Ga kajakken in IJsland en vaar tussen de kalme fjorden of op het azuurblauwe water van gletsjerlagunes vol ijsbergen. Boek nu je tocht op de toonaangevende reissite van IJsland.

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Geverifieerde reviews

Lees de reviews om te zien wat klanten over de hele wereld vinden van onze dienstverlening

Maricel Quesada

Maricel Quesada

27/11/2017, 00:36
Review of De beste 7-daagse autorondreis door IJsland met het noorderlicht naar een unieke ijsgrot

The tour is super well organized, lots of information is provided for you to take the most advantage of it, the hotels were great, they all offered amazing breakfast, also all of them had a restaurant and most of them offered great food. A 4x4 is a most and specially during winter. Our agent was super helpful and patient. Because of bad weather all of our tours were cancelled and Guide to Iceland refunded us with no problem and helped us booked new tours when the weather permitted. I feel the itinerary is a bit ambitious specially in winter when driving times are longer due to weather, the roads are with ice and the daylight is shorter, so my advice is be prepared with the list of things you really want to see so you can prioritize them, the last day is a lot of driving because you are coming back from Hofn to Reykjavik, so be prepared for that. Something that helped us a lot to get familiarized with the itinerary was to create Google Maps using MyMaps for each day so we can get the route and the exact coordinates of the places we were going to visit even though at the end we could not see them all. Try to familiarize yourself with the websites that give you information about the roads and the weather, they will become your main tool when driving in Iceland because the weather can change rapidly (http://www.road.is/, http://en.vedur.is/, http://safetravel.is/), we were caught in a Wind Storm in the South and South East area and the wind and wind gust were incredible strong, some roads were closed some times and driving through that was a bit stressful, so just be ready in case it happens. Iceland is amazing beautiful country, the trip is totally worth it so I totally recommend it and booking through Guide to Iceland will make your life easier.

Simone Cronin

Simone Cronin

06/11/2017, 17:42
Review of De beste zomerse autorondreis van een week langs de Ringweg van IJsland & Golden Circle

I did the 8 day self drive tour solo in October with the budget 2wd option. As I had an extra day either side Guide to Iceland organised for me to have the same rental car for the two extra days with the pick up and drop off from the airport. They also offered to arrange the extra nights accommodation aswell but I had already arranged my own. Everything was amazing, all of the accommodation was great. Make sure you pop into the office in Reykjavik when you arrive to grab your welcome pack and to ask any last bits of advice like places to stop and eat driving between destinations. The staff there were super lovely and even printed a few suggested routes for different days off for me. I only did the one activity tour, the amphibious glacier boat tour and it was a definite highlight of the trip! Another highlight was the Mývatn Nature Baths (much nicer than the Blue Lagoon) which I definitely recommend putting aside at least two hours for when in the area. The only thing I would suggest doing a bit different is splitting the golden circle and the drive from Reykjavik to Vík into two separate days as with the limited amount of daylight (in early Oct) there simply wasn't enough time to fit everything in and it was already getting dark by the time I reached Seljalandsfoss. Which was another highlight of my trip and as a little tip if you plan on going right up behind it make sure to pop on some waterproof outer layers (including pants) as you will get absolutely drenched but it's worth it! So if you have time plan an extra day before or after to do the golden circle on it's own. All in all a wonderful experience and I can't wait to come back!

Eric Berger

Eric Berger

05/08/2017, 14:43
Review of 6-daagse autorondreis vakantie in IJsland met Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon en gletsjerlagune Jökulsárlón

Overall, great family time vacation! Highly recommended. We did the 6 day self drive tour and chose the quality accommodations so we had certain expectations for the lodging. Guide to Iceland really made things easy with the suggested itinerary and activities. My 20 yr and 17 yr old sons enjoyed all the activities. The itinerary combined the right amout of activities and suggestions if you wanted more sites to visit. The hotel quality overall was fine and it was convenient to have breakfasts included, especially as some of the hotels are pretty remote so you would have to drive a distance for breakfast otherwise. When we had an issue with one of the activities, they addressed the problem right away and issued us a partial refund within a day. Our service agent, Johnathan, was always prompt in answering questions and helping us make some last minute scheduling changes. My one gripe was with only one hotel for one night - the Fosshotel Nupar. We chose the highest comfort level for all our hotels and this one was truly subpar. It was very new in fact there was serious construction going on during our brief stay. The room was very clean. Accomodations were basic at best, a stool served as a nightstand and our large glass door to the outside didn't lock. The staff appeared overwhelmed at dinner and even more so at the self-serve buffet breakfast. The whole experience there was a bit "off." But, other than that one hiccup, I highly recommend this group.

Veel Gestelde Vragen

Moet je ervaring hebben om te kunnen kajakken in IJsland?

De meeste kajaktochten in IJsland staan open voor mensen van verschillende niveaus. Aan het begin van elke tocht wordt een korte introductie gegeven over techniek en veiligheid. Kajakervaring en een goede fysieke conditie worden aanbevolen voor meerdaagse tochten.

Welke tijd van het jaar kun je kajakken in IJsland?

Kajaktochten in IJsland lopen van mei tot september.

Zijn er leeftijdsgrenzen voor kajaktochten in IJsland?

Ja, maar het verschilt per touroperator en is afhankelijk van de moeilijkheidsgraad van de kajaktocht. Meestal ligt de leeftijdsgrens tussen de 14 en 18 jaar.

Hoeveel mensen passen er in een kajak?

De meeste bedrijven bieden de keuze uit eenpersoonskajaks en tandemkajaks waar twee personen in passen.

Wat moet ik dragen op een kajaktocht in IJsland?

Draag warme laagjes, en het is altijd een goed idee om een extra paar sokken mee te nemen. Er wordt gezorgd voor overalls, handschoenen en in sommige gevallen zelfs schoenen.

Moet ik materiaal of uitrusting meenemen voor mijn kajaktocht in IJsland?

Nee, alles wordt je aangeboden. Zorg er wel voor dat je warme kleding meeneemt.

Mag ik mijn camera / telefoon meenemen?

Ja, dat mag. Je bent wel zelf verantwoordelijk voor alles wat je meeneemt.

Wat gebeurt er als ik in het water val?

De kajaks zijn over het algemeen zeer stabiel en kapseizen doorgaans niet. Je krijgt een overall en een reddingsvest om het hoofd boven water te houden, terwijl je kleding grotendeels droog blijft.

Moet ik kunnen zwemmen om in IJsland een kajaktocht te maken?

Je hoeft niet te kunnen zwemmen, maar het is beter als je dat wel kunt. In het onwaarschijnlijke geval dat je omslaat, houdt je reddingsvest je drijvend en je gids is getraind en weet precies wat hij moet doen. Mensen die kunnen zwemmen voelen zich over het algemeen wel zelfverzekerder in het water.

Hoe lang duurt een kajaktocht in IJsland?

Kajaktochten kunnen tussen de twee en tien uur duren. Het is aan jou hoe lang je op het water wilt blijven. Als kajakken nieuw voor je is, raden we kortere tochten aan.