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Guide de Voyage : Blonduos

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Blonduos is a small town in Northwest Iceland.Blonduos, spelled Blönduós in Icelandic, is the largest urban area of Hunafloi Bay in northwest Iceland.

It has a population of around 880 people. It is a service center for the local area and a common stop for travelers on the Ring Road.

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Economy, accommodation, and services

Blonduos’s main economy is acting as a serving center, particularly for dairy products, as well as fishing, light industry, and tourism. A creamery and a butchery are both operated at Blonduos, as well as a hospital and a health service.

The town has a hotel and a guesthouse, as well as summerhouses and a camping area, and offers general commerce and services.

Attractions and activities

Birdwatching is popular in the area, as well as horse riding tours. The nearby lakes and rivers are some of the best in the country for fishing trout and salmon.

Among these is the river Blanda, one of Iceland's longest rivers. In it is the beautiful island of Hrutey, rich with vegetation and a habitat for many bird species, such as geese.

The Yndisgardur is a nice park with a variety of beautiful plants. A small golf course is also located in the town. The town is further a good set-off point when traveling in Hunafloi Bay.

You might also want to check out the handicraft museum, the Sea Ice Exhibition Centre, and the textile museum, the only one of its kind in Iceland. The local church, also called 'the new church,' has an interesting architecture inspired by nature and made to resemble a volcanic crater.

The older church, built in 1894, is particularly notable for its beauty, built in Romanesque style from meter-thick granite blocks. The ceiling is painted with a thousand stars, and the church has a thousand small window panes. The altarpiece was made by Jóhannes S. Kjarval, one of Iceland's foremost painters.


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