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Ring Road Tours

Ring Road Tours

Iceland's Ring Road, known otherwise as Route 1, circles the entire island, making it perfect for eager travellers looking to see all of the country's regions. See this selection of tours and grab your chance to experience the many wild adventures found along Iceland’s Ring Road.

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Ring Road Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Are there still Ring Road Tours available during COVID-19?

Ring Road tours continue operation during COVID-19. Due to pandemic-related travel restrictions and local health authorities’ recommendations, tour times may be temporarily impacted. Please select a date to check Ring Road tour availability for your travel days.

Is it safe to tour Iceland’s Ring Road during COVID-19?

Ring Road tour operators will always prioritize your safety first. All vehicle surfaces are sanitized between tours, ensuring your tour is a safe one. Masks and hand sanitizer are used per local health authority requirements, and the social distancing guideline of 2 meters is maintained wherever possible.

Is it possible to travel the Ring Road during the winter?

Yes, the Ring Road is a tarmac road and thus is open for travel all year-round. Depending on what time of year you visit Iceland, you will experience a different set of sights and attractions. Self-drive tours are an excellent way to explore Iceland, without all the stress and hassle of arranging every detail of your trip. Both winter and summer self-drive tours and vacation packages are available. On these road trips, ring road itineraries will be created for you and you will have a dedicated travel agent on call should you need any support during your stay. Please remember in an emergency to always call 112.

Do I need a 4x4 vehicle to travel the Ring Road in Iceland?

It is possible to drive all cars on the Ring Road, from small rental cars to larger transport, such as 4x4s or buses. Please be aware that while 2WD vehicles will suffice in the summer, it is highly recommended to drive a 4x4 during the winter months.

What is the speed limit on the Ring Road?

The maximum speed for cars travelling along the Ring Road is 90 km/hour (55 miles/hour). There are places along the route, however, where the speed limit is lower. Please note speed limit signs along the route and drive to road conditions.