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Elliðaárdalur - A hidden gem in Reykjavík

Elliðaárdalur - A hidden gem in Reykjavík

작성자: Jórunn
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In the middle of Reykjavík city there is a hidden nature gem called Elliðaárdalur valley, a peaceful recreation area that not many travellers know about or visit. If you are staying in Reykjavík and you have some extra time I totally recommend a visit to this oasis of the outskirt of the city.

It's easy to reach from Reykjavík and you can even take the bus. You could even combine it with a trip to the historical museum Árbæjarsafn located not far away. I wrote about it before in Top 10 tips for photography in Reykjavík.

Elliðaárdalur - A hidden gem in Reykjavík

Elliðaárdalur valley is know for its beautiful river called Elliðaá river that runs through the valley with more than one waterfall. During summer time people go fishing in the river mostly salmon and trout but one have to buy a fishing license to be able to do so.

Elliðaárdalur - A hidden gem in Reykjavík

This pearl almost in the heart of Reykjavík city is ideal if you want to enjoy some outdoor like walking or biking, explore the forest and wild flowers, enjoy river and waterfalls or just relax and maybe do some picnic on a sunny day. There are plenty of little paths leading you through the area so you will definitely find your way through the valley. You can even take a rest on one of the benches around, relax or just enjoy the river and the divine scent of nature.

Elliðaárdalur - A hidden gem in Reykjavík

There are even wild rabbits jumping around in the area so as you see it's like a whole new world where you can escape the city life easily.  It's the perfect place if you wanna reload your mind and body surrounded by the wonderful smell of the pines and the forest in combination with  the sound of the river.  Great place for families and children. Check it out because Elliðaárdalur valley is kinda cool.

For more information or a ride up there don´t hesitate to send me a message.

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