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I´m a hunter, surfer, snowboarder and an avid traveler. I´m also chief officer of KúKú Campers... Contact me if you need travel information, best value campers or motorhomes.
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Iceland Highlands

    It´s a divine experience driving the great highlands. We are talking 100% untouched nature.   Camping in the Highlands of Iceland   In all fairness Iceland has a lot to offer, but it is not culturally and artisticly diverse enough ... sometimes we Icelanders feel the urge to travel abroad. Some of us have a cosmopolitan side, eager to stroll down the high street of an urban city. This blog is being written by an Icelander stranded in a big city, and today I feel like a little homesick sardine in can.  As an animal species we´ve advanced ourselves to a genre of specialization. Many

Camping in Iceland - Checklist

Iceland is a different kind of place, there is stuff you need to know before camping in Iceland. Here's a checklist.   The Iceland Camping Essentials Cash - Here in Iceland every shop, every gas station, every campsite, every grandmother knitting a wool sweater, has a credit card machine. It's stressful to travel around with lots of cash and in Iceland you don't have to. Memorise your pin and keep minimum amounts of cash with you in case of emergency.  Alcohol - In Iceland, the government runs the alcohol distribution (no we are not part of N-Korea). This means that you can't buy beer any

9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland

I have been camping in Iceland all my life and know for a fact that a camper van is the the best way to camp in Iceland. Why choose a camper: It's cheap. Why spend money on a hotel and a car when you can use a Camper van for both ? The weather in Iceland is as predictable as roulette table (or sometimes rather like a game of Russian roulette ..) and therefore you will want to be mobile and ready to move at any given time. You don´t want to have to pack your tent in the rain, and then sit wet in your car for the rest of your day.  In a camper van you can go anywhere and do anyt

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