Katrín Björk

현지인 연결


English, Icelandic

I was born in Iceland but I have spent a lot of my life living in the UK, I moved back to Reykjavík from Edinburgh in 2015. I studied to be an archaeologist and I have a keen interest for all things historical. I write for Guide to Iceland and I am also an enthusiastic juggler as well as a stand-up comedian. I have been doing stand-up for a couple of years now and I go by the stage name Kat McDougal. I also host a regular drag show called House of Strike. I've always had a keen interest for travel and a few of the countries I have been to are China, Romania, Italy, Greece, France and the USA. I've had many friends visit me in Iceland and so I have a lot of expert first-hand knowledge of many of the sights and I know Reykjavík inside out especially what's going on in the Downtown.