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Taking a walk to Reykjavík's harbour is a beautiful way of immersing yourself in the city's heart and soul.
The Árbæjarsafn museum takes you centuries into the past, to experience life in Reykjavík in bygone times.
The Settlement Exhibition allows you to step into the Viking age.
Reykjavík's buses offer a reliable way of commuting within the city.
The Árbæjarsafn museum allows guests to partake in everyday life of times past.
Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo allows for a close encounter with Icelandic farm animals.
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Explore Reykjavík's many museums, galleries and parks and get to know the world's northernmost capital better with the Reykjavík City Card. This purchase is perfect for every traveller who wishes to experience the heart of Iceland's capital at the best possible price.

The card gives free access to all City Museums and Galleries, including the National Gallery and Museum. If you plan to visit more than two museums, you'll be saving money with the Reykjavík Card.

It is also valid for the Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo, public transport, the seven geothermal pools in the capital area as well as offering wallet-friendly discounts to numerous interesting locations and activities throughout the city. You'll also get discounts at various restaurants, shops and cafés, and a number of tours operated within the city centre.

This card is meant for individuals over 16 years of age. For a children's city card, please see Reykjavik City Card | Children's Card

During the booking process, you can choose a card that is valid for either 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, simply by choosing corresponding option in the dropdown menu to the right.

Your card will be waiting for you in Reykjavík City Hall where you will bring your voucher. The staff there can assist you in planning your day by pointing out the nearest attractions and providing you with an illustrated map of the downtown area. If you'd like to venture even further, hop on the nearest bus and explore the wider city; all included of course. 

You'll find a bus stop right outside City Hall, where you can begin your exploration. For avid history buffs, the nearby Settlement Exhibition will grant you with a remarkable insight into the life and times of the first settlers and the Vikings; all in the vicinity of an unearthed Viking longhouse—discovered only a decade ago in the city centre itself.

Then, just a short walk away you'll find the National Museum, which offers you to take a tour through the history of Iceland. For those willing to brave the Faxaflói Bay, an authentic ferry ride to Viðey Island is included with the card, where some of the city's oldest houses still stand tall. Once a monastery site; the island later became the home of the government officials who started the fight for Iceland's independence.

For the art lovers, the National Gallery is a true treat. There is also the Einar Jónson museum right next to the Hallgrímskrikja church, which gives both a beautiful insight into art and architecture, along with the history of the town that became a capital city. For the more tactile minded, the Sculptors House, Ásmundur Sveinsson Museum (Ásmundarsafn) is a real treat.

If the weather gods are smiling and you'd rather enjoy your day outdoors, opt for a guided tour at Árbær Open Air Museum. There, myriad of old houses and reconstructed homes of the locals from the late 1700's until the 1950's comes alive each day with activities and traditionally clothed staff, who are more than willing to let you try your hand at old-fashioned Icelandic farm work.

You could also visit the Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo, the perfect location for the little ones. Nearby lies the grand geothermal swimming pool Laugardalslaug, ideal for a soak after a day in the park. An access to all city pools is included in your card, so feel free to explore each or all of them. 

All of these wonderful activities and adventures are included in the City Card. Grab a master key to the city and experience all that the streets of Reykjavík have to offer. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Boat Trip, Cultural Activity
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík, Faxaflói, Laugardalur, Viðey, Árbæjarsafn, Tjörnin
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : Flexible

You meet us at the departure location.
Reykjavík City Hall
  • 24-hour Reykjavík City Card

  • Entry to four Reykjavík City Museums

  • Entry to the National Museum and Gallery

  • Entry to four Reykjavík City Galleries

  • Access to the Viðey Ferry

  • Admission to Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo

  • Entry to all seven geothermal pools in Reykjavík

  • Use of all public transport in Reykjavík

  • Discounted admission at twelve independent museums and activities in Reykjavík

  • Discounted prices at 12 restaurants in Reykjavík

  • Discounted prices at two locally sorced handcraft stores in Reykjavík

  • Discounted prices at six tour operators offering tours from city centre

  • Discounted admission to seven other geothermal pools in the capital area

  • Meals

What to bring:
  • Camera

  • Good jacket

Good to know:

Please note that this card is for adults only. For children's card, please see link above. Be aware that even in summer, the weather in the city can be quite cold, so dress according to weather.

Please note that you will need to turn in your voucher at the Reykjavík City Hall to receive your card.


The 72 hour card was a great choice! Just the savings on transportation would have made it worthwhile, but entry to the pools and museums made it even better! In between visiting local attractions, we just picked a random bus to jump on to see where it would take us and see what we could see. It was wonderful! Paid for itself ten times over! I highly recommend purchasing one from Guide to Iceland as the pickup location is very centralized and easy to find. I purchased mine online in Canada and had no problem finding the Guide to Iceland desk in Reykjavik to retrieve my pass.

The Reykjavik city card was awesome! We really love to explore things on our own, as opposed to structured tours, and the city card gave us the ability to do that because of access to the city buses, especially since renting a car to get around is frowned upon in the middle of winter! We got around the city very easily and explored everything that we wanted to see! Given then price of bus tickets alone, the city card more than pays for itself and we were able to visit some of the museums and the thermal pools to wind down at the end of long travel days!

Getting the Reykjavik city card was the best thing we did during our recent visit to Iceland. I only wish we had been told about the city card sooner as we only purchased the 48hr card for our last 2 days. Had we been told about it at the airport upon arrival, we could have gotten more from our budget. The Straeto app was a lifesaver, giving accurate timetables for us to use for planning.

Incredible taste of a primal country. From waterfalls and geysirs to lava flows and glaciers, a land of extremes and pure primal timeless beauty. A truly once in a lifetime experience. Skilled guides do all the driving and let you take it all in. Long soak in blue lagoon after was just the right ending. Highly recommended!

Getting a city card was a great decision during our trip. Within the first day of using it, the card paid for itself. Being able to access a number of the best museums in Reykjavik, being able to jump on a bus whenever necessary, and being able to get discounts at other locations, really makes this card a must for anyone visiting the city. I definitely see why Reykjavik loves the city card.

Great deal! You get the access to the bus system that takes you all around Reykjavik. In addition, it gives you access to the different museums around the city and it pays itself if you visit about 2-3 of them.

Fantastic! Highly recommend using the city card for visiting Reykjavik if you are not tenting a car! The bus routes are pretty easy and the discounts on the museums are great!

We use this card to visit two exhibitions ! But no chance to experience the bus !

Amazing. We rented bikes and went everywhere. Reykiavík is the best place to start your vacations in Iceland.

Great tour for first timers to Iceland. Very informative about geological history and the heritage of Iceland. Just wish we stopped for something other than pizza in the middle.

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Reykjavik City Card | Reykjavik in Depth

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