of the victims and the ruthless nature of piracy in that era.

Lives of Local Women

The museum focuses on the pivotal role of the local women of Heimaey. It showcases their contributions to medicine, art, and handicrafts, emphasizing their profound impact on the local community.

Icelandic Mormons

The museum features an exhibit detailing the history of Icelandic Mormons, highlighting the pioneering efforts of individuals like Thorarinn Haflidason and Gudmundur Gudmundsson. This exhibit sheds light on the journey and legacy of these pioneers.

The Life and Music of Oddgeir Kristjansson

Dive into Oddgeir Kristjansson's life and music with an exhibit celebrating his artistic journey and contributions. Visitors can explore his musical legacy and impact on the local music scene.

Icelandic Bird Collection

The Sagnheimar Folk Museum has a remarkable bird collection, including rare puffin specimens caught and meticulously preserved by Olafur Tryggvason.Photo from the Sagnheimar Folk Museum Facebook page. No edits made

The museum has a remarkable bird collection, including rare puffin specimens caught and meticulously preserved by Olafur Tryggvason.

Captain Kohl and the Army

The people of Heimaey once had their own army led by Danish commissioner Captain Kohl. He played an active role in the soldiers' lives, teaching traditions, organizing sports, and establishing Flag Day celebrations in the Herjolfsdalur valley, now a cherished annual event for families on the island.

Dock and Harbor Area of Heimaey

Discover Heimaey's vibrant harbor and dock area within the exhibit hall, which highlights fishing and the processing of catches. Listen to gripping narratives of sea life and tales of heroism at the old radio center. Explore reconstructions of an old bait shack, fish factory dormitory, and hunting cabin, reflecting the rich history of local cliff hunters.

Attractions Near the Sagnheimar Folk Museum

Heimaey Island has a pretty church with picturesque surroundings.Visitors will find many fascinating sites near the Sagnheimar Folk Museum. Heimaey is rich in natural and cultural attractions, so you won't run out of things to do in the area.

Nearby, the Beluga Whale Sanctuary offers a peaceful sanctuary for rescued beluga whales and provides a unique opportunity to learn about marine conservation efforts. It is just 656 yards (600 meters) from Sagnheimar.

Eldheimar Museum, 984 yards (900 meters) away, immerses visitors in the dramatic events of the 1973 Eldfell volcano eruption through artifacts and personal narratives. The museum offers compelling insights into the island's resilience and recovery.

Stafkirkjan, a picturesque wooden church near the harbor, beckons visitors to explore Heimaey's cultural heritage and bask in the tranquility of its surroundings.

The scenic Herjolfsdalur valley is only 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) from the Sagnheimar Folk Museum. It awaits nature enthusiasts with its hiking trails and breathtaking vistas, providing a serene escape amidst the island's rugged beauty.

Lastly, the towering Eldfell volcano offers adventurous hikers the chance to ascend its slopes and marvel at panoramic views of Heimaey and its surrounding archipelago. Climbing this inactive volcano provides a glimpse into the island's geological history.

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