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Húsafell, Iceland

The Husafell Canyon Baths nestles on a scenic canyon in West Iceland.The Husafell Canyon Baths is an off-the-beaten-path geothermal bath in West Iceland. It's known for its stunning canyon, mountain, and glacier surroundings.

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Husafell farm estate, the Husafell Canyon Baths offer visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of Reykjavik. It has a peaceful location and relaxing warm waters, perfect for experiencing the famous Icelandic thermal bathing tradition.

Travelers can visit this natural attraction by booking this two-hour guided tour to the Husafell Canyon Baths. The trip departs from the Husafell Activity Center and involves an exciting hike along a scenic highlands trail.

The Husafell area is just under a two-hour drive from Reykjavik with a rental car. With plenty of stunning attractions to experience along the way and great Iceland accommodations in the vicinity, it's a wonderful addition to your Iceland itinerary.

What are the Husafell Canyon Baths?

A closer look at one of the pools in the Husafell Canyon Baths.

Photo from Relaxing 2-Hour Husafell Canyon Baths Tour with Geothermal Bathing and Highlands Hiking.

The Husafell Canyon Baths, also known locally as Husafell Giljaböð, is a beautiful geothermal bathing destination that formally opened in 2019. The attraction features two decent-sized man-made geothermal pools fed by the area's natural hot springs.

Unlike many of the other geothermal spas and hot springs in Iceland, like the famous Blue Lagoon and the Sky Lagoon, the Husafell Canyon Baths boasts a secluded location in the countryside. It is also not as well known as its counterparts, making it less crowded on your visit. Only around 16 visitors can bathe in the area at a time, ensuring a tranquil experience.

The Husafell Canyon Baths is open daily and all throughout the year. However, booking in advance is necessary as you need a tour guide to reach the baths.

Features and Facilities of the Husafell Canyon Baths

The surrounding nature of the Husafell Baths is beautiful

Photo from Relaxing 2-Hour Husafell Canyon Baths Tour with Geothermal Bathing and Highlands Hiking

The Husafell Canyon Baths offers a range of facilities designed to enhance visitors' comfort and enjoyment during their visit.

Its main features are its two geothermal pools with varying temperatures of 86 to 105 F (30 to 41 C) year-round. Each pool is fed by geothermal springs, ensuring a constant supply of warm, therapeutic water for visitors to enjoy.

These pools nestle beside each other at the bottom of the beautiful Hringsgil canyon. Flagstones from the canyon floor were also used to construct the round shapes of both baths.

Surrounding the warm pools is a cold-water spring with an average temperature of 50 F (10 C). Bathing is also allowed here if you prefer a cold soak.

The baths include a changing room and a washroom made from repurposed timber woods. These facilities are shared but will not be overcrowded because of the limited number of visitors Husafell allows at a time.

When the owners planned and constructed the baths, sustainability and the least impact on the natural environment were incorporated. That's why a trip to the Husafell Canyon Baths is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in Icelandic nature.

Please note that there are no cafes or any food places on site. You can bring your own food and drinks for a quick bite before or after dipping in the hot baths.

How to Get to the Husafell Canyon Baths

A bird's-eye view of the Husafell Canyon Baths in winter.

Photo from Relaxing 2-Hour Husafell Canyon Baths Tour with Geothermal Bathing and Highlands Hiking.

Compared to other geothermal spas and hot springs in Iceland, traveling to the Husafell Canyon Baths may take extra effort because of its remote location. You must also book a guided tour of the baths as the property requires it to control visitor crowds.

From Reykjavik, you need to drive northeast for around two hours, covering 82 miles (132 kilometers). The drive to Husafell offers breathtaking views of Iceland's landscapes, making it a memorable part of the experience. Your destination is the Husafell Activity Center or the beautiful Husafell Hotel, where most tours to the Husafell Canyon Baths begin.

Alternatively, if you prefer to skip the drive, you can visit with this 10-hour small group tour of the Silver Circle from Reykjavik, which includes the canyon baths and other stunning attractions of the region.

Hiking to Husafell in West Iceland

The Husafell Canyon Baths are also beautiful in winterTours to the Husafell Canyon Baths typically last two hours and include hiking. The hike, both ways, takes less than an hour and is relatively easy, even for families and children.

As you stroll along the trail, you'll be treated to stunning landscapes rarely seen on typical Icelandic tours. You'll pass by the picturesque Langifoss waterfall and the site of Okjokull, Iceland's first glacier lost to climate change. Along the way, you'll also learn about Iceland's renewable energy sources, like geothermal and hydropower, with the help of your English-speaking guide.

While the route may vary depending on weather conditions, all the trails have excellent views of West Iceland and the edge of the Highlands region. 

Upon reaching the canyon, you'll climb down a 64-step staircase leading to the baths. Here, you can finally relax and unwind in the soothing hot spring waters, surrounded by a vast canyon with mountains and glaciers looming in the distance.

What Makes Husafell Canyon Baths Special?

Visiting the Husafell Canyon Baths allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of geothermal waters while surrounded by the untouched beauty of Iceland's wilderness. The natural setting, combined with the calming ambiance of the canyon, creates a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. 

The hike to reach the baths also offers an opportunity to explore lesser-known landscapes and learn about Iceland's unique geology and renewable energy sources.

Attractions in West Iceland Near Husafell

The Langjokull glacier offers many adventures

Photo from The Into The Glacier Experience at Langjokull from Husafell

To maximize your time in West Iceland, don't miss out on exploring some of the region's exciting destinations, many of which are found in the lush Borgarfjordur fjord.

Reykholt, located 15 miles (24 kilometers) away, is the closest village to Husafell. It's steeped in history as the former residence of the famous medieval writer and politician Snorri Sturluson. Visitors can explore Snorri's historic hot spring and learn about his legacy at the Snorrastofa museum.

Near the Reykholt center, you can visit another geothermal spa called Krauma. The Krauma geothermal spa features naturally heated geothermal baths fed by the nearby Deildartunguhver hot spring, which is the most powerful hot spring in Europe. With various hot tubs, saunas, and relaxation areas, Krauma provides the perfect complement to a day of exploring the region's natural wonders.

Krauma offers a peaceful retreat

Photo from Krauma Spa Admission Ticket

Meanwhile, if you want to go further into the Highlands region, the Langjokull glacier is accessible from Husafell. At this ice cap, travelers can join Langjokull tours, such as snowmobile adventures, ice cave explorations, and guided glacier hikes to see icy landscapes and unique geological formations.

For example, this Into the Glacier experience at Langjokull departs from Husafell and lets you explore stunning man-made ice tunnels deep in the Langjokull glacier.

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