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I am a native of Iceland - and love to travel here and take photos and videos . Sometimes i have driven foreign friends and shown them beautiful scenery near Reykjavik . Hope you like my blog here and if you want more information , then email me. www.twitter.com/dorisig
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Record amount of snow in Reykjavik in february 2017 - photos and video

February 26 2017 - Most snow in #Reykjavik, 51 centimeters of snow dumped overnight. That would be about 2 feet, and as you can see it started with a little bit of snow, and then overnight - 2 feet all over the place. But we have good cars and we can drive through the snow, and some of the best companies driving with tourists in new and good cars are also cheap. Find cheap car rentals here.  

Aurora Borealis ( northern lights ) season in Iceland

Now the Aurora Borealis season has started . That means the sky is lighted up with the Northern Lights. And for those that have not seen it - Well it is a spectacular sight: Is always a great to see the sky light up in colors . Here are a few photos and video i have taken of this awesome display in the sky . You can see the Aurora in Reykjavik, but you do not have to go far to see it better in less light pollution .

Northern Lights over Iceland on september 26 2016 video and photos

Now is the season of the Northern Lights over Iceland. Here are a few photos and time lapse video of the aurora Borealsi over Reykjavik last night ,September 26 2016. And the forecast is great , so we will probably have a good sky show , so long as the sky is clear, and no clouds .    

Heatwave in Reykjavik and all over Iceland .

When the temperature goes over 15 on the celcius, then we call that a heatwave. Then many go to the beach in Reykjavik and have fun in the hot water pot and also in the North atlantic Ocean.  The beach is in Nautholsvik at south end of Reykjavik airport.  And of course free to enter and enjoy .        

Gay Pride festival in august in Reykjavik, in Iceland

The annual Gay Pride festival will be in august in Reykjavik . It will end with a great parade in downtown Reykjavik. Last year more then one third of the population of Iceland attended. ( 100.000 thousand ) Two Embassy´s take part in the parade, and that where the USA Embassy and the Canada Embassy.     Great fun at the festival ,and lots of music . Police with rainbow flags will lead the parade. And of course we hope for good weather .              

All time popular

South part of #Iceland,and the oldest swimming pool . video and photos

In the south part  , there is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. Built in 1927, and is always open and free to enter. It is with hot water of course, and in spectacular scenery. It´s name is - Seljavallalaug ( map )  and is great to visit and enjoy . On the video is first the black sand beach nearby, named - Reynisfjara and later in the video is the Swimming pool.     When wisiting the swimming pool , you have to walk for a few minutes to get to the pool , but it is worth it. Reynisfjara ( map ) , the beach with black sand is a very beautiful landscape. This location was used in th

East part of #Iceland , national highway .

Here you can see the national highway in the east part of #Iceland. And as you can see the landscape there is spectacular. It is quite popular to go to and  in summer time the weather is often more warm, then in and around Reykjavik. And the Glacier lagoon at Vatnajokull ( Vatna Glacier ) is beautiful nature scenery and is the biggest glacier in Europe. The lagoon is often used in popular movies and TV show.

#Airplanes landing on frozen lake in Iceland

Private pilots had a Flying party one weekend and landed on their Airplanes on a frozen lake near Reykjavik. It´s name ( the lake ) is Hafravatn. Great weather and fun. I took a few photos and video of the event.    

Reynisfjara and the oldest swimming pool

My video and photos of the south tip of Iceland .   On the south part of Iceland near the town of Vik , is Reynisfjara, a beautiful black sand beach . It was used as a movie location in the movie Noah , with Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins in 2012 .   And nearby is the oldest Swimming pool in Iceland ,at Seljavallalaug . It was built in 1927 , and it is still used ,with hot water ,and it is free to use day and night . spectacular scenery all around as you can see on my video .

Fireworks on the last day of 2015 - Happy New Year

Great fireworks show at around midnight in Iceland on the last day of 2015 . Everybody is then outside celebrating the coming of the new year . Here you can see a few of my photos and video . Happy New Year to you all .  

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