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Frequently Asked Questions

About Snowmobile Tours in Iceland

Snowmobiling is a popular activity in Iceland, made possible by the country's great number of glaciers and wide snowy plateaus. On snowmobile tours, you explore some of Iceland's most dramatic landscapes while intimately connecting with the country's arctic features. 

1. What landscapes can I expect to see on snowmobile tours?

Snowmobile tours generally take place on top of glaciers, although the locations vary. Such high elevations often present sweeping panoramas of the surrounding scenery.

2. How fast can the snowmobiles go?

That depends on weather, ice and snow conditions and the experience of your group.

3. Do I need previous snowmobiling experience to join the tour?

No, the guides will teach you how to operate the snowmobile on site. It is, however, advised to read up on the rudimentary equipment.

4. Do you need a driver license to operate a snowmobile?

Yes, you will need to have a full international driver's license to display before your tour, and you must have been driving for at least one year. 

5. I forgot to bring my driver's license. Is a photo/email valid?

No, the driver's license must be shown before departing on the tour. If you travelling with a friend who can prove that he is licensed to drive, you can always enjoy the tour on the passenger seat.

6. Do you need a motorcycle license?

No, a motorcycle license is not necessary.

7. What equipment is provided?

You will be provided with everything you need to go snowmobiling in Iceland. Your guide will present you with warm overalls, a balaclava, a helmet and gloves.

8. Will the tour be cancelled if it rains?

Not necessarily. If a tour is cancelled because of extremely bad weather, the operator will notify you.

9. What is the minimum age limit for snowmobile tours?

To drive a snowmobile yourself, you must be a minimum of 18 years old. As for passengers, some operators will allow 6 year old children as passengers, while others require the child to be 12 years old. 

10. Do I share a snowmobile with another person?

If you booked for two people, the two of you will share one snowmobile and have the chance of taking turns driving. If you booked either alone or booked an odd number of people, you or a member of your group might be charged for a single riding fee, but the single rider will not share a snowmobile with another person.


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