Icelandic horses - our friends

Icelandic horses - our friends

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horses in Iceland

If visiting Iceland you will probably get some new cool friends as this one.

When travelling around Iceland you will most definitely notice some horses on your way and probably you will see lots of them.  I recommend you stop the car at least once because they are really charming and fun to connect with and always willing to mingle.  As soon as they notice you they will approach you immediately.  Most of the time they are behind a closed fence so they are not totally free. 

Icelandic horses - our friends

Our horses are very curious and sweet and are always willing to pose for you or allow you to feed them with some grass if possible. Yes they are fun and friendly !!

icelandic horses

The icelandic horse is said to be long lived and hardy and has played a key role in the life of Icelanders from the beginning.  In heathen times the horse was highly respected and well known in Norse Mythology.  It was very common that the Norse Gods owned horses that played major parts in the mythical stories.  the vikings treaded their horses with great respect and to a warrior a good horse was essential. 

icelandic horses

Today there are approximately 80.000 horses in Iceland which is an incredible number for a nation counting 300,000 people so as you can imagine you wont miss them.  The  horse is used for pleasure riding, travelling and competition purpose and it still plays a practical role in the annual sheep and horse round -ups where farmers use horses to round up sheep and horses in the highland.  If you are in Iceland when the farmers do their round up (in September) I recommend you drive to some farm and take a look because there is a lot going on there and everyone is allowed to watch and even participate. 

Icelandic horses - our friends


icelandic horse in winter coat

The Icelandic horse is also exported to some countries but importing horses is forbidden and once they have been exported they can´t be imported again due to regulations. The horse is a favourite among Icelanders because they are very intelligent, good tempered, versatile and beautiful.  It's the most colorful breed in the world with over 40 different colors. In winter time they get their extra thick winter coat which is also beautiful to see.

Icelandic horses - our friends

If travelling and driving around in Iceland I promise you that the Icelandic horse will make your journey more enjoyable and fun.  If interested you also have the possibility to do some horse riding  because we offer some exciting horse riding tours. Also there are several horse rentals around the island.

Happy travelling !!

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