The Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon | Day Tour of the Famous Sites

Enjoy a silica mud mask while bathing in the restorative Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Snap a photo of the geyser Strokkur erupting while in the geothermal valley of Haukadalur.
The geothermal landscapes of Iceland come in all different shapes and colours.
The geothermal valley Haukadalur in Iceland is dotted with bubbling mud pools in a rhyolitic landscape.
The eruptions of Strokkur the geyser in Iceland sometimes reach 40 metres in height.
The grand waterfall Gullfoss was once supposed to be harnessed for its powers but the Icelandic people thankfully stopped the plans in their tracks.
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Discover the pure power of Mother Earth as you explore areas of untouched nature, tectonic shifts and geothermal activity in this tour of Iceland’s most popular attractions. This tour is essential for the country's visitors as it includes Iceland’s best-known natural phenomena; Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss waterfall, Þingvellir national park and the world famous Blue Lagoon. 

The geothermal area of Haukadalur valley is the home of the Geysir hot spring. Although Geysir itself is hardly active anymore, the area features other spectacular hot springs, such as Strokkur. Bring a camera because Strokkur hot spring spouts columns of water 15-20 metres up in the air every 10 minutes or so, giving you numerous opportunities to take great photos. 

Geysir area is one part of the Golden Circle, a trio of scenic areas in southern Iceland which include Gullfoss waterfall and Þingvellir national park. On your tour of the south, you will also visit a volcanic crater called Kerið.

The second part of the Golden Circle is the incredible waterfall, Gullfoss. The waterfall is located in the canyon of the river Hvítá which runs from the glacier Langjökull. Gullfoss waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful as it cascades in two steps down into a 32-metre crevice. If the conditions allow, you'll be able to stand close enough to feel the water spraying gently on your face.

Þingvellir national park is not only an incredibly beautiful area, it is also historically significant and geographically unique. The national park is where the Vikings founded Iceland’s parliament, Alþingi, in the year 930, the oldest still working parliament in the world. Þingvellir is also a place where the continental drift between two tectonic plates is happening. You can clearly see evidence of this in the cracks and gorges in the region. 

Last on your tour before you head your way west again is Kerið, a volcanic crater with a lake in the middle. At approximately 6500 years old, Kerið is more than 55 metres deep, 170 metres wide and 270 metres across. Kerið is comprised of red volcanic rocks, green moss grows on its sides, and the lake in the middle is filled with minerals which give the water a vivid aquamarine colour. This offers a great contrast of colours and a highly impressive scenery.

You will end the day at the Blue Lagoon, arriving there in the early afternoon for a relaxing time in the amazing hot geothermal waters. You will spend 2 hours in total at the Blue Lagoon before heading back to Reykjavík, just remember to book your voucher beforehand.  

Bring a camera, pack your swimsuit and don’t miss out on seeing the pearls of Iceland on this day tour of the most famous sites. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Mar. - Dec.
  • Duration: 11 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Hot Spring Bathing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 5 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Hveragerði, Kerið
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30

  • English guide

  • Pickup & drop-off in Reykjavík

  • Entrance to the Kerið Crater

  • Entrance to the Blue lagoon

  • Meals

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Good hiking shoes

  • Swimsuit

  • Camera

Good to know:

You will need to reserve the Blue Lagoon in advance on the Blue Lagoon website.

If tickets to the Blue Lagoon are not available on their website, please let your tour provider know as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours before your tour departure, as they can in many cases supply standard tickets to the Blue Lagoon.


We enjoyed the tour. The guide told us lots of interesting facts about Iceland, always informed us before we stepped out to view the area. We had plenty of time at each stop. Make sure to get your ticket ahead of time, ours was for the 5pm slot at the blue lagoon. Loved finishing the tour with the Blue Lagoon, it is a must when you visit!

Amazing day. Our tour guide, Thor, was hilarious and knowledgeable and made the entire day a great experience. Seeing the sights of the Golden Circle and then ending the day at the Blue Lagoon is a perfect tour. We felt like we had ample time to take in each site and thoroughly enjoyed the Lagoon as well. Highlight of the trip.

Wonderful tour! Everything was on time and efficient. Our tour guide was friendly and easy going. It was on a small, comfortable, bus of about 20 people which was better than a huge bus. There is a lot of drive time between each stop but you get to cover a lot of ground and see a lot of Iceland in a relatively short amount of time. I'd recommend it!

If I have to pick my most favorite day tours for my trip, it would be this! We were picked up on time and it was a mini bus. The number of people is just nice (without being too crowded) and our driver/tour guide is fantastic and friendly! We covered quite a number of places and our guide even brought us to see Icelandic horses. We were allocated sufficient time at each location and my family really enjoyed themselves in this trip. This is definitely a must-book tour if you visit Iceland.

Overall scences covered. Bus is crowded. Pickup is messy.

I enjoyed the Golden Circle trip. I was able to see Kerid, Thingvellir, Geysir and Strokkur thermal springs, the Blue Lagoon and the Gulfoss waterfall. The Blue Lagoon was very touristy but the an absolute see. Be aware to pay only 80 euros standard ticket. They charge you 20 euros extra for a towel with an upgrade. Don't take an upgrade, take just the standard ticket. There are plenty of towels and you get a free mud mask and a free drink provided.

Fantastic tour - so much to see and great value for a very full day. We had an "Italian Viking" (his description) guide called Stefano (hope I spelt that right) who was really knowledgeable and keen to make sure we made the most of all the places we visited and got the maximum time there. The only snag for me was the icy wind at Geysir and Gulfoss that almost froze my fingers off trying to take photos, but nothing Stefano could do anything about, though he did park as close as he could! Worth taking some serious glove inners if you want to take pictures. And the Blue Lagoon was just as luxurious as I'd hoped.

My friends and I had a fantastic time on this tour! Our guide Thomas was engaging, funny and gave us lots of information on the long rides! The weather was a little crazy but our driver, Henrick (Not sure on the spelling) kept us safe the whole day! The sights were so beautiful and worth standing in the cold and wind! Blue Lagoon is a perfect end to this day and we got plenty of time to swim and enjoy a drink! Highly recommend!

I fully recommend this tour to anyone. We had a fantastic guide called Thor so if you are lucky enough to get him on your tour, he will keep you entertained! Having a guide who knows the area inside out was fundamental. We came away with lots of trivia and even heard a few Icelandic songs. Unfortunately, due to 120mph winds, our transfer to the Blue Lagoon was cancelled, but Nice Travel couldn’t have done any more, even supplying a bus for the next day at no extra charge.

A lovely day, I can't remember the guide's name :( but he was lovely and picked us up straight from our Airbnb which was a huge help. He allowed us plenty of personal space and freedom to explore the sights and was kind enough to give us the full two hours at the Lagoon despite running a bit late on the tour. The tour was unlike anything we had experienced before and despite it being a long day we had the best time! Would definitely recommend.

The experience we had was unforgettable

Excellent tour!! Really friendly and knowledgable tour guide. Golden circle was magical and was amazing stopping off to see some beautiful Icelandic horses. Blue lagoon was the perfect relaxing end to a full on day. Highly recommend.

Wonderful. Stefano, our guide, was knowledgeable and personable as well. The tour was a long day. But it was made enjoyable by our engaging guide, Stefano. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wanted to experience the magic that is Iceland.

I would highly recommend this tour. It was a full day tour that involved travelling in a very comfortable minibus while visiting some of the most beautiful sights of Iceland. The tour guide was very knowledgable and allowed us our own time at each destination. The Golden Circle part of the tour and The Blue Lagoon were equally amazing . While it is a long day, it is completely worth it and it was one of our most favourite parts of our trip!

First class from the moment Roman the driver and guide for the day picked us up. He was very knowledgable on all the interesting sites we visited but also had a vast wealth of knowledge in relation to Iceland’s history which we found very interesting indeed. The Blue Lagoon experience was the perfect relaxing ending to a very memorable day. I would recommend Nicetravel tour company without doubt.

Very well organized in general. We had a very nice and handsome guide, Ross, and he was patient and kind with us - even helping find a pharmacy for a guest who sprained his wrist. The sites were amazing but I wish we had a bit more time at the Allthing - it was cold and everyone wanted hot chocolate and the lines at the gift shop were long so it took a lot longer than we wanted and I felt rushed since I couldn't see it all. A bit more discussion from the driver ahead of time would have helped but it was really our fault for not timing it well. Being able to purchase the Blue Lagoon tickets from the tour driver was also great (as they were sold out for the time we wanted). I only had one complaint, while waiting at the bus stop to be picked up (30 minutes in the cold! with no shelter!) three different NICE buses pulled up but the first two were not for our tour. It would be useful if you could tell the guests either the license plate number for the bus for our tour or more identifying info because it was super disappointing to think you were getting out of the cold because your bus has arrived and it isn't the one for you.

Fantastic experience! As it was the first time in Iceland, we had to do this and the guy drove us through the main landmarks of the area with excellent experience, while entertaining us with stories and anecdotes that belong to this marvellous land! They're really organised and the service was higher than the expectations! Finishing a day like that with the blue lagoon is something is worth living for!

The tour was excellent! The tour guide was prompt and informative! The sites itself were breath taking and had enough time to enjoy each site! The blue lagoon at the end was perfect to unwind and relax after a busy day of sightseeing. I would recommend this tour! To top it all off David showed us his favourite restaurant by the harbour and we enjoyed a delicious cod diner that same evening!

Excellent tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. We saw amazing sites, and he gave us all the history and information we needed. We even had enough time to stop and pet some horses. Would highly recommend!

Excellent tour with a very nice tour guide. (Too bad it was raining all day.) Loved the scenery and the views. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect ending to a nice day.

I would highly recommend this tour! Our tour guide even took us to an extra waterfall and tried to let us see some Icelandic horses near Kerid.

We booked the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour with Nice Travel and I can honestly say it was fantastic. I didn’t catch the name of our driver but he was Ukrainian and had lived in Iceland 11 years. He was very intelligent and shared so much knowledge, it was a fascinating trip. He obviously had a very long day but he was very patient and we never felt rushed. It was a shame though he had to have 6 very rude Chinese passengers on the trip who felt it was fine to be late back to the bus and talk through his dialogue but I was quite happy to tell them to be quiet. Your driver and guide is an absolute credit to you and for this reason, I would have no hesitation in recommending this trip. There are no hidden costs either. You know you have to pay for food and the Blue Lagoon so it is good to not have to worry about anything.

This was an excellent tour. The guides were fun and exceptionally friendly. There weren't too many people, but it was a nice group and as a single traveler I met some great people. There was a lot to see and plenty of time at all of the stops. Each sight got better and better and the blue lagoon was a spectacular way to end the day. Free wifi/USB outlets are a plus for sure, which they don't all have. Nice travel is an excellent choice and I would definitely pick them again!

This was a fantastic tour. Iceland is an amazing place and the guide was knowledgeable but also gave us a good amount of time at all destinations. The weather changed constantly but it makes Iceland even more beautiful. Ending in the Blue Lagoon was fantastic. What an amazing place. I would highly recommend this tour.

The day and tour were truly exceptional. My tour guide Robert set a welcoming tone. Also of note, the vans had outlets so we could charge our phones (and wifi). I went on another tour later in the week and the van didn't have power outlets; it makes a difference. We lucked out with weather for sure. We had plenty of time at each site and there was a good balance of downtime and sharing information about the area. I would definitely use again (because yes I want to come back to Iceland!) and recommend to others.

An excellent day out with an excellent driver and a very personable and knowledgeable guide

Great - Iceland is one of the most hospitable countries I have visited (and I have visited a lot!). The tour was perfect.

i will introduce to my fads!!

We had two tours and they were great. Both tour guides were friendly and very helpful. The golden circle tour with Kerio Crater and blue lagoon was brilliant. Everyone was on time so we got to see some extra scenery. We got to the Blue Lagoon at 5pm and there wasn't too many people there so was a great time to go. We took our own sandwiches and snacks for all the tours as food is expensive in the restaurants. Had a great time.

We had a great Golden Circle tour and Blue Lagoon experience. Our guide David, was very knowledgeable and friendly. I booked a South Coast tour for the next day with a different company and regretted it. It was mostly narrated by an audio guide which was very disappointing. David kept our tour fun and interesting.

The best tour ever ! Thank you !

A most excellent tour for experiencing the wonders of Iceland. A small tight knit tour allows for more flexibility in time spent at the different locations, we were even able to squeeze in some special secret stops as well! I was super satisfied with my tour guide, Thor, He was incredibly nice and easy to talk to. Definitely would recommend this your for someone who is only staying for a short time and wants to get the most out of their time in Iceland.

This was an amazing trip in an amazing country, the guide Giuseppe (sorry for spelling) was very informative but not overbearing. We had enough time at each spot and we luckily had a great group too which helped. We travel a lot but cannot shut up about this trip and recommend to all. Thank you and we are so glad we booked with this company

We had a fabolous experience with this tour. Blue lagoon is the perfect ending on my Iceland trip. To add into the full experience it snows and it was beautiful. Will recommend this tour highly.

We had a fabulous time on this tour. Robert spent enough time at each site, threw in some extras, and still got us to the Blue Lagoon in time. Blue Lagoon was the perfect ending to a full day of sightseeing. Robert was funny, knowledgeable, personable, and took care to make sure that we all had a lot of fun. Highly recommend this tour.

Excelent tour!!!! Everything was well organized and the tour guide was great! Highly recommended!!

Lucia! Lucia! Lucia! I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more informed, kind tour guide. She was personable, went out of her way to meet everyone's needs, and was full of great information about Iceland. This was the best day of my visit to Iceland. We saw so much, but never felt rushed. While I was loving the Blue Lagoon, she sweetly wrote me a detailed itinerary to help me take a self-driven tour the following day. Our driver, Michael (sorry about spelling), was wonderful as well. They made a dynamic duo. It was money well spent and if possible, request them as your guides. You won't be disappointed. I will definitely be back to Iceland and will try to find them again.

Great trip with Addy! Really fun, informative and educational. We got to see some great sites! The trip was with nice travel, who are actually really nice!! Would definitely recommend this trip.

It is good tour and everything goes well all the way.

We got to see all the sights on the trip and more because of our great tourguide Artur Jensson, the day was extremely well planned and he made sure everyone was okay and understood what he was saying. On the way to the Blue Lagoon Spa we had enough time to stop off at ´"Faxi" waterfalls as Artur said this was very beautiful...which it was!! The Bus was comfortable and had good wifi, the weather was all 4 seasons in one day but we loved it, thanks Artur my main man.

Great trip! Good and helpful guide. Allowed us plenty of time at the sites and small group was good. Blue lagoon experience was fantastic and iceland is beautiful! Thank you!

I take this tour yesterday, and the guide is very nice and handsome. And I really like the musics that played on the way, if that possible, could you give the songs name for me! Thank you very much! Of course, the Iceland is amazing ! I like here! I really want to came here again and take your company's travel again!

Great tours with this company, knowledgeable guides and amazing sights in Iceland. Did Golden circle and South coast tours, tour guides were friendly and informative, small groups and saw all the sights. Recommend.

Amazing throughout- perfectly organised! The tour guide was incredible too!

Epic! Could not have chosen a better guide (thanks Lu)! Our group was small so it felt very intimate and flexible, Lu made sure we kept to schedule so we'd see all the sights though, which was appreciated. We not only saw beautiful sights but learned a lot about Icelandic culture and heritage along the way. 5 stars, would absolutely recommend and hope to do again :)

This was an incredible small group tour. Our tour guide was amazing (Lu) and provided us with a lot of information about the Icelandic landscape, history, and culture. She was super nice too :) We saw so much in one day and ended with a relaxing trip to the Blue Lagoon. I highly recommend this tour and if you can recommend a tour guide - definitely ask for Lu!!

This was fantastic. Great pick up (and on time!) and a small mini bus so very good. Great stops along the way, good value for money and excellent timings. Tour guide was ace (Bob!) and was really knowledgeable, friendly and fun! He was quite new but made a real effort. The only thing to be improved would be the speaker system in the bus. Couldnt always hear him speaking. Also Blue Lagoon was packed. Not very enjoyable to be honest!

Amazing day eventhough it was raining. The trip was planned perfectly. The guide was patient and he spoke good English. And the music in the van was awesome. I would definitely recommend this tour group to anyone looking for a great experience seeing Iceland!

Such a great day, it was planned very very well, we were picked up from our hotel on time and kept very well informed on where we were going. Well recommended!

Nice travel! Comfortably arranged and guided. About 2 hours stay in Blue Lagoon, feels perfectly good.

We had a great time on our tour with Tomas! The driver started by saving the day when picking us up and helping us figure out the parking meters in Reykjavik (above and beyond!) We then enjoyed the many stops around the golden circle and learning some of the fun facts that they shared. I would definitely recommend this tour group to anyone looking for a great experience seeing Iceland!

The tour guide did his best for the horrible weather we had! Unfortunately the bus was a half an hour late. If you want to see all these sights in one day it's worth it, doesn't feel too long nor too short.

Antonio is a wonderful tour guide, full of energy and knowledge. He is funny and take good care of us. I'd suggest to wear waterproof clothes and boots if you are going during Oct and Nov. This tour covers many major sites, and you get to spend sometime in Blue Lagoon after. It's perfect!

The trip was well done! The weather unfortunately wasn't great, but the guide made the best of it. The Blue Lagoon was definitely the highlight for me.

This is an EXCELLENT trip! Even though it was raining the sights were amazing. Good value for the money.

Great value trip to some amazing sights. Definitely recommend it!

Great trip and the guide was so funny. Loved the geyser and the waterfall. Incredible sights with nice people.

It's interesting trip!! Nice guide, nice place Everthing is good!

I did this tour on my first full day in Iceland, and it was the perfect start to my stay. The Kerid crater was absolutely worth checking out alongside the more well-known must-see sights. Our guide Antonio made sure we not only saw the wonders of nature from the best spots but also heard a lot of facts and stories about the regions. Antonio and our driver, "the highlands legend" Arnar, kept the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable throughout the day!

i had a really nice day of the gold circle tour. The arrangement was great, and the tour guide Antonio was absolutely helpful an full of knowledge of Iceland. He knows really well about this country, explained to us very clearly,and funny. We all had a nice trip.

We had an extraordinary experience with Lucia. She was amazing and together with our driver Yonn, we had an amazing experience. She was full of information, was very very thoughtful and together with our driver, they went way out of their way to make the tour very very special for us. We strongly recommend this trip to anyone. They made our day very educational and so worth it.

I enjoyed this trip a lot! Blue lagoon is a must-go. Other people in this group skipped it, but please don't! It is a perfect ending of the day.

This is a must-do tour. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable and we learnt a lot about Icelandic history. The highlight for me was the beautiful Gullfoss waterwall. I cried when I saw it. After a day of sightseeing around the Golden Circle, the perfect way to relax was at the Blue Lagoon. I had a very special experience. I highly recommend it! Thanks for everything! Maya

There is no heating on the car, the weather storms and heavy rain, into the car and very crowded, the company did not feel so good evaluation.

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The Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon | Day Tour of the Famous Sites

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