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정보: Hrafnagjá

1 구글 리뷰
Continental Drift, Canyons
Rif, Iceland
중심으로부터의 거리
30.0 km
가족 친화적 인
평균 평점
리뷰 수

Hrafnagja is on the far side of Thingvellir.

Hrafnagja is a 7.7-meter long canyon, 68 meters at its widest, located at Thingvellir National Park in South Iceland.

The Hrafnagja canyon marks the western boundary of the Eurasian plate. Its equivalent to the east is the famous Almannagja canyon, which also was the site of the old parliament, Althingi, founded in 930 and now located in Reykjavik.

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