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정보: Erpsstaðir

108 구글 리뷰
Cultural attractions
Rif, Iceland
Vestfjarðavegur, Iceland
개관 시간
11:00 - 18:00
가족 친화적 인
평균 평점
리뷰 수

Dairy farming is an integral industry in Iceland.

Erpsstadir is a dairy farm in Northwest Iceland, run by farmer Thorgrimur Einar Gudbjartsson and his family.

Explore this area while on a self drive tour in Iceland.

Here you can experience a real Icelandic farm, buy homemade dairy products firsthand (ice cream 'Kjaftaedi ('Bullshit), white and wet cheese 'The Greek') and of course the delicious traditional skyr) as well as visit the farmers and the farm animals. 

The family also rents out the old farmhouse, which accommodates 6-10 people in a group. It is a good place to stay as it is located centrally in the west of Iceland.