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Informasjon om Englandshverir Hot Spring

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FRRC+4M Fitjar, Iceland
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The relaxing Englandshverir hot spring in West Iceland.Englandshverir hot spring is a series of hidden hot spring pools in the geothermal area of West Iceland near Reykjavik.

The geothermal pool is near Iceland’s capital but off-the-beaten-path. Travelers can reach it by renting a car and driving themselves, or as part of a self-drive tour, like this Immersive 8-Day Summer Self-Drive Tour of West Iceland.

The proximity of Englandshverir to Icelandic towns, while being in a less traveled location, makes it ideal for tourists who want to stay away from crowds. 

Photo from Regina Hronn Ragnarsdottir | Lundarreykjadalur Valley in West-Iceland - the Natural Hot Pools Krosslaug and Englandshver

About Englandshverir Hot Spring

Location of Englandshverir Hot Pools

Iceland is overflowing with geothermal areas. For example, most tourists easily recognize the great Geysir in the Golden Circle and the famous Blue Lagoon.

On the other hand, there are less known hot springs in the Nordic country that can still impress locals and tourists with their untouched beauty. Englandshverir hot spring is an example of such a special place.

The hot spring, sometimes called Englandshver, lies in the scenic municipality of Borgarbyggd in Iceland’s western region. To its west is the town of Borgarnes and to its south is the Thingvellir National Park. Within a few meters from the attraction is the abandoned farm called Fitjar.

The geothermal hot spring is relatively isolated from popular tourist areas and can be challenging to find, mainly because no signposts mark the spot. You can find it next to Route 52 or Uxahryggjarvegur.

Physical Features of Englandshverir

Clean, warm water from the geothermal stream and the nearby Englandsfoss waterfall feeds the Englandshverir hot spring. Portions of these waters drain into several natural pools in the area, allowing visitors to experience excellent geothermal bathing.

The waters in the pools are tepid, not too hot or cold, just the proper temperatures to enjoy a relaxing dip. One of the pools is even large enough for multiple people to enjoy swimming simultaneously, making the attraction ideal for families or groups of friends.

If you follow the creek in the area, you will find smaller pools of water. Before swimming completely, you may check the temperatures of the waters by doing a footbath first. A footbath can be ideal if you are strapped for time and want a quick rest from driving.

While there are not any major attractions within walking distance, the remote nature offers gorgeous views. Glaciers and mountains surround Englandshverir and the Lundarreykjadalur valley, in which it sits. 

More importantly, crowds rarely gather at the geothermal area because it is off-road. Thus, you can often enjoy the attraction with few or no other tourists. Moreover, the only sound that will follow you here is the current of the nearby river.

The pipe bridge at Englandshverir geothermal area.

Photo from Regina Hronn Ragnarsdottir | Lundarreykjadalur Valley in West-Iceland - the Natural Hot Pools Krosslaug and Englandshver

How Can I Get to Englandshverir Hot Spring? 

Traveling to Englandshverir geothermal area can be challenging because of its remote and unmarked location. However, the satisfying geothermal bathing experience is worth all the trouble of finding this West Iceland attraction.

Small villages and farms surround Englandshverir. For example, Lundur is just 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) from the attraction. The farm can signify that you’re near the hot spring if you’re coming from Borgarnes or the northern region.

Meanwhile, if you’re coming from Reykjavik through a West Iceland self-drive tour, you must traverse the route covering 54 miles (87 kilometers). The best way to the Icelandic hot spring is through the Thingvellir (Route 36) and then to Uxahryggjarvegur (Road 52). 

You will have to stop in the parking space, wherever you are coming from, when you find a pump station and a large red pipe above a body of water. The red metal pipe bridge is the only way to reach the other side of the Tungua river, where Englandshverir hot spring is located.

The pipe bridge isn’t that high above the river, so most tourists will not find crossing it difficult. Nevertheless, cross the bridge cautiously if you haven’t tried walking over a pipe bridge before.

On the other side of the bridge, you can find the many geothermal pools of Englandshverir. 

Attractions Near the West Iceland Hot Spring

Englandshverir is in a perfect location to find other hidden gems of West Iceland. Tourists can find several waterfalls and more hot springs in the same area. In particular, Krosslaug hot pool and the Hvitserkur waterfall are both under three miles from it.

The beautiful town of Borgarnes in the land of fire and ice.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Chensiyuan. No edits made.

Meanwhile, the nearby town of Borgarnes can be an excellent place for you to retire for the night or get more supplies before continuing your Icelandic trip. While in the area, you may check out accommodations like Borgarnes HI Hostel or Hotel Borgarnes. You also can join tours that begin in the fjord near the town, such as this Borgarfjordur Day Tour

If you want a more adventurous Icelandic experience, the mighty Langjokull glacier is just an hour’s drive away from the hot spring. As Iceland’s second largest ice cap, there is much to explore in this frozen wonderland. The best tours you can join here include snowmobiling and ice caving.

Finally, before reaching the hot pools, you may want to stop at Thingvellir National Park. This attraction is one of the three tourist spots comprising Iceland’s Golden Circle. Thingvellir is a great place to explore Iceland’s rich geological and political history because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.