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아이슬란드에 있는 저렴한 비용의 호스텔을 이 아이슬란드 최대 마켓에서 찾아보세요. 원하는 호스텔이 최저 가격인지 비교해보고 예약이 가능한지 확인해보세요. 아이슬란드를 여행 경로에 있는 최고의 호스텔들을 찾아보고 지금 예약하세요!

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Why stay in a hostel in Iceland?

For those traveling on a budget or solo backpacking, there are many nice hostels in Iceland to choose from. Enjoy the shared facilities, socialize and swap travel tips with like-minded travelers as you explore this amazing country. Some hostels even offer a choice between staying in a multi-bed dorm or having a more private room for a slightly increased rate. Iceland’s hostels come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common, they’re never too far from Iceland’s incredible nature.