Ring Road Tours

Ring Road Tours

Iceland's Ring Road, known otherwise as Route 1, circles the entire island, making it perfect for eager travellers looking to see all of the country's regions. See this selection of tours and grab your chance to experience the many wild adventures found along Iceland’s Ring Road.

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Ring Road Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to travel the Ring Road during the Icelandic winter?

Yes, the Ring Road is well maintained and is open for travel all year round. Before heading out on the Ring Road during winter, it is wise to check the weather and road conditions. Self-drive tours are an excellent way to explore Iceland in a rental car of your own, without all the stress and hassle of arranging every detail of your trip. Between November and March, Icelandic law requires all cars to be fitted with winter tires. Both winter and summer self-drive tours and vacation packages are available.

Do I need a 4x4 vehicle to travel the Ring Road in Iceland?

The Ring Road is well maintained and it is possible to drive all cars on the Ring Road, from small rental cars to larger transport, such as four-wheel-drive SUVs or buses. Please be aware that while 2WD vehicles will suffice in the summer, driving a 4x4 during the winter is highly recommended. Also, make sure to check road conditions before heading out on the road during winter.

What is the speed limit on the Ring Road in Iceland?

The maximum speed for cars traveling along the Ring Road is 55 miles/hour (90 km/hour). However, there are places along the route where the speed limit is lower. Please adhere to speed limit signs along the route and adapt to road conditions.

Are all of Iceland’s natural attractions found along the Ring Road?

No, not all of the attractions in Iceland can be found along the Ring Road, some are in isolated locations in the remote Highlands. But there are definitely enough natural attractions along the Ring Road for an adventure-filled road trip around the country.

How long does it take to drive the Ring Road in Iceland?

It is possible to drive the Ring Road in about 15-17 hours, though this doesn’t take into account stopping at all the fantastic attractions and natural wonders en route. With that in mind, it is recommended to spend at least one week and preferably more than 10 days driving the Ring Road to give you enough time to take in the sights along the road.

Which is the best direction to travel around the Ring Road in Iceland?

The more popular direction is to head south first along the Golden Circle route which will then take you towards Iceland's South Coast. Going in that direction will take you to Iceland's most popular destinations first before heading to the more remote East Fjords. However, it is entirely up to you which direction to go.

What major towns and cities in Iceland does the Ring Road pass through?

Naturally, the Ring Road passes through Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, as well as the unofficial “capital of the north”, Akureyri. Other settlements en route include Hofn, Hveragerdi, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Borgarnes, Selfoss, Egilsstadir, and Vik. Most of these towns have guided day trips that allow travelers to experience activities in the area around the town.

Is it possible to camp along the Ring Road in Iceland?

Yes, though you must stick to designated campsites, many of which can be found in towns and villages by the Ring Road. Note that camping in the wild in Iceland is illegal and also that many campsites are only open during the summer months.

Are there petrol stations and convenience stores along the Ring Road in Iceland?

Yes, the towns and villages on the route will have at minimum a convenience store and petrol station. However, there can be great distances between towns, so planning ahead is essential.

Should I drive the Ring Road even in bad weather?

Before heading out on the road in bad weather in Iceland, make sure to check road conditions to estimate the level of danger on the Ring Road. Do not drive unless you are comfortable in your ability to do so.

Can you drive Iceland's Ring Road in a week?

Yes, driving the Ring Road in one week is very much doable with plenty of stopping for attractions along the way. It all depends on how much time you have and how much driving you are willing to do each day. Five days on the Ring Road is the bare minimum and could make you feel rushed, but two weeks gives you a lot of time to explore and go your own way.

Is the Ring Road the same as the Golden Circle?

No, the Golden Circle is a fairly short route with three of Iceland's most popular attractions along the way which can be finished in one day out of Reykjavik. The 'Ring Road' is a nickname for Iceland's Route 1, which is a national road that circles the entire island and takes at least one week to drive, with stops along the way.