The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is Amazing!

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is Amazing!

인증받은 현지인

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is Amazing!

The Blue lagoon spa in Iceland is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think I can agree to that!  

In June I went to Iceland for just over 3 weeks. My friend was getting married, a couple of other friends were graduating, my dad had a birthday and I got to meet up with a lot of friends and loved ones. For the last 10 days of my stay in Iceland though, my (English) boyfriend came over to join me and then I got to play the tourist - one of my favourite things to do in Iceland! :)

We biked all over the city, went to a few hot springs, drove to Snæfellsnes peninsula (which I think is one of Iceland's most romantic locations), tried some of Reykjavík's finest restaurants, went to the ATP festival in Iceland, had some great ice-cream, went snowmobiling and last but not least we went to the Blue Lagoon.

It's interesting to go to the Blue Lagoon as a local. I think I can safely say that every Icelander has been to the Blue Lagoon, at least once. I think many Icelanders just take it for granted and think of it as mainly a tourist attraction - or just a tourist trap. That is not the case however. The lagoon is a bit pricey to enter (compared to the various swimming pools you can find both in Reykjavík and around the country) and it is a 40 minute drive from Reykjavík so Icelanders don't go there every day. But they do go there every once in a while, when they want to treat themselves to a great spa treatment. Because the Blue Lagoon is more of a spa than just a swimming pool. Nobody goes to the Blue Lagoon to do swimming laps. You go there to relax for a few hours, maybe even to get a massage. If you want to proper spoil yourself you can dine in the restaurant before or afterwards as well.

I have been to the Blue Lagoon a few times, before it was built up (about 20+ years ago), when there were no showers and just a little patch of sand next to it to lie on and sunbathe. I've been every so often since, mostly with foreign friends. Today the whole area looks very different, with a hotel and a restaurant and top notch showers and changing rooms. There is also a research and development centre there looking for cure for skin ailments. If you have psoriasis then the water in the Blue Lagoon does wonders for your skin!

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is Amazing!

Every single time I go to the Blue Lagoon, some change has been made to better the facilities. This time round it was the bar that they have inside the lagoon, offering smoothies and health drinks as well as beer, wine and champagne. 

And every time I do go, it's breathtakingly beautiful. It's like you forget how extremely blue the water is between trips - and how soft your skin feels afterwards, when you've scrubbed the silica mud into it. 

This time round I got an Experience Comfort package, which includes a bathrobe, a towel, a drink in the lagoon and a facial mask or scrub. If you go with someone then you can get one scrub and one mask and share it - and my skin felt incredible afterwards!

Ofcourse you also get access to the lagoon itself and the 3 saunas/steamrooms they have available as well. There is even a (man-made) waterfall to rub your back - or you can book a special massage.

Basically, if you're coming to Iceland (or already in Iceland), the Blue Lagoon has got to be on your list of things to do. You can go to the Blue Lagoon on your own if you have your own car or you can take a bus or even combine it with other tours. You can find Blue Lagoon tours here.

Next time round I'm going to spoil myself with a massage and dinner as well :)

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is Amazing!

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