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Tourist Attraction
Tryggvagötu 19 , Old Harbour Grófin Reykjavik Kvosin, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Monday: Closed; Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday: Closed; Thursday: Closed; Friday: Closed; Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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A couple shopping at the Kolaportid flea market. Kolaportid, spelled Kolaportið in Icelandic, is a huge flea market located in the city center of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. 

The flea market's location at the center of Reykjavik makes it easy to visit. Travelers can pass by the flea market while Exploring Reykjavik with a City Card or a Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour. Travelers can also check out the Kolaportid to burn some calories after a Food Walk Tour of the city.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Karl Gunnarsson. No edits made. 

Kolaportid is located at Reykjavik's Old Harbour, in the northern part of the city. Due to its size, uniqueness, and practical use, the flea market is always buzzing with people looking for great deals on various products. 

About Kolaportid 

Kolaportid is the largest flea market in Reykjavik and the only one that's open all year around. Travelers who want to see the unique side of Reykjavik and its locals should visit Kolaportid. 

The flea market has almost everything you need, such as second-hand clothes and books, food, house items, and even antiques. Also, products in Kolaportid are competitively priced, making it a favorite among the locals. 

The flea market is located indoors in a huge industrial building right at Tryggvagata 19. Also, it is only open on weekends, between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

The Largest Flea Market in Reykjavik 

Kolaportid is hailed as the largest flea market in Reykjavik and is popular among locals and foreigners. In fact, only a few places can match this flea market when it comes to the frequency of its visitors. 

Its size is also due to the number of items one can find in the market. 

On the outside, the flea market is the best place to buy second-hand and vintage clothes and used books. But, aside from those, there are toys, hand-made jewelry, artworks, records, and other interesting stuff, such as antique brass horns or old military gear. 

Kolaportid also allows different sellers to rent a table and sell their wares the old-fashioned way. Thus, some sellers may only be there for a limited period. 

What Can You Do in Kolaportid?

Kolaportid is a flea market, so the main thing visitors can do is buy items they need or go on a scavenger hunt. Aside from those, people can drink coffee and eat, do their grocery shopping, and even buy gifts for their family and friends. 

At a corner of the market is a cafe where people can take a rest while drinking coffee. You can also buy food there if you are hungry and craving something sweet, like Icelandic cakes or doughnuts. 

Going to Kolaportid is also an opportunity to do some food shopping. In fact, some stalls sell meat, eggs, bread, dried seafood, and more. 

Due to the number of unique items being sold in Kolaportid, it's also the best place for foreigners to buy souvenirs to take back home. 

How to Get to Kolaportid 

Kolaportid is situated in Reykjavik's city center, at the Old Harbour, and is easy to reach. Also, since the market is part of a big building, it's not difficult to spot it.

Those who are already in Reykjavik and want to visit Kolaportid can do so by riding a city bus or a taxi. 

For the bus riders, note that Straeto runs city buses. There are around 27 bus routes available in Reykjavik, and one of them, route 14, passes by the flea market. For travelers who'd like to ride a taxi, note that they are much more expensive than city buses. 

Travelers coming from another country who'll be landing at the Keflavik International Airport can ride a direct transfer from Keflavik and get off at the BSI Reykjavik bus terminal. From the terminal, travelers can ride the bus passing by Kolaportid or walk there.

Nearby Places of Interest 

The city of Reykjavik, with Mount Esja in the background. There are many incredible sites surrounding Reykjavik's Kolaportid flea market that are less than a mile away. 

The flea market is located in the Old Harbour, where commerce has thrived for a long time. The Harbour's port is ideal for viewing the snow-capped Esja mountain on a sunny day. Also, the Harbour is a popular starting point for many whale and puffin watching tours in Reykjavik. 

The Old Harbour is also home to the Whales of Iceland Exhibition and the Reykjavik Maritime Museum. The Whales of Iceland Exhibition has more than 20 life-sized whale models of different species. Meanwhile, the Maritime Museum has exhibits telling stories of how the sea is connected to Icelanders. 

Art lovers can also enjoy the surroundings of Kolaportid. In fact, around the flea market are two art galleries, the National Gallery of Iceland and Art Gallery 101. In addition, there's the beautiful sculpture Sun Voyager near the bay, which has a fantastic view. 

The city's primary music hall, the Harpa Concert Hall, is also near the flea market. Aside from being a host to big cultural events, such as exhibitions, concerts, and festivals, the hall is also an architectural wonder. 

There's a hotdog place outside Kolaportid called Baejarins Beztu Pyslur, a local favorite ideal for quick eats. A fun fact about this place is that it has a hotdog called the Clinton. It was named after former US president Bill Clinton, who ate here during his 2004 visit to Iceland. 

Some restaurants for different kinds of eaters are also located southeast of Kolaportid. For example, 101 Reykjavik Street Food serves different types of soup and classic fish & chips for people on a schedule. For vegetarians, there's Chickpea next to Kronan, which serves falafel, salad, vegetable soup, and even kimchi. 

Important Things to Remember Before Visiting Kolaportid Flea Market

Most of the sellers at Kolaportid prefer to be paid with cash, while a few accept cards. There's an ATM near, just a street away from the flea market, for people who didn't bring enough cash with them. 

Like other markets, some sellers will also allow you to haggle the price of certain items. Thus, remember to negotiate before buying any item, you may even get great discounts. 

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