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정보: Austari-Jökulsá

Waterfalls, Valleys, Rivers, Canyons
Rif, Iceland
가족 친화적 인
평균 평점

Austari-Jokulsa (East Jokulsa River), 'The Beast of the East', is a glacier river in Skagafjordur district. With its strong stream, wild canyon scenery and heart-pumping whitewater, it is considered one of the best rivers in Europe for rafting. 

Explore this area of Iceland on a self drive tour.

The river has its source near the glacier Hofsjokull through several rivulets north to Asturdalur valley, with several tributaries joining it along the way. Inner off the valley it flows through river islands, later falling into a deep canyon. It then goes on to join Vestari Jokulsa as Heradsvotn.

The base camp for rafting tours on this river and Vestari Jokulsa is called Hafgrimsstadir. The camp, located in Skagafjordur, lies around 15 km from Highway 1, just before the arrival to Varmahlid.