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I'm an pro landscape and nature photagrapher. I offer photo tours and photo guidance. I also publish photo books and usually have one photo exhibition every year were the subject is Icelandic landscape and nature. I started taking pictures 2007, first I bought Canon 400D and 2010 I upgraded to 50D. Spring 2012 I upgraded again my camera to 5D Mark III and again in autumn 2016 to 5DM4. I was living in the north part of Iceland, Skagafjörður where I was surrounded with beautiful nature and landscape for seven years, 2005-2012. I had my first exhibition in summer 2009 in Hofsós, Skagafjörður. Since then I have had several exhibitions alone or with others. In the spring 2011 I published a photobook; Light and Nature of Skagafjörður. Included with the photobook is a CD with my wife Alexandra Chernyshova. In December 2013 I published my second photobook "Light and Nature of North west". Now I live in Keflavik where I operate my photographic business - photo tours, photo guidance and publication.


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Diamond Beach in Iceland

You can find the diamond beach besides Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on the southeast part of Iceland. This is a unique place in the world, where icebergs float down from a glacier lagoon to a black sand beach. The beach and the amount of ice cubes are constantly changing, the amount depends on how many icebergs are on the lagoon itself and how many are coming down with the river to the beach. Sometimes you can be lucky and find many icebergs and sometime there are few of them. It is a great sport and challenge to take pictures of them. It's best to be there at sunrise or sunset and when the t

Best Places to Shoot the Northern lights in West Iceland

I live in the West part of Iceland, close to the nature and close to some great location for shooting northern lights. In this post I'm going to tell and show you a few good places to visit if you want to shoot the northern lights in this part of Iceland. Before you go out to shoot the northern lights it is important to be well dressed because you will need to stay out in the cold for some time and usually you don't have the opportunity to move around very much.  Besides all photographic gear it is also important to take with you  a head light. That is important for walking in the dark when

Ice Caves in Vatnajökull Glacier

Ice caves in Iceland are something unique and a must see during the winter time. We have a lot of natural made ice caves in our glaciers, most of them in the biggest one, Vatnajökull. Ice caves are natural phenomena that are formed in glaciers during summer and can be entered in winter time. Most often they are formed by water running through or under the glacier and new caves are formed every year. See Also: Ice Caves in Iceland | The Ultimate Guide The texture of the compact ice, looking like blue glass or crystal is breathtaking and photographers dream to see and shoot. It's tricky to

Magical Sky Iceland

- Indian rock in Kleifarvatn Chasing the wonders in the sky above Iceland during the winter is a challenging sport but also lots of fun.  In this blog I will give you a few tips how you can shoot the northern lights, the milky way and do time lapse of Aurora and Milky way in Iceland - how you should prepare yourself, settings on your camera and what you should bring with you. Hope it will help in your search - if not, you can alway contact me or come on a photo tour. Tips for Northern Light Shooting - Mountain Vestrahorn, panorama The Aurora is one of the most fascinating natural phe

Drone Photography

Drone photography is giving a photographer a new perspective on the landscape and nature. To be able to fly closer to the mountains, up narrow canyons, over craters, down waterfalls and more is a great way of seeing the landscape and nature of Iceland. Mountain Vestrahorn is one of our most beautiful mountains in Iceland, here you can see a drone video and a time lapse of the Aurora display. The Pillars at the black beach close to Vík are great to shoot, here you can fly into the sunset in the beginning of November and see both sides of the pillars. This waterfall is still a hidden

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Photographing Puffins in Iceland

Puffins in Iceland The Atlantic Puffin is both captivating and peculiar. There are many reason why locals, artists and tourists alike are seduced by these brightly colored seabirds. They are calm while nesting and can dig burrows with their beaks and wings, but seem manic in their flying style because of their small wings. Puffin wings can beat up to 440 times per minute. Their curious behaviour and unique appearance are a couple of the reasons we are drawn to Iceland to catch a glimpse. The Atlantic puffin travels to land in the summer to nest during the warmer months. Iceland has the la

Magical Sky Iceland - Time lapse movie

  I am showing in downtown Reykjavík, the theatre Tjarnarbíó, next to Reykjavík City Hall, my time lapse aurora movie "Magical Sky Iceland". The movie was in making for two years, is 30 min long and is shot from 35 different photo locations around Iceland. It's showing the wonders in our sky above Iceland during the wintertime. So, if you are visiting Iceland this summer you can see the Northern lights on a big screen in the centre of Reykjavík. In the movie you will see well known landmarks, iconic places, beautiful landscape and nature, abandoned house, plane wreck, seascape and of

Time lapse movie of Aurora from Snæfellsnes

Magical Sky Iceland - Snæfellsnes The Snæfellsnes is a peninsula situated to the west of Borgarfjörður, in west part of Iceland. The Peninsula is a photographer’s paradise, has been named Iceland in minature, because many national sights can be found in the area. The peninsula is surrounded by sea with beautiful cliff formations, small picturesque fishing villages, waterfalls and endless lava fields. The Snæfellsnes peninsula is built from eruptions for thousands of years, leaving behind craters and volcanoes all the way to the big one, the Snæfellsjökull it self. The Snæfellsjökull volcano,

Aurora in Time lapse

Aurora in timelapse Now is the season of Northern lights in Iceland and tourists are coming to Iceland to see, enjoy and photograph them. Time lapse photography is a great way of catching those great, vivid, dancing colours dancing on the sky above us. Here I will tell you a little bit how I am preparing and doing my time-lapse clips. Shooting timelapse can be tricky and there are few things you need to think about when you are setting up for time-lapse photography, choosing location and post processing the files afterwards. Preview from time-lapse movie "Magical Sky - Iceland", shots fr

Aurora in Panorama

When you are out in the night shooting the Northern Lights and they start to dance all over the sky, you want to get them all in your picture but that can be difficult. The Northern Lights sometimes move very quickly around the sky, change colours and forms so it is a challenging task to choose what part of the lights you should shoot. There is an opportunity to take panorama picture of them when they are not moving so quickly and you have something in the foreground and landscape to help you with. This one is from Snæfellsnes, the black church at Búðir and the glacier Snæfellsjökull at the



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